Can I Get a Free iPhone Without a Scam?

To get a free iPhone is like a dream coming true. You may have seen different proposals demanding that they give away a free iPhone and wondered -can I get a free iPhone without a scam?

Well, it is possible to get an iPhone free of cost but you cannot get a free iPhone just by signing into some random website and not spending a penny.

These proposals are fully a scam. However, there are some small chances of getting an actual iPhone for free without a scam by participating in giveaways and promotional deals.

You need to know about possible scams to be sure that the site you are trusting is real. In this article, we will enlighten you about all the iPhone scams going on and let you know some ways to receive a free iPhone.

Is it possible to get a free iPhone without a scam? 

Yes, there are some chances to win a free iPhone in legit ways. But these chances highly depend on your luck! However, the free iPhone proposals or advertisements you see while scrolling can’t get you a free iPhone. 

Can I Get a Free iPhone Without Scam?

But there are some giveaways held by reputable pages or lotteries organized by shops that can help you win a free iPhone. For participating in these giveaways, you will have to follow some serious rules and regulations. There are also various contractual deals.

If you are lucky enough you can get a free brand new iPhone! But you must know how to distinguish real deals from scams first.

Type of Free iPhone Scams 

Tons of free iPhone scams are going around online and thousands of people are being victims. Scammers always find a trustable way to make you believe they are real. Some of the common types of scams are mentioned below:

Lottery Scam

You may have seen a name spin window pop up on your screen while visiting a downloading site that says ” You’ve Won A Free iPhone! ” This type of message is a famous type of scam. 

The scammers make you believe that you have won the lottery among many other visitors to the site. There remains an option or a button that you need to click to demand your iPhone. Never click those buttons!

Lottery Scam

When you click that button, you are redirected to some random sites that steal your data. Even you can be a victim of hacking or virus attack if you enter their sites

Advanced Booking Scam

There are some online seller pages or sites which demand that they are taking pre-orders of any upcoming new iPhone. They demand to give you an iPhone at a highly discounted price if you book earlier. People believe and get excited.

Advanced Booking Scam

For pre-booking, they demand some amount that is relatively less than the actual price. When people send money, these pages or sites become unreachable. They don’t respond anymore and therefore your money is gone!

Fake Deals

Another type of scam is fake deals. In this case, the scammers generally pretend to be a reputable shop or website that sells iPhones. Then they offer a deal for buying an iPhone at some discount or sale price.

When you pay all the money, they send you some kind of broken or old iPhone instead of the new one you ordered. You can’t even find those sellers anymore once the payment is done..

Fake Deals

This type of scam causes serious financial loss. As they run the conversation like any other professional seller, people are prone to trust them and thus get cheated badly.

Website Sign-in Scams

This scam is the same as those lottery scams. Victims receive some message or call where a story of winning a lottery or sale is told. Then they give a form to fill up where some sensitive data like bank account no, ID no, etc are required.

Website Sign-in Scams

These scammers steal your personal data and sell it to others. Sometimes this data can be used for evil purposes or hacking which puts the victim at risk.

Where You Get Free iPhone Without Scam? 

As there are hundreds of scammers out there, you may be thinking that a free iPhone is impossible to get. Well, don’t lose hope.

You can get an iPhone for free from two sectors:

  • Giveaways
  • Promotional Deals

Giveaways are arranged by famous YouTubers or by online shops that have a huge number of customers. Promotional deals are made by the Apple company itself or commercial websites for promoting itself.

How Do You Get a Free iPhone without a scam? 

As mentioned earlier you can win a free iPhone in legit ways from giveaways or promotional deals. The procedures for signing a deal or participating in a giveaway are given below.

How To Get A Free iPhone From Giveaways?

Different giveaway organizers have different criteria for their participants. There are famous sites like Republic along with some youtube channels, that arrange giveaways.

Generally, they ask you to share their sites/channels on your social media which offers them promotion. Common rules of participating in a giveaway are:

  • Agreeing with the terms & conditions provided by the giveaway organizers
  • Sharing the site/channel link or post on your social media
  • Providing contact information 
  • Doing additional tasks for entry

If you are the lucky one who wins a free iPhone, you will be contacted by them. But keep one thing in mind, never participate in a giveaway that asks for money for you as an entry fee. It is a warning of a scam.

Reputable Giveaways holders never demand any money. They just want some promotions as entry requirements.

How To Get Free iPhone From Promotional Deals?

Certain commercial sites offer a free iPhone in exchange for a promotion for themselves. But these deals are applicable when you have a fanbase you can influence enough to buy from that shop or site. 

They also provide affiliate links to increase their sales through your promotional campaign. You can promote those sites on your YouTube channel, website, blog or social media handle that has a good number of regular followers and win a free iPhone. 

There are also deals where you will need to sign a contract of one year and pay some carrier charge. It saves the device cost. But you will get the new iPhone within some conditions.

Some Good Ways To Get iPhone At a Cheap Price

If getting a free iPhone is not in your luck, you can try out some deals that let you buy iPhones at a comparatively less price than the market. For example:

Buying Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhones can be a good deal to save most of your money and get an iPhone. There are various trusted sites including Amazon that sells refurbished gadgets.

If you buy a certified refurbished phone, there is less chance of getting deceived and it costs so much less than the new one. So, keep your eye on websites that sell refurbished phones!

Exchange With Old iPhone Deals

Sometimes you can get a trade-in offer. Sprint once offered a trade-in deal of receiving an iPhone 11 in exchange for an iPhone 8 or newer. They even offered high discounts on old models. 

These types of deals can be a good option if you wish to get a new model of iPhone. AT&T and Verizon offer this type of deal, keep checking their pages.

Sales On Big Shops

Popular commercial sites like BestBuy, Walmart, etc often have sales going on. You can get a high discount on iPhones there.

Buy One and Get One Free

If you have a friend or family member who is willing to buy an iPhone, you can look for the “Buy One Get One” deal. You will need to pay half if you have a partner willing to grab this deal.


Scammers will always be there no matter how updated the security is. So, before you make any deal online, do some research about that particular website or page. 

Check if they have a professional website with valid contact information or not. Browse their social media handle to see how many people trust them. Additionally, certain internet forums may provide reviews or customer experiences from where you can get a clear idea about the offer.

That said, we hope this article was able to satisfy your curiosity about getting a free iPhone. Wishing you good luck with winning a free iPhone without any scam!

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