Install and use Google Meet on your PC (Windows & Mac)

Google meet is a free video-conferencing app, which is also a product of the G-suite platform. Google meet is new, and an update of the Google Hangout that most people are aware of.

Google meet has come at just the perfect time when the world of conferencing is shaken. During this Covid-19 pandemic, when social distancing is the order of the day, having a virtual conference is the only option people may have.

However, having virtual conferences is not a new thing, and people have always used the internet to communicate. There are many platforms that one can use to start or join a conference, but today we are going to discuss more on this Google meet app and see what it has got in store for virtual meetings and conferences.

Google Meet Review

The Meet is a popular, accessible, and affordable video conferencing tool that businesses can use to carry out their conferences. The tool is available for both Android and iOS devices. With Google meet, you can invite up to 250 people, depending on the plan you choose.

If you want to join a meeting or start one using the meet platform, you can also consider using the Chrome extension, which is also as effective. If you are to start or join a meeting with a phone, then you can do so by downloading the app from Google Play or iOS devices.

Most of the time, for the people who use Gmail as their common means of communication, you will love Google Meet because it is located just at the top of Google Hangout. If you have used Hangout in the past and worked very well with it, then Google Meet will not bother you.

The intuitive design and excellent features are what is making the app gain a lot of popularity among Android users. Currently, you can be confused with the fact that there is Google Hangout chat and Google Hangout Meet. The difference between Chat and Meet is because Meet allows more people than Chat.

Google Meet’s Features

Google’s Meet is fully packed with excellent and competitive features. These features are made to stand out and rival Google Meet’s competitors. Some of the most outstanding features include the conferencing tool, the chat features, and the app’s integration with other Google apps.

Google meet has a flawless interface that ensures your conferencing experience is also smooth. With a single link sent to your conference participants, you can join a meeting or create a conference of up to 250 people. The interface is also very lightweight and easy to use so that all you need is to create a meeting and send the link to the participant. You do not have to worry if the participants have the right accounts or plugins.

Meet also has a range of chat features that allow you to have a smooth chat experience with your friends and family. There is a live polling feature that will enable you and other participants to participate in a live decision-making exercise. The chat features also include text-based and even file-sharing abilities. Here you can send your messages as text messages or files.

Meet also synchronizes with G-suite very well so that collaboration can be smooth as well. For instance, if your business highly relies on frequent conferencing the Google calendars and Google docs can be of great help.

With Meet you can join meetings and conferences on the go. The platform is designed to work on Android and iOS devices too. So you can download Google Meet’s app on your phone and join any meeting from your mobile device. The G-suites enterprise edition will allow you to have a phone number to dial and enter or call someone for a meeting. With this dial-in number, anyone can join in a meeting even without WIFI or internet.

Above are the key features that allow Google Meet to provide flawless conference meetings and chats. With these features, Meet can enable anyone to access meetings with or without the internet.

Google Meet’s Set Up

Once you have dedicated yourself to a Google Meet’s service plan setting it up is an easy task. Meet has a Chrome extension that you can use on your browser to join a meeting, whether on your laptop or your mobile phone. There is also the browser option where you can enter a meeting directly from your browser.

Google Meet also has a dedicated app for iOS and Android users, where you can download the app and join the meeting using this app. If you are setting up a meeting or a conference, you will only need to create a date with Google calendar and then send a link to the participants.

Once the participant gets the link, they will click on the link and click to join the meeting. If your participants cannot use WIFI or the internet, you can also send them a dial-in number and then can dial the number and join the meeting or the conference.

Google Meet’s Interface

In relation to most G-suite tools, the Google Meets interface is attractive as well as intuitive. With this interface, no one will find it hard to use. For instance, the commands are clearly labeled, and this makes starting conversations easier. The interface is also small and minimal so that you are not confused within the platform.

For instance, when you log in to the platform’s home screen, there are clear instructions about whether to start a new meeting or to enter an existing one. If you are to join an existing one, you will be required to enter a code or a link so that you are allowed to open an existing meeting or conference.

Like most G-suite tools, Google Meet is designed to enhance the user experience, which makes the user’s experience completely frictionless.

When talking about the platform’s performance. The platform can handle a large number of participants without any problems. There is a screen share feature where you can share the screen with multiple participants. The picture quality is also very excellent, clear, and concise.

Google Meet’s Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, Meet is part of G-suite, and as we mostly know, G-suite is inexpensive, unlike most individual virtual conferencing platforms. Below we will discuss the different pricing levels of Meet, which you can choose from.


Cost: $6 a month

Programs: Gmail, email applications, meet conferencing, Google docs, spreadsheets and presentation, safe team messaging, sharing calendars, shared notes, and also engaging employees.

Meet participants: 100

Cloud storage: 30GB

Support: 24/7 via email, phone, or text


Cost: $12 monthly

Programs: all basic applications and a search feature throughout Gsuite as an added feature.

Meet participants: 150

Cloud storage: unlimited if five or fewer users

Support: 24/7 via email, phone, or text


Cost: $25 per month

Programs: all of the business and an added security feature

Meet participants: 250

Cloud space: unlimited if less than five users

Support: 24/7 through email, phone, or text

How to download Google Meet’s app for PC

Google Meet is a smartphone application where you can download from Google Play or App Store. As we may know, many smartphone applications you cannot download directly to your phone since they do not have PC versions.

Luckily with the introduction of Android emulators on the internet, one can now download any Android application on their PC. There are many emulators you can use to download the Google Meet app on your PC. We are going the difference between downloading the app using the Memu emulator and Bluestacks.

Using Bluestacks emulator:

1. Download and install Bluestacks.
2. Open Bluestcaks on your PC and log in to your Google play account.
3. Search for the Google Meet app.
4. Click install.

Using MEmu emulator:

1. Download MEmu on your PC.
2. Open the emulator.
3. Download Google Meet APK from APKpure.
4. On MEmu click the APK tab.
5. Click on the downloaded Google Meet APK.

Both of these Android emulators are effective in ensuring that you have downloaded the app on your PC. However, Bluestacks tends to be easier, and you do not have to download the APK of an app first. On the other hand, MEmu is also good since you are allowed to download the APK. If you are well knowledgeable about APKs, you can open the APK and customize any app.


  • Additional programs
  • Full access to G-suite programs
  • G-suite users do not have to pay for an extra conferencing tool.
  • Inexpensive.
  • It has an easy to use interface. Convenient for everyone.


  • No PC version for the app, you have to use an emulator to access it on the PC.
  • May cause delays to people who are not familiar with Google Meet.
  • Meet does not have extra features like a live poll or whiteboard tools like most conferencing platforms.
  • You have to own a Gmail account. It is a disadvantage because some people may have other emails from different service providers.

Final verdict

Google Meet is an excellent conferencing tool, and you do not have to dig deep into your pocket to access it. It is also popular so you will not have problems having to teach people about it. The tool is effective, and it will do well for businesses currently working at home due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

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