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Having the Telegram Web App For PC is a good way of keeping in touch with friends and families while working on your PC. In a digitally advanced, fast-paced, and demanding world, keeping up with friends and staying informed while on the go is essential. Telegram for PC has impressive features that will make your online messaging experience wonderful on PC and ensure you stay connected with loved ones.

Telegram For Pc

There are a lot of other instant messaging apps other than Telegram. Still, Telegram remains the best with many unique features such as secret chats where nobody can access your conversations. The channel is another feature of Telegram that allows you to add an unlimited number of people without breaking a sweat.

It is pretty easy to download and install Telegram on mobile phones and tablets, it is also easy to do the same on your PC, and that is why this article will expose you to easy and quick steps showing how you can have Telegram web app on your PC and how to run it.

What Is Telegram?

Telegram is simply an instant messaging app built to focus on speed and security designed for all Mobile phones and PC. It is also one of the most popular cloud-based messaging apps. Both the Telegram for mobile and PC are built so that sending messages across is instantaneous and swift even with weak internet strength.

This unique messaging app is so simple and easy to use, and you can add all of your contacts from all parts of the world and never lose a moment with them. Telegram is encrypted in such a way that all of your conversations remain private and secured. It is more secure than other popular messaging apps as it uses end-to-end encryption to ensure your information is never leaked. Your secrets are safe with Telegram!

What Is Telegram?

Telegram allows you to use all of your devices simultaneously; your messages are synced smoothly across all your devices, no matter how many devices you have, phones, computers, or tablets.

This app will allow you to send messages, videos, pictures, music, and files of any format. Telegram will also enable you to create groups for up to 200,000 people, which is not possible in other popular messaging apps while enjoying unlimited voice and video calls with friends and family.

The secret chat on Telegram is well encrypted that it leaves no trace on their servers. It also possesses a self-destruct timer which means your safety and privacy are 100% secured, and you do not have to worry about a thing that you have typed or about it being leaked.

How To Use Telegram On Your PC?

Telegram for PC will provide you with the opportunity to keep in touch with your contacts while you work on your PC or far away from your mobile device. Using this app on your PC will allow you to multitask while you work and remain in touch with your loved ones.

There are a variety of ways to use Telegram on your PC. You can choose to use Telegram through the web, download the Telegram app for your PC or install Telegram on your PC using emulators.

How to use Telegram on your PC using your web:

For the best user experience, it is ideal to use optimized browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, e.t.c, then follow these simple steps below.

How to use Telegram on your PC using your web
  1. From your PC browser, go to;
  • A login page appears on your browser’s screen, asking you to log in. You can log in with your phone number or, through your QR code, input either.
  • If you click the option for phone number usage, the following screen asks you to select your country and input your phone number.
  • After putting in your number, the next step is to input the verification code sent to your other device with your SIM card.

After entering the verification code, you will be logged into your account. All your messages will sync, or you can choose to use the QR code in the steps explained below.

Download and Installation of Telegram on PC

When it comes to the installation of Telegram on PC, there are two popular and safe methods to use: downloading the desktop app by going to the telegram site for desktop to download the file or the use of emulators such as bluestacks player and MEmu player. The steps for both methods are explained below.

Download the Desktop version

Firstly, you can use Telegram on your PC by installing the telegram application built for computers. Follow these short steps to download the app for PC Telegram;

Download the Desktop version
  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. It displays a page like the one shown below; click on ” show all platforms ”  to show all computer versions like the one below.
  3. Download and install according to your laptop type and install the program, click ” start messaging, “and register on the Telegram app using your phone number or QR code just the same way as the web log in explained above.
  4. You get sent a verification code just like the web process, and once you input the code, you get logged into your account, and it syncs and updates your chats.

NOTE: Using this method is the simplest. To use the QR code, try the following steps.

  1. Launch the Telegram app on your phone
  2. Tap the Menu button in the top left corner  and click settings
  3. Tap devices and select ” scan QR code.”
  4. Hold the phone to the screen of your PC  that shows the QR code to be scanned, and instantly it logs you into the desktop app your all of your chats intact!

Download and use Emulators:

You can install Telegram for PC by downloading desktop Emulators that allow you to use any Android application without flaws on your computer. Android Emulators are apps that enable you to download, install and use Android applications on your computer.

You can install and use Telegram for Android on your PC by using any of the following desktop emulators; Bluestacks Player and MEmu Player.

How To Use Telegram App for PC using Bluestacks Player: 

As you already know, Bluestacks as an emulator will allow your computer to emulate android applications and use them without problems. These are the simple steps to follow if you choose to use Bluestacks on your desktop for Telegram.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Open the bluestacks app after installing and click on play store.
Telegram App for PC using Bluestacks Playe
  • Complete the google sign-in process in the play store to access it.
  • Search for the telegram app using the search bar in the play store app
  • Install Telegram, complete the Login process as explained above, and start messaging.

How To Use Telegram For PC using MEmu Player:

MEmu player is one of the best Android Emulators and over 100 million people use this emulator. The following easy steps are how to get Telegram for PC working using MEmu.

Telegram For PC using MEmu Player
  1. Download theMEmu installer and finish the setup.
  2. Start MEmu and open Google play store
  3. Search telegram in Google play
  4. Download and install Telegram
  5. Upon installation, click the telegram app and run it
  6. Complete the Log in steps as explained above and enjoy.

Telegram Software Features and Description

Telegram has impressive features that give it an edge over other popular messaging apps. Telegram can be accessed by all smartphones and computers such as Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android. The following are some of the features of Telegram that you won’t get from other messaging apps.

Telegram Software Features and Description
  1. Edit sent messages: With Telegram, you can edit sent messages if you notice errors in them. Just press and hold on to the chat and tap edit; you can edit it and resend. Although Telegram will notify the recipients of those messages
  2. Slow Mode: A group admin can use the slow mode to manage groups. If the messages being sent in a group are too much and are causing the admin too much problem, the admin can enable the slow mode feature to allow members of the group to send one message at a time based on the interval set.
  3. The Use of Username: Telegram can allow you to create a unique username that enables people to add you to groups without knowing your phone number. You can do this by going to settings and then user name.
  4. Add people based on Location: Telegram allows you to meet new people near you so far the person has their profile visible. Once you see a person’s name in the search, tap on the title and exchange contact info. You can also create a local group for neighbors, students, or even coworkers in a small area. Users in that vicinity will be able to see it and join.
  5. Security: Other messaging apps have protection, but Telegram is the most secured as it supports two layers of secure encryption. Telegram is based on the MTproto protocol that is overly secured. It also enables it to deliver messages at high speed even when you have a weak internet connection.
  6. Polls: Telegram allows you to carry out votes in groups where group members can make choices from a variety of things.This poll is unique in the sense that there are three different types of polling systems, which are ;
    • Visible votes: The poll’s creator can allow everyone in the group to see who they voted
    • Quiz mode: Members can vote and have just one correct answer to the poll question.
    • Multiple answers: Members are allowed to have multiple answers
  7. Channels: Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram allows you to create a  channel space to send a broadcast message to a vast audience. Unlike groups, telegram channels have an unlimited number of subscribers, and only the group admin can post.
  8. Self Destruct messages on secret chats: Secret chat is a simple way of not leaving pieces of evidence from chats behind. This type of chat is placed on a timer that allows the chat to self-destruct after the time frame elapses.
  9. Clear Telegram cache and local database: Telegram allows you to delete media on the app to manage your storage space. But these files will remain on the telegram cloud, which means you can always re-download them.
  10. Autoplay media and download:  You can disable automatic media download and autoplay media to reduce data consumption. You can view these media files from the app, but they are never saved onto your device.
  11. Drafts: You can be interrupted when typing an important message, and you forget all about this message you were typing. Unfinished messages are automatically saved as drafts and are synced across all your devices, so you can either continue or delete them.
  12. Custom Folders: Custom folders allow you to keep personal chats or chats from channels or groups in customized folders.
  13. Customize Theme and Message corners:  Telegram allows you plenty of customization settings to beautify your app. You change the chat background color theme of the app or display large emojis. E.t.c
  14. Keep Alive Service: This feature ensures that your message app keeps running in the background regardless of third-party apps that clean and close apps abruptly to save space. With this feature, you can’t miss a thing!
  15. Telegram Bots: This particular feature allows you to carry out specific functions such as asking the bots to fetch you an image, search information, remind you of an event, e.t.c  There are a lot of features that make Telegram stand out.


Can Telegram be used on PC?

 Absolutely! you can install Telegram on PC easily

Can I use Telegram on a PC without a phone?

You can use Telegram on PC without a phone, but you need a mobile number

Why is Telegram banned?

Telegram is not banned, it is a top-rated app, but countries like China do not accept Telegram and other messaging apps.

Who is the owner of Telegram?

Telegram is owned by  Russian brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov.

Can Telegram be hacked?

Telegram is secure as it uses highly designed software to keep intruders out and can never be hacked.

What is the safest messaging app?

As far as safety is concerned, Telegram is safe and will never compromise.


Downloading and installing Telegram for PC is essential for those who work a lot on their computer. With Telegram installed on your computer, you can maintain close contact with important people. Following the guides in this article, downloading and installing Telegram can not be a problem anymore.

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