How To Apply for A Free iPhone From EBB Program 2023?

Isn’t it wonderful to dream about a free iPhone? Well, what if we tell you that it’s true? People are getting free mobile phones (including iPhones) for quite some time. It’s because of a program called EBB. So, what does the Free iPhone from EBB Program mean?

The EBB (emergency broadband benefit) program is a temporary grant of digital devices with an internet connection. It’s from the Federal government to the lower-income households. The monthly internet bill allowance starts from $50 and reaches up to $75.

Are you wondering how this program works? No worries. In this article, you will get to know everything about the EBB program. So that you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Are you ready to get your free iPhone?

How Does The EBB Program Work?

Free iPhone EBB Program

EBB is the short version of the Emergency broadband benefit. It is a response by the Federal government to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on our lives.

During the sudden lockdown, we all had to shift toward the digital platforms for virtual classes, conferences, meetings, and so on. Unfortunately, not every member of the state has the privilege of affording a device with internet facilities. With no other source of monthly income during the lockdown, it is a luxury to pay for the monthly phone bill and learn new skills.

However, if you are eligible for an EBB program, you can easily get out of this tight situation. Under this program, the government plans to provide a $30 monthly discount on internet bills per household (if eligible). The grant can go up to $75 if you live in a tribal land with limited opportunities.

Plus, you get a one-time discount of $1000 (max limit) for purchasing a laptop or smartphone. But you also have to contribute $10 to $50, to be accepted for the huge discount. The ultimate goal of the EBB program is to enable all the citizens to connect with the state’s online health care and education system.

EBB VS ACP: What Are The Differences?

The EBB program is still fully active. But it has a new name: ACP (Affordable connectivity program). That means, both the EBB and ACP have the same goal.

But we can’t deny that the Federal Government has made some changes to the new program. So, both the programs are not 100% identical.

Let’s take a look at their differences below.

Poverty Line

The EBB program required an applicant’s income level to be 135% below the poverty line. However, the criteria are now more difficult to pass. Your income level must be below 200% of the current poverty line to become eligible.

Grant Level

The EBB program offered a minimum $50 monthly payment for internet bills. The range can go up to $75 if you live in tribal land. On the other hand, the ACP program has a minimum grant level of $30. The maximum allowance remains strictly at $75.

Other Assistance Program

Both the EBB & ACP program checks whether you are eligible under other assistance programs or not. For example, EBB required you to participate in the SNAP, Medicaid, and Lifeline assistance programs. If you are eligible for most of these programs, you have a higher chance of being accepted.

However, ACP has added an extra assistance program to this list: the WIC Benefits. It is a special program for women and children who are deprived of nutritious food. Plus, if you were eligible for free lunch or breakfast at the school, it would get you some bonus points.

Special Covid-19 Assistance

If you lost your job during the Covid-19 without any fault, you would be eligible for COVID-19 unemployment assistance. Also, people who earn less than $99,000 annually are welcome for the grant. The thing is, if you qualify for this program once, you would automatically be qualified for the EBB program too. 

Sadly, the ACP program has restrictions. It implies that even if you take the special COVID-19 unemployment assistance, you still have to apply as any other participant.

Can You Get iPhone Through The EBB Program?

Yes, you can get your hands on a new iPhone through the EBB program. Cintex Wireless is the preferred service provider if you want an iPhone. Reportedly, till now only the Cintex carrier has offered iPhones to low-income individuals with needs.

Keep in mind that, Centex service providers are only available in the five states: Arkansas, Maine, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Maryland. If you are not a resident of these states you have to choose another carrier. Unfortunately, your chances of getting an iPhone will be low.

What iPhone Model Can You Get Through The EBB Program?

Well, you can expect to receive an iPhone 6S GSM. It has a 4.7 inches screen and fourteen hours of talk time.

If you don’t live in the five regions where Cintex Wireless is available, we suggest you pick the New Phone carrier over the others. You have a better chance of receiving an iPhone through this carrier. Plus, it’s available in every state.

3 EBB Program Benefits You Should Know

You must have acquired an idea of how the EBB program works. It’s not just a way of getting a free smartphone. For some people, it can be a life-changing blessing.

Here are the three top-most benefits of the EBB program you must realize before participating.

Better Health Care

Everybody understood the importance of online healthcare during the lockdown. Especially, if you catch a disease like COVID, it’s crucial to avoid physical contact at all costs. Online medicare becomes the only way to help such patients. Not just medication, you can receive mental support and consultations without leaving the home.

But, what about the people living in tribal areas that are detached from the towns and modern hospitals? The EBB program allows those people to connect to modern medical treatment.

Better Education

Virtual classes are becoming more relevant nowadays. It started during the COVID emergency. However, the trend isn’t going away any time soon. However, low-income families can hardly provide a smartphone to their school or college-going children.

The EBB program makes sure that no child leaves behind in this race. Since many families lost jobs during this time, the EBB program prevents the rate of school dropouts.

More Job Opportunities

If you have a limited educational qualification, it would get hard to find a job at this time. You must have soft skills to cope with the rest of the applicants. Thankfully, digital platforms like YouTube or Udemy offer a lot of skill training for free. But to access those resources, you need a phone with an internet connection. The EBB program helps you tackle this first obstacle on the road. Then, you have a huge array of opportunities in front of you.

What Documents Are Required For Free iPhone EBB Program?

All the talking must have excited you to apply for the EBB program too. But, hold on a sec. You need various documents to be shortlisted. Don’t worry. We have listed down all the required documents for you. Have a look.

Tax Return

If you are participating, you have to submit the current year’s tax return documents to the authority. The carrier company will screen you if you are not a regular tax-paying citizen.

Income Statement

You have to collect your annual income statement. It’s only applicable if you are a working person. The income level shouldn’t cross $99,000 per year for single families. For extended families, the limit is up to $198000.

Government Assistance Program

Next, you have to submit any other certificates of government programs that support you. For Example, Lifeline, Medicare, and SNAP. Also, provide documents if you have legal bindings to support underage children. If you are a student, the carriers will check whether you are eligible for a free school lunch and breakfast program or not.

Proof Of Citizenship

To prove your identity, a social security number is not a must. You can also submit your Taxpayer Identification Number. Also, any other ID card that your state-issued to you is fine. If you are eligible for the Lifeline program, you already know the documentation process. However, for the ACP program, you have to requalify all over again.

How To Get A Free iPhone From EBB Program?

First of all, you need the documents we just mentioned. Then, look for a service provider within your region that is associated with the EBB program. the most popular companies are Cintex, NewPhone Wireless, True Phone Wireless, SFone Wireless, etc.

Once, you have to go through this initial hard phrase, the rest is easy. All you have to do is submit your online application and wait for a result. Here’s how you can sign up for the EBB program online.

Step1: Check Into The Website 

Use any browser you like to search for this website:

This is the EBB website. Inside you will find a step-by-step guide to help you. Click on the “apply now” link.

Step 2: Give Your Legal Identity

Inside the link, you will have a form. It will ask you for a name and date of birth that matches your other legal documents.

Then, you have to give a social security number. It’s the fastest way to verify your identity.

You can give a driver’s license number or tribal ID number instead.

Step 3: Give Your Home Address

3rd step is to fill up your home address in detail. Also, you will have to answer whether you want to qualify by yourself or through a dependent.

Step 4: Create An Account

Creating an account is easy. Just type a username and give a strong password. Next, confirm the password and a phone number.

That’s it. your account is complete. Make sure to note down the password.

Step 5: Sign In The Account

Now, use the information from step 4 to log into your account. Here, you will see a welcome message.

button. once you locate the link, click on it.

Next, you have to confirm how many assistance programs you have participated in before. Also, you have to confirm your home address again.

Keep scrolling till you find the “apply for emergency broadband benefit”

Step 6: Submit The Application

Finally, you have to agree with their terms and conditions. You have to specify whether you live alone or not. Also, is there anyone else in your family whole receives a grant?

After that, you can click on the “submit” button. Now, you only have to wait for the approval.

Final Word

Since its introduction till now, the budget for the EBB program is increasing. Although the ACP program has difficult criteria, we understand the Government’s motive.

The state wants to distinguish the real needy individuals or households from the rest. It’s crucial to ensure nobody is left behind when it comes to health care and education.

It’s okay if you don’t have participation certificates for all the assistance programs. As long as you have most of the documents, you should give it a go.

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