What Phone Companies Give Free Phones When You Switch?

With the need to communicate daily comes difficulty in smartphone maintenance for low-income earners. Some companies deem it fit to resolve this issue. Assessing what phone companies give free phones when you switch helps resolve some of the pressing issues. These problems are often faced by low-income earners, and this knowledge helps reduce the burden.

Some of these free phones come with other benefits. Companies like Qlink, in affiliation with T-Mobile, offer benefits to services. These services include free data, texts, and messaging to individuals who subscribe to the brand.

This article contains detailed information on companies with free phone packages and ways to benefit from them.

How Do You Get The Free Phone When You Switch?

How Do You Get The Free Phone When You Switch

Although this is bait for patronage, the options available to this effect are:

  • Buy One, Get One (BOGO) free.
  • Exchanging an older smartphone for a better one.
  • A switch from the current service provider to qualify for a free phone with basic features.

It is best to understand the existing terms and conditions applicable to each company. The Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) option offers access to getting a smartphone. This is possible if a percentage of an individual’s income is taken at the end of the month.

The deal-breaker is when you cannot keep up with deductions, which will attract punishment and be regarded as a crime.

More About Free Cell Phones

It is important to note that not all companies offer free cell phones; only a few do. Several companies in America are built especially for assisting low-income earners. The Government also offer phone choices to individuals with low income. These alliances help low-income earners afford a life of luxury at a lesser cost.

Phone Companies That Offer Free Phones When You Switch?

Knowing what phone companies give free phones when you switch is essential for low-income earners. Getting more value for less money is always at the frontline of options for this category of people. Even as different companies have this goal, some are topping the chart. The top companies with phone offers when you want to switch are:

1. Verizon

The phones they offer include; Apple iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy A03s, and Motorola Moto G pure.

2. T-Mobile

 Samsung A21 and Samsung Galaxy A35.

3. AT&T

 AT & T offers Apple iPhone SE.

4. Boost Mobile

Samsung A10e, Samsung Galaxy A32, Motor G power.

5. US Cellular

This phone company mainly offers Apple iPhone 12.

6. Straight Talk

They offer Alcatel and LG.

7. Other companies issuing free phones are:

– Cricket

-Assurance Wireless


-Assist wireless, etc.

However, only phones of a similar value will be offered for a switch. This is so because the value matches the price, and as such, it is relatively free.

How Free Are Free Phones?

In cases of free phones given by companies, their value is negotiable. The strategy is to get people to become customers of the almost free services that come with owning one and not being given a free phone.

What Should You Look At When You Switch Phone Carriers?

Before taking action, knowing which carrier service is better is essential. Going for a different carrier service without checking for data offers, coverage, or internet access rate will be like shooting oneself in the leg.

This is because the choice of changing comes with dealing with the ups and downs of carrier service. The following options have to be put into consideration if you look to switch phone carriers.

Research about the extent of coverage for the new choice of carrier

Several carriers have limitations in the coverage system and, as such, only perform adequately in a favorable environment.

Verify data connection speed and cost

 Before considering a switch, find out the running cost of the other carrier service and check if the cost is affordable. Also, inquire about the running speed of the data connection to avert future hitches.

Note the difference in operation

A notable difference is how AT&T and Verizon are programmed to function. AT&T supports GSM networks, while Verizon supports CDMA networks to function correctly.

Make further inquiries when the details provided are insufficient to check against the purpose for which the purchase will be used.

Where Can I Find Information About Switching Carriers?

Determining what network works best for an individual requires specific knowledge of the chosen option. Connecting with a network service provider for details on how to switch carriers is an option if confused about which carrier choice to make.

Also, visiting any mobile device store to get information is an option to avoid running at a loss after switching to a less favorable carrier.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What government phone service gives you a free phone?

With backing from the Federal Government, the Lifeline program offers eligible individuals free phones. Membership in these organizations is necessary to be eligible for this funded program.

  1. Federal Public Housing Assistance.
  2. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP).
  3. Tribal Specific Programmes (TSP)
  4. Medicaid.
  5. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

For individuals without membership in these organizations, these services are open:

–Safelink Wireless
–StandUp wireless
–American Assistance
–BlueJay wireless, etc.

Does anyone offer free phones anymore?

If by free, it implies an exchange for higher value, yes. But generally, there are no standard free phones for anyone; not even the Government provides this service. The only option is to own a basic free phone and then upgrade. This is only possible if requirements for eligibility are met.

Does Verizon offer free government phones?

Not entirely, but it offers big deals for trading. Since Apple iPhones are pretty expensive mobile devices, Verizon makes it possible to own one at a relatively cheaper rate.

The terms and conditions of buying one involve an individual paying in installments while using the phone. Additionally, it offers a monthly deduction from an income rate of $16.67. This deal has a lasting span of 2 years.

How do you switch carriers?

Switching carriers requires simple steps and “how-to” instructions. These instructions are easy to apply. Hence, one doesn’t need to go through difficult teachings to understand how it is done. The following steps will aid when switching carriers:

  1. Research and identify the service provider to switch to. This procedure will help in telling what service provider to choose from.
  2. Before transferring to another service provider, note that the process will not be complete if the previous service provider is still active. With this in mind, it is advisable to deactivate the current number for ease of transfer.
  3. When the process is complete, provide the current service provider with all the necessary information and confirm use. After completing this procedure, get ready to use the service provider of choice. Transferring to a new carrier means separating from the previous one.

Final Verdict

Nothing is free, except gifts. To determine what phone companies give free phones when you switch is as a result of the trade item that is available.

For each intending item for exchange, an almost equal phone will follow. When sourcing, it is essential to note that this privilege still rests on eligibility and is not open to everyone.

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