How To Unlock It Free Boost Mobile Phone (Easy Method 2022)

It is difficult to switch to another carrier’s SIM card because the mobile phone is locked to a cell phone carrier. This restricts the user’s access and can be very frustrating. A Boost Mobile is one of such mobile phones where the Boost Carrier partially owns the device. Most mobile users are left wondering how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone. The unlock it free Boost Mobile enable users to freely unlock Boost Mobile Phone.

Unlock It Free Boost Mobile Phone

However, knowing how to unlock the Boost Mobile phone is highly beneficial to customers. Generally, all Boost mobile phones are sold, locked to their carrier and cannot work with another network until it is unlocked. Unlocking the Boost Mobile allows users to use the phone with other wireless service providers. Therefore, this guide gives an in-depth knowledge of the various steps you can use to unlock the Boost Mobile phone.

How To Unlock Boost Mobile Phone?

Boost Mobile is gradually becoming one of the leading mobile virtual network operators. They offer excellent mobile devices to customers. All Boost Mobile phones are a subsidiary of Sprint and are sold locked. Now, the question often asked is, how to unlock Boost Mobile phone?

Although, when the Boost Carrier is active, switching to a different network becomes difficult. The phone user remains locked with Boost Carrier. But using unlock codes from Boost Mobile makes the phone work on other wireless service networks. After unlocking, switching to a different wireless provider is possible. Hence, before unlocking Boost Mobile Phone, there should be a prior understanding of some criteria.

Unlock Boost Mobile Phone

1. Understand Boost Mobile’s Unlocking Policy

The first step is for the phone user to understand Boost Mobile’s unlocking policy. This policy is simple for current customers. All that is required of the customer is to meet the eligibility requirements. Then the user has to contact the customer service of Boost Mobile for further unlocking instructions.

Although, after unlocking Boost Mobile, it might not be compatible with the preferred network provider. It is highly recommended that the phone user do some checks before unlocking. Some devices are cross-compatible with all networks. Fortunately, Boost Mobile have an online phone compatibility checker. This makes it easy to detect if the Boost Mobile will work on the user’s preferred network.

2. Understand Boost Eligibility Requirements to Unlock a Phone

Boost Mobile does not notify the customers of the eligibility requirements. The Boost Mobile customers need to figure this out on their own. Listed below are the criteria for the requirements to unlock a Boost Mobile.

  • The phone must be active for at least 12 months on the Boost Mobile account.
  • The user must have made payments within the last three months of the one-year activation.
  • The phone needs to be SIM unlock-capable.
  • It must not have been reported that the phone had been stolen or misplaced.
  • There should be no past due balances; that is, the Boost Mobile account is in good standing.
  • The device must be from Boost Mobile.

3. Military Requirements

There is an exception to the general rule of unlocking Boost Mobile. This exception is for active military personnel who has proof of deployment. These personnel can unlock their phone without stringent requirements. For military personnel, Boost Mobile will unlock the phones without the criteria of activeness for a year.

Simply, military personnel deployed overseas do not need to meet the minimum time limit with Boost. They can unlock up to two phones per year, depending on the number associated with the account. All that is required is proof of deployment.

Unlocking Boost Mobile Phone – Current Boost Customers

As a current Boost Mobile customer, meeting the criteria described above is necessary. After that, the preceding steps are easy. Unlocking the Boost Mobile could take only a few days, mostly two to seven working days. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Step One: Contact Boost Mobile customer service at 1-888-266-7848.
  • Step Two: Supply all the required information and get a carrier unlock code.
  • Step Three: A notification will come in with the code. Input the said unlock code following the instructions of the customer service.
  • Step Four: The Boost Mobile unlocking will be processed within two working days.

Remember, the Boost Mobile user needs to leave the SIM card in the device, and removing the SIM will interrupt the whole process. The phone user should connect the device to a Boost Mobile network throughout the whole time.

Unlocking Boost Mobile Phone – For Non-Boost Customers

As a Non-Boost customer, It is also possible to unlock the Boost Mobile phone. Although, unlike the methods used by current Boost customers, the steps for this are challenging and quite tedious. First, the customer can use the Boost Mobile number in the unlocking process. The last account associated with the device will still give the same result. Without these, it will be impossible to unlock the Boost Mobile for non-customers. A good solution here can be third-party applications for unlocking.

How To Know If My Phone Is Locked To Boost Mobile?

Now that the techniques used in unlocking Boost Mobile are learnt, you must ensure that the phone is locked to Boost Mobile. Before the unlocking process starts, the user should check if the device has an active carrier lock. The Boost Mobile customers could follow these steps to figure out if the phone is locked to Boost Mobile.

  • Remove the Boost SIM card that is in the Boost Mobile.
  • Then, put another SIM from a different carrier.
  •  Check if the device accepts or rejects it.

A locked device only works on a specific network carrier. Before it can work on alternative networks, it needs to be unlocked. Moreover, this step is straightforward if you have a SIM card from an alternative carrier. If the device does not accept the SIM card, the phone has a carrier lock. And then unlocking is required.

How To Unlock A Boost Mobile Phone By IMEI?

Some Boost Mobile customers might be unable to unlock the device even after calling Boost customer service. When Boost Mobile does not open the device, all hope is not lost yet. You can use third-party application services to unlock the Boost Mobile. But, this step might require a few bucks in return for an unlock code. Using these third-party tools opens a Boost Mobile by IMEI.

Therefore, reputable third-party services are another excellent choice for unlocking Boost Mobile. Its services are available 24 hours a day. Also, the new network carrier starts running immediately after the unlock. These third-party tools include– Unlockitfree, DirectUnlocks, Unlockninja and more. Boost customers can follow this step-by-step guide on unlocking Boost Mobile by IMEI.

1st Step

First, the phone user needs to find out the device’s IMEI number. This is because the IMEI is a crucial requirement throughout this process. To locate the IMEI number, the user should dial “*#06#” on the device. Immediately, the number pops up on the screen of the phone. The phone user should copy down the displayed number.

2nd Step

Navigate the official website of the third-party tool. Either DirectUnlocks or Unlockitfree works perfectly. These third-party unlocking tools will request the IMEI number. Enter the retrieved number in the box provided and press “Find”.

3rd Step

At this point, DirectUnlocks needs payment before the order is confirmed. But Unlockitfree does not require payment. After typing the IMEI number, country and picking Boost as the carrier network. The user should click on Generate.

4th Step

Next, these third-party tools will display a list of unlocking codes. Enter one code, then restart the device to check if it has opened. If not, the phone user can try another code.

How To Get A PUK Code To Unblock A Blocked Boost?

Boost Mobile is a kind of dedicated phone. The SIM card permits the user to transfer contact information from one device to another. All Boost SIM card has a default code which is 0000. Although, users can customise the code to their preferences. Suppose the phone user does not remember the code and enters the wrong code three consecutive times. Then the device will request a PUK code.

Most Boost Mobile customers wonder how to get a PUK code in other to unlock a blocked Boost. The mobile user can get the pin unlocking key (PUK) code from the Boost Mobile customer service representative. Here is how it is done.

  • Step One: Call Boost Mobile customer care at 1-888-266-7848.
  • Step Two: Pick the option that connects the call to customer care directly.
  • Step Three: The Boost Mobile agent will help validate the account. The agent will ask for the account information.
  • Step Four: Tell the Boost Mobile agent that the PUK code for the device is requested. The representative will send the code.
  • Step Five: After receiving the PUK code, click on the “Unblock PIN” displayed, then enter the PUK code.
  • Step Six: The device will request a new SIM PIN. Enter any PIN that one can easily remember. Then click on re-enter to confirm the PIN. The device will display “SIM Unlocked”. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a lot of questions about the unlock boost mobile phones. Below are a few answers to some of them:

Is it Legal to Unlock Boost Mobile phones?

Yes, it is legal to unlock the Boost Mobile phone. The network carrier could receive payments from users to start the unlocking process. Although, it depends on the location of the user. In some ZIP addresses, Boost Mobile phones may affect some regulations. This does not make unlocking illegal; it only places some restrictions. 

What is Boost Mobile Network Code?

All Boost Mobile Phones are sold locked to a specific Boost Carrier. So, the Boost Mobile network code is ##72786#. To verify the network coverage on Boost Mobile, the phone users can dial the code.

Does Boost Mobile Alert Me When My Phone Qualifies For Unlocking?

No, Boost Mobile does not alert customers when their phones qualify for unlocking. This network carrier shares the unlocking requirements and policies on the web. Thus, for users to know if they are eligible, they should complete the guidelines explained in this piece.

Is It Hard To Unlock A Boost Mobile Phone?

No, it is not hard to unlock a Boost Mobile Phone. The steps are relatively straightforward. The procedures can be done through a simple call to the customer service or using IMEI. This guide gives in-depth answers to this question.

What Is UICC Unlock?

UICC means Universal Integrated Circuit Card. UICC unlock removes the restrictions on using a SIM card from one dedicated carrier provider. The UICC unlocks make it feasible to use the SIM cards of other alternative carrier providers. This unlocking process reduces SIM card use restrictions.

Bottom Line

After reading the informative guide, unlocking Boost Mobile would be very simple for Boost customers. There are effective and multiple answers on how to unlock the Boost Mobile phoneand make it work on another carrier’s network. The solution could either be accessible if the user is using the Unlock it free Boost Mobile. Or it could be a paid solution, is, if the customer is using the third-party unlock tools.

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