Via Web Browser Features Review

I think via web browser is the best Android lightweight browser. I know there have many people they hear via web browser name for the first time!
If you hear this android best browser app name the first time, don’t avoid this post. If you avoid this post you’ll be losing a big thing!

Now I am discussing about the via web browser. Why via web browser is the best browser for android.

So, let’s start to discuss the via browser:

Via Browser – Why we love it:

App size:

Via Browser size is only 900kb! We know the small size app is best for Android performance. So, this browser should be the best app for performance. Use this app for browsing and keep your phone as fast as new!

User Interface (UI):

via web browser
via web browser

Via browser UI is very simple. Via Browser’s main benefit, this browser better UI and smooth design. You can use 3 types of UI on this app (Fruity, Colorful and Transparent).


via browser theme
Via Theme

You can use themes on this small app!! You can use images from your gallery. Also if you can write HTML code, then you can change the Via Logo made by HTML code.

Ad Blocker:

Via browser has default AD Blocker. You can block javascript AD and also any kind of ads like a banner ad, Google Adsense ad via this app. If you are a regular Data pack user then AD blocker can help you with browsing quickly and saving data. (I don’t like to AD blocker. Because a website owner invests his many times and money for their website. If you use ad-blocker then they can’t earn money from their websites. As your wish what you do!


This browser has own add-ons. You can use their developed add-on like QR-scanner.

Auto Action Color:

via browser navigation color
via browser navigation color

The auto-action-color bar is the best feature of this browser. Auto action color bar I like much. If you can’t understand about this feature notice the above screenshot. Where you can see that, I just entered on Youtube then my phone screen contains Red color above and below. This is called to Auto action color.

Bookmark Sync:

If you use Via account then you can get back your Bookmarks by Via account! This is the most helpful feature for me. Because many times I need to bookmarks many helpful sites. All-time this isn’t possible to remember these sites URLS. So, bookmarks features can help me with this problem. I hope the Bookmark Sync feature can also help you.


via browser gesture
via browser gesture

The gesture is a super feature for any app. Gesture features can help us to easily handle any app. You can use the Gesture feature on the android Via browser. By gesture feature you can do these:

  • Pull to refresh Gesture
  • Back forward gesture
  • Volume key to Scroll

Via Browser source code viewer:

via browser source code viewer

Via browser has a default source code viewer. If you are a web developer or programmer then this feature can help you. You can see website source code just 1-click. You can also search on the source code viewer page.

Via Browser Script:

You can use your own written script if you can write script.

User Agent:

via browser for android

You can use 6 types of users of agent on the Via browser.

  • Default
  • Chrome (PC)
  • IE 11 (PC)
  • Safari (iPhone)
  • Nokia Browser
  • Custom

Via browser web page save:

Nowadays web page save is the most important feature. Now all the peoples are very busy. They want to read a news/article/post in their free time.

If you want to read a post in free time without data connection then install via browser and open your post. Then click Menu>Tools>Save Web. Now your post is saved.

How to read via browser save web page:

Now you are free… and want to read your saved post? Then again open via browser and click Menu>Tools>Saved Web and choose your saved post and read it.

More Features:

  • Night Mode
  • One-click translation (Google translate)
  • Computer – mode
  • Webpage save
  • Off-line browsing
  • Data Saving
  • Free to design your home page.

You can also watch the video why you need to use via browser :

I hope this detailed review can help you for choosing the best browser for Android. If you like this post then share this post on your profiles. I hope your friends will like this post. If you want to share then press the share button and share this post. You can comment here for any help. We’ll try to reply to your comments.

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