Best Verizon Cell Phones and Plans for Seniors 2023 (Include Chart)

You can’t impress a senior citizen by adding more gigabytes to their monthly data plan. It seems like no unlimited data plan is right for them. Luckily, Verizon has come to the rescue. Now, you might be interested to know what are the best Verizon cell Phones and Plans for Seniors.

Best Verizon Cell Phones and Plans for Seniors

Verizon’s 55+  unlimited plan is a specifically designed package for elderly users. You can also try the welcome unlimited plan to save more. Lastly, we would recommend the Alcatel GO FLIP V for simpler use or the iPhone SE for consistent performance.

In this article, we will analyze the price points and perks of various Verizon unlimited plans. So that, you can decide whether to invest your money or not.

So, are you ready?

Does Verizon offer an unlimited plan?

Yes! They do offer an unlimited plan. Verizon unlimited plans mostly have free calls, text, and data usage for a monthly subscription.

The newest to this series is the welcome unlimited plan. The monthly subscription costs around $35. However, Verizon allows you a $5 refund, if you stay loyal to them. And, you can save another $5 for activating autopay.

Even though the carrier says unlimited data, you can enjoy high-speed streaming for the first 50GB within a month. If you exceed the limit, the speed will go lower.

To go more premium, you can buy the Do-more or play-more 5G unlimited plan. we have showcased the basic pricing differences and unique benefits of these plans down below. 

Verizon Unlimited PlansMonthly Price Per LineUnique Benefits
Verizon Welcome Unlimited Plan$35Chance to get a $240 gift card per line.
Verizon Do More Unlimited Plan$8025GB Hight speed and unlimited low-speed hotspot,
Verizon Play More Unlimited Plan$9075 GB premium data allowance (even during network congestion).

You can purchase an unlimited plan for as low as $30. It includes free texts and talk time along with 500MB. Yes, 500MB is not much. But some users don’t require data at all. They can enjoy the perks of unlimited texting and call-time within $30.

Verizon Senior Plans And Pricing

Verizon has a specifically tailored data plan for senior citizens above 55 years old. It stays active even during your travel to Canada or Mexico. You can send unlimited text, make calls, use the internet, stream videos, and share hotspot.

The 4G LTE network quality is consistent and powerful. Verizon is one of the few companies that offer such major discounts for elderly users. The package costs around $60 per line. If you are 55 years old or more than that, you should grab this amazing opportunity.

Quick Comparison:

Take a sneak peek into the pricing for 55+ unlimited data plans for various services. we have compared the Verizon Unlimited data plan with its competitors AT&T and T-Mobile’s senior data packages.

Senior PackagesMonthly Price Per LineMonthly Price For 2 LinesBenefitsLocation
Verizon 55+ Unlimited Data Plan$60$80Unlimited data, talk time, texts, 4G network, free hotspot.Only available in Florida
T-Mobile 55+ Unlimited Senior Plan$27.5$55Unlimited data, talk time & texts, 5G network,Anywhere in the United States
AT&T Unlimited 55+ Senior Plan$60$80Unlimited data usage, calls & texts to 120+ countries.Only available in Florida

As you can see both Verizon and AT&T has the same pricing tag. Both of them are only available for Florida residents.

But it seems T-Mobile has better prices to offer with $55 for two lines. T-Mobiles also offer a Magenta package. You need to spend $70 for two lines in the Magenta plan. It adds extra scam protection, fraud call blocking, and better customer service to the user.

Can Everyone Get The Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan?

Unfortunately, you can get the Verizon 55+ senior plan, only if you live in Florida. You see, there’s a condition to have a Florida billing address to purchase this plan. That’s because it’s still in a trial phase.

Since seniors don’t consume “too much” data, they might not want the “unlimited plan.” Instead, their focus might be to save as much money as possible. It would be a risk to introduce this plan all over the country.

Can Everyone Get The Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan

Apart from the location, you have to meet another criterion. You have to provide proof that you are over 55 years. Yes, users under this age can’t purchase this unlimited data plan. It is a niche plan and isn’t available for everyone.

The 3 Best Verizon Cell Phones And Plans For Seniors

Seniors have different preferences when it comes to smartphones than a teenager. For example, they hardly care about the cloud storage capacity or free subscriptions to Disney+. But we can tell you what matters for them.

Big Buttons

Buttons are out of fashion. Manufacturers compete with each other to keep the home screen sleek and minimalistic. However, this complex design can confuse users over 55 years.

That’s why most senior citizens still love to use a flip phone with lots of buttons. It’s easier for them when the buttons are black with white carvings on them or the opposite.

We Recommend: The Alcatel GO FLIP V

The Alcatel GO Flip V is the perfect Verizon deal for an elderly person. It is simply a flip phone you can use for calling. It’s not complex to operate because of the bigger buttons. Users have loved how every call is clear no matter where you are.

The Alcatel GO FLIP V

Key Features:

  • You get a 2.8 inches screen with 1.44 inches of an outer display window. The latter is only to show the time.
  • You also get a single camera, headphone jack, and 1 GB of accessible storage.
  •  Moreover, you can go on for three days without charging the phone at all.

Apart from all of these, it gives you the piece of mind after ending a conversation. You flip it off and move on with your work. These specifications might seem “too low” for today’s era. But for $58, we can’t ask for more, right?

Voice Activated Search

Even though modern smartphones are hard to operate for an elderly person, they still need them. For example, they might want to collect information from the internet. In such cases, the ideal solution is a Verizon phone that allows a voice-activated search.

We Recommend: iPhone SE

The iPhone SE has the simplest formula among all other Apple products. It’s a little old-fashion which is a plus point for senior citizens.

iPhone SE

Key features:

  •  It has a body of iPhone 8 and the performance of an iPhone 13.
  • You can enjoy a 5G network on this phone along with 4GB RAM.
  •  And, most importantly, you can get it for as low as $429.
  • Like most other Apple products, it has voice assistance. So, you don’t have to engage your fingers anymore.

Moreover, the iPhone SE is consistent in this performance throughout its life. That’s a big relief.

Edge-To-Edge Screen

Another important factor is the screen display. Seniors like to use bigger fonts to see better. That affects the number of words the screen can accommodate. As a result, it requires a lot of swipes and zooming. That’s why a bigger screen is very useful for elderly users.

We Recommend: The Motorola Edge+

With the edge-to-edge screen technology, you need fewer swipes to finish an article.

The Motorola Edge+

Key features:

  • Motorola edge+ comes with a 6.7 inches screen. It covers both the edges with a bending screen.
  • The overall weight is 203g. We find it thick enough to not slip from your hands easily.
  • It also has a 108-megapixel camera along with a gorilla glass protector at the front.
  •  The aluminum body makes it more durable and long-lasting than others.

How Can You Get The Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan?

If you fulfill the two conditions we mentioned above, you qualify for the 55+ unlimited plan. and, here’s how you can activate the plan on your new device.

Step 1: Check Into The Website

The first step is to visit the website: It’s the official Verizon website. Once you land on the home page, select the menu. And, click on ‘activate a new line.


Step 2: Enter Device ID

You will have a list of devices that are running under this account. If the desired one is not showing, type the device id on the search bar. Once, you find it, press “okay” or “check device.”


Step 3: Confirmation

After attaching the device, it’s time to verify your identity. Verizon will send a code to the specific device. So, copy the number and type it into the “enter” bar. Now, you have confirmed that you own that device.


Step 4: SIM Compatibility

The SIM card should be compatible with the Verizon data plans. That’s why you will see a new box asking for the SIM ID. If you have purchased one already, check out the number and fill in the blank. Within a few seconds, the Verizon team will notify you whether your SIM is compatible to carry out the plans or not. in case, it turns out t be incompatible, visits a nearby store to buy another.

Step 5: Shut The Phone Off

To activate the unlimited plan, you have to turn the phone off. wait for a while and then turn it on again. This time, the device should have an active Verizon data plan running.

One quick tip. If your device is updated, you can try the “my Verizon” app for easy account management.

Buying Experience with Verizon – Is It Worth It?

Verizon has the most premium packages under its sleeves. At the same, it has introduced a $30 package for budget-concerned users. You can say Verizon has a high range of plans to meet any user’s requirement.

But if we talk about the senior plan only, Verizon has a long way to go. For example, it should include more states other than Florida in this plan.

Also, they can consider lowering the price point even more. Because T-Mobile offers pretty much everything in this plan for half the amount ($27.5).

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have more questions? Don’t worry. We have prepared this separate FAQ section to clear out all the queries you have regarding the 55+ unlimited plan on Verizon. So, here we go.

Is Verizon 55+ compatible with 5G?

Yes, the 55+ unlimited plan for seniors is compatible with 5G. You can connect every data plan from Verizon with a 5G or 4G LTE network. For regular data plans, it will cost more to switch to the 5G network. However, for an unlimited plan, you can upgrade to 5G without any extra fee.

Are Verizon discounts available to retirees?

Verizon has introduced a discount for retirees through the unlimited senior plan. It allows anyone above the age of 55 years to spend only $60 per month for premium services. For example, no limit on calls, texts, and streaming. Moreover, you can save more money by switching to autopay.

Does Verizon offer senior discounts?

Most carriers allow seniors a discount for their data plans. But Verizon doesn’t have a designated discount facility for seniors. They indirectly provide this discount through the 55+ unlimited data plan. Here, you can start for as low as $40 while the cost is $60 to $80 in other Verizon plans.

Final Word

Verizon has always been providing unlimited plans. It’s for users who don’t want to refill or boost their data frequently. Plus, it’s a huge headache to keep calculating how much data you have left before streaming anything. It’s even more irritating for senior citizens.

That’s why Verizon introduced their 55+ unlimited data plan. It has all the best things you get in a premium plan for less money. Plus, you can save more money (up to $10) by using autopay and being loyal to the carrier. Seems like a good deal. What do you say?

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