BiP Messenger for PC / Mac – Windows 7 /8 / 10 – Free Download

BiP Messenger for PC, Mac, and Windows 10 is a highly secure instant messaging application that was recently released by BiP A.S. (Turkcell). This application is a useful alternative to the messaging application that has everyone worrying about their security. People are quickly switching to the Bip app for MacBook and the application has also produced satisfied users until now.

Since the application has not updated any web version for our devices, we will help you get BiP for your computer and laptop. This is only possible with an Android Emulator and to find out how to continue reading. For more Apps for PC visit our blog.

More About BiP Messenger for PC

This highly reliable application guarantees end-to-end encryption on all your information and activity on the application. Unlike many messaging applications available in the store, you can freely communicate with other people through chatting, video, and voice calls, and through sharing media content without having to worry about your information getting stolen or sold.

BiP on Windows comes with many unique features, but one we would like to mention is when you can literally text in your own language, and the message will be automatically translated for your friend in whichever language they would like to receive. Not many applications have this feature and it is one many users really liked because they can now communicate with people from all over the world without worrying about not being understood.


1. Super Secure:- Now, you can carefreely text your friends and family with high-end encryption on your chats and calls. The application ensures and promises the security of your information at all costs.

2. Free and Fun to Use:- The application comes with a user-friendly interface which automatically becomes the reason why most people enjoy Bip. The application is simple and sophisticated with quick navigation to all its features. Moreover, it is fast and free. This means it does not include any in-app purchases even on special features.

3. High Quality:- Enjoy high-quality texting, video, and voice calling. No more lag issues or low-quality media sharing because BiP for PC got you covered. You can have a good quality video call or voice call even if it’s with a person from the other side of the world.

4. Discover more:- This is one of the most unique features and no messaging app has ever before offered. You can now explore new content to talk to your friends about through the Discover page. This is where you can read headlines or top news articles, entertainment articles, and other such stuff.

5. Group Calls and Group Chats:- You can create group chats and have group video-calls with up to 10 people. Also, if you create a temporary group, you can self destruct at any time you want. Simply set the timer for it to self-destruct.

6. Customizable:- You can customize your profile and main screen any way you want. Change up the navigation, the settings, everything is in your hand on the BiP for Mac OS application. You can also change up the theme of your application. The application offers a wide variety of themes from colored ones to ones with wallpapers.

7.  Share without care:- Safely and in high quality, you can share your photos and videos with other people. No complaints! because they are going to receive in the same quality you send it.

8. Batter-saving Mode:- You can switch the BiP theme into night mode. This theme helps save battery and brings comfort to your eyes while texting at night. There are other themes you can choose from, whichever is suitable, such as Night Blue, Magenta, Orange, and Dark themes.

9. 106 Language:- As we have mentioned above, This is one of the coolest features that the BiP for PC app offers. You can chat in your own language and the receiver can have the application translate your text into whatever language they find suitable.

10. Secret Chat:- Lastly, one of the application’s most unique features is the secret chat mode. With this mode switched on, you can text your friends and once you send a text, it will disappear within a few seconds. This feature is super cool for many reasons.

How to Install and Use BiP Messenger for PC, Mac, and Windows 10

Surely it will only enhance your BiP experience if you download this application on your computer and laptop. You can save yourself from the hassle of looking at your phone over and over again while working and simply use it on your PC.  You can download BiP for Windows XP using BlueStacks Android Emulator.

What is BlueStacks?

This is an Android Emulator, a software that helps us download and install Android applications on our PC and Laptop directly through the google play store. The emulators are necessary because without them we cannot access the google play store on our devices otherwise. Moreover, BlueStacks also helps in increasing the quality of an application which enhances user experience.

Install BlueStacks to Download BiP for PC

  • Firstly, open the BlueStacks website on your browser.
  • Secondly, ‘Download BlueStacks’ by clicking on the green button.
  • Thirdly, open the raw file you just downloaded.
  • Now, click on run. 
  • The BlueStacks installer will show up on your screen, click install.
  • Once the emulator is installed, go to your desktop main screen.
  • There, click on the BlueStacks emulator icon to launch it.
  • The emulator will then began start-up.
  • Now, Sign in with your Google account and password.
  • After configuration, you can use the emulator to install BiP for the PC.

Install BiP for PC with BlueStacks

Now that the emulator is installed, we can proceed to download BiP Messenger.

  • First, launch the BlueStacks emulator on your device.
  • Second, go to the emulator’s main page.
  • Click on the google play store icon.
  • And search for the BiP app.
  • Your search result along with its alternatives will appear on your screen.
  • Select BiP from the list.
  • Now, click on the green install button
  • After a few seconds, your messenger will successfully download on your windows and Mac.
  • Return to the BlueStacks home page and you will see the app icon there.
  • Click on the BiP app icon to launch it and enjoy connecting with your friends and family.
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