Verizon Senior Plans 2022 | Everything You Should Know

Choosing the right data plan that meets all your needs is a tough task. And, it only gets harder if you are a senior person. But what if you can have unlimited texts, talk time, and data at a very affordable price? Sounds like a dream, right? 

That’s what you get in the Verizon Senior Plans if your age is over 55 years. It’s a special package to make data plans more accessible to senior citizens. Now, what are the exact benefits you can get? And, how the pricing compares to other plans from Verizon?

Verizon Senior Plans

Don’t worry. We are going to dig into this topic deeper in today’s article. Thus, if you want to explore this plan more and learn exactly what you are going to get, keep reading.

An Overview Of Verizon 

Verizon is one of the leading carriers working in the USA right now. It was first introduced to us in 2000. Since then, it has won over our hearts by offering better streaming, call time, and network coverage. 

Because of how flexible the plans are, Verizon stands out among the other carriers. Each plan is designed keeping a small group of users in mind. No matter what your needs are, you will definitely find something useful.

Now, if we talk about the senior plans, Verizon is not the only one. You can find similar plans with other carriers. However, there are solid reasons why people prefer Verizon. 

The data speed is consistent. Even if your family or friends are living abroad (Mexico, Canada), you won’t be disappointed with the coverage. That’s why we think the $60 monthly bill would be worth it.

What Is Verizon Senior Plan?

Senior citizens have different expectations when it comes to data plans. It’s a waste of money to purchase any premium unlimited plan for them. Because they end up never using most of the features. 

They want high-quality talk time to video chat with their families. And, having the internet to see entertaining videos or use social media platforms is a great plus point. That’s when the senior 55+ unlimited plans come to play.

What Is Verizon Senior Plan

Verizon offers an unlimited plan to seniors at an affordable price. It includes unlimited talk-time and messaging to your friends and family in the U.S.A, Mexico, or Canada. 

The data coverage might be a little slower when you are calling in foreign countries. Nonetheless, it makes sure that a senior citizen has a taste of various premium features at a cheaper rate.  

Unfortunately, the senior plan is only for Florida residents. It’s still in the trial phase. The company is still surveying the demand for this package within Florida. If the result is satisfactory, Verizon might expand this offer throughout the whole country. But till then, we can’t do anything but wait.

Verizon 55+ Senior Plans-Features & pricing

The 55+ unlimited plan is the only discounted senior package from Verizon. While T-mobiles has introduced three different 55+ senior plans for better flexibility. 

Verizon is still in the primary stage. There are other unlimited plans you can, for example, the welcome plan, the start unlimited plan, the get-more or do-more plan, etc. 

As a senior citizen, there is no restriction if you want to sign up for any of these packages. You can even save up to $15 per month on the bills. However, they are not specifically tailored for senior users. The benefits of the Verizon 55+ Senior Plan include:

  •  No limit on texts and call-time
  • Mexico or Canada texting & calling 
  • Unlimited Hotspot with 600 Kbps speed.
  • 4G LTE network access
  • $60 per line and $80 for two lines.
  • No-additional subscription.

What’s The Difference Between A Verizon Senior Plan And A Family Plan? 

We have already talked about the limitations of the Verizon 55+ unlimited plan above. If you live outside Florida, this discounted senior plan is out of your reach. 

Or, if you want to purchase a family plan and mix different features, the 55+ senior plan can’t support you. In that case, you might end up choosing a regular Verizon family plan instead of the senior one. 

So, how do these plans work in comparison to the Verizon 55+ senior plan? Here’s a quick comparison chart. Take a look.

Points of ComparisonVerizon 55+ Senior PlanVerizon Get Started PlanVerizon Do More PlanVerizon Play More Plan
Pricing Per Linea. $60 for one line.

b. $80 for two lines ($40 per line)
a. $70 per line
b. For two accounts, it’ll be $60 per line
a. $80 per line.
b. For two accounts, $70 per line.
a. $80 per line

b. For two accounts, $70 per line.
Pricing For Additional Lines
Not applicablea. $45 per line (3 accounts).

b. $35 per line (4 accounts)
a. $55 per line (3 accounts).

b. $45 per line (4 accounts)
a. $55 per line (3 accounts).
b. $45 per line (4 accounts)
Streaming QualityDVD (480p)HD (720p)HD (720p)HD (720p)
Mobile HotspotUnlimited (600 kbps)5 GB High speed (the rest is lower speed).15 GB High-Speed (unlimited low-speed) hotspot.15 GB High-Speed (unlimited low-speed) hotspot.
Talk-time & SMSNo-limitNo-limitNo-limitNo-limit
Data Coverage4G LTE4G LTE/ 5G nationwide
5G nationwide5G nationwide

It’s quite visible that apart from the pricing section, the Verizon 55+ plan lacks significantly in other areas. You have to determine your expectations from a package before subscribing to any of these plans. You may read a thorough explanation of each of Verizon’s programs below.

Verizon Start Unlimited Plan

If it’s your first time buying an unlimited plan, this is your safe bet. It’s the cheapest unlimited package from Verizon. Previously, you had to spend $75 per line for this plan. But now the pricing has been reduced by $5. 

It has pretty much everything of a premium data plan including a Disney+ subscription and 5G coverage. Apart from that, it also enables a spam blocker on your phone to provide extra safety.

Verizon Do More Plan

If your goal is to improve your productivity, the Do-more would be best. As the name suggests, you can work more efficiently with this package. It offers a 5G network nationwide along with unlimited hotspots. 

That way you can connect your iPad, tablets, or laptops to this network without any extra charge. Another useful feature is its 600GB cloud storage. 

Verizon Play More Plan

Do your family members want better streaming than anything else? Then, look no further than the Verizon play-more plan. It is almost identical to the Do-more version. 

The only difference is that you get free trials of more entertainment platforms including Hulu, Disney, Discovery, ESPN, etc. It allows you to stream faster without any hiccups.

As far as the pricing is concerned, you can reduce it by $10. All you have to do is switch to a paper-free billing like Auto-pay

How Do Verizon Senior Plans Compare To Other Phone Carriers? 

Verizon 55+ senior plan is the most affordable package you get from this provider. But, what about the senior plans from other top-notch carriers? If we compare Verizon’s senior plan to other phone carriers, would it still be the best? Let’s find out. 

Point of comparisonVerizon 55+ Senior PlanAT&TT-Mobiles
Pricinga. $60 per line

b. For two accounts, $40 per line
a. $60 per line.

b. For two accounts, $40 per line
a. $27.5 per line

b. $55 for two lines.
Network Coverage4G LTE5G access5G access (no extra cost)
Call-Time & SMSUnlimitedUnlimited (free texting to 120+ countries).Unlimited
LocationFlorida onlyFlorida onlyAnywhere in the United States
StreamingDVD (480p)

Both the AT&T and Verizon senior plans are only available in Florida. Both offers restrict you to two lines only. If you want to add more phones to these plans, it’s simply not possible. 

On the other hand, T-Mobile has expanded its services all across the country. You don’t have to be a Florida resident to access this unlimited plan. Plus, the pricing ($27.5) is significantly low.

In case you want more features in your senior data plan, T-Mobile has introduced the Magenta 55+ plan for that. It’s designed for tech-savvy senior citizens. 

As a result, when it comes to senior plans, the T-mobile carrier offers better features at a reasonable price.

Can Anyone Get The Verizon Senior Plan?

The 55+ senior plan from Verizon is not available for everybody. It is specifically designed for citizens over the age of 55 years. Once you check into their official website, you have to pass an eligibility test. You have to answer:

  • Your year of birth
  • Living Area
  • Requirement For Lines

As you can see, this package is not enforceable if you are a senior living outside Florida. Your billing address is enough to prove that. Lastly, if you need more than two lines, you won’t be eligible. This package is different from other family plans that allow up to 5 connections. 


Verizon’s senior plans are some of the most affordable and comprehensive cell phone plans on the market today. If you’re looking for a plan that will give you everything you need without breaking the bank, a Verizon senior plan is definitely worth considering.

Though some premium features like Netflix, and Apple Music subscriptions are missing, that’s a good thing, to be honest. Because senior citizens hardly use those features enough to pay an extra fee. 

The senior plan is perfect if your only goal is to stay connected with your family through voice or video calls. It has got you covered if you want to enjoy social media from time to time. Overall, we really like this plan. And, what about you?

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