How Do I Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone-(2022 Guide)

Since their invention, smartphones have become a big part of people’s daily lives, helping them stay connected to their families and loved ones. However, getting a phone may be more expensive than anticipated, so carrier services like wireless phone upgrade assurance have introduced ways for middle-class and lower-class income earners to own phones at highly subsidized rates.

Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone

People who qualify for their services will receive a free phone, accessible monthly data, airtime, and other benefits. Subscribers that want to upgrade their phones can turn in their old phones, pay a small fee and have their old phones upgraded. It is important to note that phones offered by the assurance wireless are usually basic, low-end phones and may not satisfy the needs of customers wanting better phones. This is why some clients may decide to upgrade. This article will help readers understand how to upgrade their assurance wireless phones.

Why And When Do I Want To Upgrade My Assurance Wireless?

There are several reasons why a customer may choose to upgrade their assurance wireless phone. The most common cause is when a customer is not satisfied with the capabilities of the free phones that assurance wireless offers. The second reason is when it breaks down and stops working correctly.

They may want to upgrade their assurance wireless if their phones get stolen or misplaced. However, these reasons are far less common than the ones mentioned above.

Assurance wireless users who are no longer satisfied with the phone’s capabilities can opt for a wireless phone upgrade assurance by simply walking into their offices or applying for an upgrade online. Below are some things people look out for when using an assurance wireless upgrade.

Upgrade My Assurance Wireless

1. Internet Connectivity

There is no doubt that fast internet is essential in this fast-paced world. This is why people who are looking for a phone upgrade from assurance wireless consider internet connection as one of their foremost reasons. Most upgraded Assurance Wireless phones are efficient in internet performance and come with 4G or LTE wireless connectivity. Features like browsing the internet, texting, and calling only take seconds. Hence, internet access is easy, reliable, and, in some cases, profitable.

2. GPS Location

GPS Location has a high social power potential because it allows app users to share their location on social networks with friends. GPS Location also increases brand awareness as it can be used as a marketing strategy. The inclusion of GPS in higher-end phones has allowed apps to increase their rate of getting new subscribers.

Upgraded assurance wireless phones like the iPhone and Samsung come with top-of-the-line GPS location, one of the reasons many subscribers opt for an upgrade.

3. Music And Videos

FM radios and music players are standard features on basic phones. On the other hand, a smartphone takes reasonable enjoyment to the next level with online radio, music video viewing, and access to music sites and apps. Users can listen to online radio, watch YouTube videos, and download music from music websites. Basic phones have much less storage capacity and can only hold so much. Smartphones, on the other hand, offer more storage space.

Basic phones don’t give the users the luxury of streaming online content due to poor screen quality and low storage. Many assurance wireless subscribers apply for upgrades because they’d benefit from top phones’ better videos and sound quality.

4. Games

Flagship phones like Samsung come with a snapdragon chipset that allows users to play top-quality games on their devices. Also, some of these top-of-the-line phones have high ram speed and enough storage for many games. Today, YouTube game streamers use smartphones to stream their games live over the internet, and basic phones initially offered by assurance wireless cannot grant all these features.

Assurance Wireless is well-known for providing high-quality service with subsidies. As a result, an Assurance Wireless user will most likely receive a gaming phone following the upgrade, allowing them to play high-quality games.

How Do I Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone?

Upgrading the wireless assurance program is not a complicated process. Although the program will not upgrade phones bought from other stores, they’d upgrade phones that were provided using the assurance wireless program.

In addition, they only upgrade phones compatible with an assurance wireless network, will have to pay for the upgrade, and be aware that the upgrade does not come with any warranty. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade assurance wireless phones.

Step 1: The first step is to visit the store online and choose a preferred phone.

Step 2: After making a choice, the person will have to ensure that the phone meets their requirements and also choose an affordable phone. It is important to note that the number of available phones changes from time to time as the catalogue is updated.

Step 3: You can then proceed to highlight the chosen phone to view additional information. If they are satisfied with the details, they can add them to their cart.

Step 4: You can then proceed to highlight the chosen phone to view additional information. If they are satisfied with the details, they can add them to their cart.

What Type Of Assurance Wireless Phone Can One Upgrade?

The assurance Wireless rightly assumes that those on the lifeline support cannot afford the latest smartphones. Thus, Assurance Wireless only offers older models. Phones purchased on other carrier services like Boost Mobile, Sprint, and Virgin Mobile are incompatible with the wireless assurance program.

Assurance Wireless Phone Can One Upgrade

Most major phone brands are available on the assurance wireless upgrade program. However, the models of these major brands may be old. The phones are also considerably cheaper on the program. Users can buy phone brands such as;

  • iPhone.
  • Samsung.
  • Alcatel.
  • LG.
  • Moto.
  • Cool Pad.
  • ZTE

Why Replace Assurance Wireless Phones?

If a user loses a phone to theft or loss within a year of getting it, they can apply for a replacement phone, and the customer would still enjoy the services. Assurance Wireless issues a one-year warranty and will give out a replacement phone. However, the user has to meet certain conditions to get the replacement.

What Does One Need To do After Upgrading?

After the subscriber receives their new phone, they need to activate the phone on the carrier service. It is essential to do the upgrade immediately after receiving the phone, so you can quickly know if there are any technical concerns like broken screens, bad batteries, and faulty chargers. If there are any issues, they will need to report back to the office.

People can also visit their website to get more information after receiving their upgraded device. They can create an account and log into the site. The next step is to find the “All account Overview” page and select “Swap phones.” The user will be asked to provide the MEID of their current phone. When the MEID is typed in, the user can choose the California freedom plan for smartphones. After this, the newly upgraded phone is ready for use. However, those that aren’t internet savvy can call a customer service agent who would talk them through the process.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Use An Android Phone With An Assurance Account?

Yes. Users can use an android phone with an assurance account if the phone is compatible with the service. Users can obtain the service by checking the list of phones compatible with the network.

What Carrier Does An Assurance Phone Use?

Assurance Wireless is an MVNO, meaning it doesn’t have a network. Instead, Assurance Wireless enters into a partnership with mobile network operators. The MVNO will buy wireless capacity at wholesale prices and resell retail prices. This means that the consumer will pay little to no money for wireless services offered by Assurance Wireless.

Presently, Assurance Wireless uses T-Mobile Towers. The program partners with T-Mobile to give out free phones and services to low-income earners.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Assurance Wireless Phone?

The program issues a new replacement phone under certain conditions. Usually, the phones come at a low cost or can even be free.

Can I Use Any Phone With Assurance Wireless?

No. People cannot access the assurance wireless using any phone, and phones allowed to access the wireless assurance services must be gotten utilizing the lifeline service providers.


It becomes necessary to get an assurance Wireless phone upgrade for various reasons. People who want a better phone and already use the assurance Wireless program can apply for an upgrade. However, Assurance Wireless may not give customers the latest devices, but people can rest easy knowing they will be offered phones from some of the best brands.

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