T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Senior Plans

The world is advancing fast with each passing day. According to a survey, 86% of Americans ages 50 to 59 are using smartphones. With the number of smartphone users growing, telecommunication companies are not holding back.

T-Mobile is one of the largest and most reliable telecommunication network companies in America. The company has been offering attractive packages and plans for many years. Considering the plans of other telecommunication companies, the T-Mobile unlimited 55+ senior plans deserve a special spot.

Considering the benefits of the T-Mobile unlimited 55+ senior plans, we decided to discuss them in this article to help the senior citizens. Without further ado, let’s start by defying the unlimited 55+ senior plans first.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Senior Plans

What are Senior Cell Phone Plans?

Various telecommunication companies offer special cheap plans for senior citizens. Cellular network providers have special plans for seniors over the age of 50 because growing older can have its benefits. Depending on the region, these plans may vary in terms of features and prices.

For instance, those who are at least 55 years old can get a discount from T-Mobile. They only need to pay $80 per month to enjoy unlimited talk time and internet access. Telecom companies like Sprint and Verizon also offer similar plans.

On the other hand, if you are over 50 and a member of AARP, you can get discounts on cell phone plans. These senior cell phone plans from major network carriers can provide you with extra benefits and savings opportunities.

How Do Senior Cell Phone Plans Work?

The working principles of senior cell phone plans are pretty simple. Depending on the policy of the telecom company and the country, you just need to be over a certain age to claim a senior cell phone plan. For T-Mobile, the age is over 55 years.

However, there are different types of senior cell phone plans with different working policies. Some of these plans are limited to specific features, while some are not. You just need to prove you are over a certain age to qualify for such plans.

If you want to get the benefits of a senior cell phone plan but can’t due to age restrictions, then there are plans for you. These plans will offer generous discounts and features at affordable prices.

Types of Senior Cell Phone Plans

It is critical to comprehend the different types of cell phone plans to choose the best one for senior citizens. According to our knowledge, the following are the most common types of senior cell phone plans.

Talk & Text Senior Cell Phone Plans

These kinds of plans are for the citizens of the primitive age. In other words, these plans are the best choices for senior citizens who don’t use smartphones. Therefore, people only get discounts on talking and texting.

There are numerous cellular service providers that offer flexible and limitless plans for talk and text. These plans are relatively cheaper than other plans since they don’t offer data.    

Prepaid Senior Cell Phone Plans

These are ideal cell phone plans for senior citizens who like to pay in advance for monthly cellular usage. These plans are not expensive and don’t sacrifice coverage. If you want to avoid surprise bills, then you should definitely go for a prepaid plan.

These kinds of plans typically range from those that offer simple texting and talking options to unlimited data plans.  

Unlimited Senior Cell Phone Plans

For senior citizens, these are the most enriched cell phone plans. Older adults who download and use apps, make internet calls, watch online videos, and do other activities frequently require them.

Most of the time, these plans come with unlimited data, text, and talk time. As a result, you don’t have to incur overage fees or run out of data anymore. However, these plans might be more costly than other senior cell phone plans.

No-Contract Senior Cell Phone Plans

Perhaps, these are the most flexible cell phone plans for seniors since they can change the current plan anytime they want. If you are looking for plans with fewer policies and long-term commitments, then these plans are the best options for you.

A great advantage of this type of plan is that you are not locked into a single option. Instead, you have a variety of options. Furthermore, you are absolutely free from paying termination fees in advance when you decide to end your service.

What’s the difference between a senior cell phone plan and a family plan?

Without further chitchat, we will jump into the comparison table between a senior cell phone plan and a family plan.

TopicSenior Cell Phone PlanFamily Cell Phone Plan
Signal strengthSimilar to a family plan Similar to a senior plan
Cost effectiveness Less cost effectiveMore cost effective
Free callsLess cost effectiveFree calls to members
CoverageCovers less areaCovers more area
Perks and benefitsExtra benefits, aside from unlimited data and callingExtra benefits are uncommon
Monthly chargeHigh monthly chargesLow monthly charges

We need to break down the difference in more detail so that you can understand the difference between a senior cell phone plan and a family plan clearly.

Cost Effectiveness

Since a family cell phone plan covers more people, it is more cost-effective than a senior cell phone plan. A single bill covers all the charges for the phone numbers of a registered family. As a result, one can save more by using a family plan rather than a senior cell phone plan.  


Obviously, a family cell phone plan covers more than a senior plan since it is used for multiple people simultaneously. When a senior plan is dedicated to a single person, a family plan is dedicated to all the family members.

Registration & Monthly Bill

A family plan and a senior plan don’t differ much when it comes to registration. However, the difference is noticeable for monthly bills per line.

For example, T-Mobile’s unlimited 55+ senior plans require a user to pay a minimum of $27 per month for 1 line. Whereas, a user only needs to pay $50 per month for 4 lines to use a family plan from AT&T.

Therefore, when comparing monthly costs, a family plan may be less expensive than a senior plan.

Free Calls

A senior citizen may enjoy the benefit of sending texts internationally for no charge. Family plan users may or may not enjoy that benefit. However, they can call each other for free in most cases. Since there is only one user in a senior cell phone plan, calling other members for free is not applicable.  

Extra Perks

Users of family plans may benefit from shared minutes or unlimited talk time, but they are excluded from the discounts and perks that senior plan users almost always enjoy.

And the number of perks increases when they become members of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) or AAA (American Automobile Association).  

An Overview of T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the leading telecommunication companies in America. It has made its way to the top with attractive prepaid and postpaid plans. It offers messaging, data services, and wireless voice calls in the US.

With the EDGE 2G/HSPA 3G/HSPA+ 4G/4G LTE network technology, it has a nationwide network that reaches 98% of Americans.

Earlier subsidiaries in other nations such as Croatia, Austria, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom had used the name before the T-Mobile brand was officially launched in 1996.

Now, the mobile communications division of the German telecommunications company goes by the name T-Mobile. Here are some mentionable facts about T-Mobile:  

  • Adults 55 and older can select from three different plans.
  • Within 2020, there will be 5.5 million additional clients.
  • The best 5G coverage across the country.
  • There are 5,300 stores in the US.
  • Offers unique plans for hardware like tablets and wearables.
  • Compatible with phones made by Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, LG, and its own REVVL division.

The advantages of using T-Mobile

T-Mobile blesses its customers with tons of benefits, and the number is increasing. Honestly, we should explain the advantages of T-Mobile’s plans in more detail. Let’s quickly review the various benefits of these plans.

Remarkable Service

The services of the T-Mobile unlimited 55+ senior plans are just mind-blowing. Their services are praised not just in the US but also across North America, and in nations like Canada and Mexico. T-Mobile is a good choice for travelers from abroad.

Scam Shield

According to a survey of FCC, USIn 2020, consumers received about 4 billion robocalls each month.

T-Mobile has introduced Scam Shield in response to the seriousness of this privacy issue. The Scam Shield app can protect users from robocalls. And for a minor charge, customers can upgrade to the premium plan.


Streaming is one of the major benefits of the T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ senior plans. DVD quality (480p) streaming is possible with either the Essentials 55+ or Magenta plans. And 4K streaming is possible with the Magenta MAX 55+ plan.     

Prizes & Discounts

Weekly promotions, discounts, and prizes are available through T-Mobile Tuesdays. Customers from various regions are fans of this. Even though the deals aren’t particularly groundbreaking, there are some nice bonuses, like Postmates delivery for 3 months without any cost.

Bonus Tip – There are luring plans available for other devices as well. To enjoy limitless data from T-Mobile, you just need to pay $20/month for your tablet and $10/month for your wearables, like smartwatches.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Senior Plans

Facts about the unlimited 55+ senior plans at a glance – Users must be older than or equal to 55 years of age. Users need to pay $50 per month for a single line. Users need to pay $10 for each additional line per month. All plans include unlimited calls, texts, and data.

Now that you know pretty much about T-Mobile, it is time to talk about their unlimited 55+ senior plans. For customer satisfaction, T-Mobile presents 3 types of 55+ senior plans. They are –

Essentials 55+

Essentials 55+

Among the three plans, this one is the most budget-friendly one for elderly people. It provides almost all of the necessary features found in other plans while still being reasonably priced. And you are getting scam block protection at this price range.

Some drawbacks to this plan include the availability of 2G data outside of the US and only SD streaming. Still, it is way better than other price plans offered by other network providers. And it can save you a lot of money.

And please be advised, the Essentials 55+ plans don’t include taxes and fees, unlike the other 2 plans.

Pro Tip – Only the person registering for the plan should be 55 years or older. The person can add any family members at younger ages to the plan. Thus, it can save money for other family members or close ones.

Magenta 55+

This is the signature plan from T-Mobile. Although it is pricier than the Essentials 55+ plan, you will enjoy better services. While 2G data is available on the Essentials 55+ plan, you can use 4G mobile data in this package. Another cool feature is “Gogo In-Flight”, which allows you to use Wi-Fi when you are on a flight.

Magenta 55+

The Magenta 55+ is probably the most suitable plan for older people. It would have been better if 4K streaming was available rather than SD streaming.   

Magenta MAX 55+

This one is the most expensive of all the 55+ senior plans. And being expensive means more features than other plans. This top-tier plan includes every feature that T-Mobile has to offer. As an example, 4K Ultra HD streaming is possible in this plan when you can’t in other plans. What’s more! Not only will you enjoy the “Gogo In-Flight” feature, but you’ll also get free Netflix for each line. As a senior citizen, if you desperately need a 5G network, then you should go for this plan.

Now, let’s take a look at all the unlimited 55+ senior plans at a glance –

Plan Essentials 55+Magenta 55+Magenta MAX 55+
Pricing $27.50/month for 1 line$35/month for 1 line$45/month for 1 line
Talktime and mobile dataUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Gogo In-Flight featureNot includedIncludedIncluded
Mobile hotspot3G (Unlimited)4G LTE (5 GB)4G LTE (40 GB)
Streaming qualityNo SD4K UHD
Netflix availabilityNo YesYes

Does T Mobile offer a senior discount?

Yes, of course. We have already discussed the unlimited 55+ senior plans from T-Mobile. There are a total of 3 plans, each offering generous discounts, and perks for people aged 50 or older.

The term “unlimited” is used because the user will get unlimited talk time, texts, and phone data. And all these plans are affordable. 

Any of these plans is available to you, whether you are a new or returning customer, provided you are of legal age. Additionally, you must reside in one of the 50 states that permit T-Mobile service.    

Is Netflix included in T Mobile’s 55+ plan?

Yes, Netflix is included only in the Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+ plans. Sadly, you can’t get this feature if you are a user of the Essentials 55+ plan.

Even though Netflix is available in these 2 plans, there are some limitations. In terms of Netflix availability, the Magenta MAX 55+ plan is more flexible than the Magenta 55+ plan.

You will get Netflix (Basic) if you register for 1 line on the Magenta 55+ plan. On the contrary, if you add 2 or more additional lines, you will receive the same offer and the option to upgrade to Netflix (Standard).

For your concern,

  • Netflix (Basic) will work on 1 SD screen.
  • And Netflix (Standard) will work on 2 HD screens.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the above facts, people often ask questions regarding the T-Mobile unlimited 55+ senior plans. Here are a few of them – 

What are the best T-Mobile smartphones on the unlimited 55+ senior plans?

T-Mobile offers a wide range of smartphones in the unlimited 55+ senior plans. Among the many options, we would say these are some of the best smartphones to grab –

  • Apple iPhone SE
  • T-Mobile REVVLRY
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • LG Aristo 5
  • LG K51 

T-Mobile vs. Verizon, which is the best?

We can compare T-Mobile and Verizon throughout the entire article and it will still not end. These two mobile network providers differ in many ways in terms of prices, coverage, benefits, plans, and so on.

Here are some major comparisons to look at:

Plan priceCheaper, unlimited plansPricier at each service tier
Mobile dataOnly 50 GB of data capacityUp to 75 GB of data capacity
CoverageCovers less rural areasCovers more rural areas
In-flight Wi-Fi and textYesNo
Internet speedMore download an upload speedLess than T-Mobile

How does T-Mobile confirm a person’s age?

For age verification, a person needs to provide valid documents to ensure his or her eligibility for a senior cell phone plan. Here are some conditions for the eligibility for the senior plans –

  • The age of the applicant must be 55 or greater.
  • Necessary documents that prove his or her age.
  • The applicant must reside in the US or Puerto Rico.
  • Social Security Number of the applicant to activate a single Unlimited 55 account.

To know more about age confirmation and other eligibility, we encourage you to read the support page of T-Mobile’s official website

Final Word

If we compare other telecom companies, T-Mobile impresses its customers with its 55+ unlimited senior plans. T-Mobile certainly offers the utmost features at affordable prices.

You get to use high-end smartphones for no cost, in addition to having unlimited data, texts, and calls. Not to mention the weekly free perks. Not to mention the complimentary benefits that are offered each week.

Overall, the T-Mobile unlimited 55+ plan is the best option for American seniors looking for high-end cellular services at a low cost, especially when it comes to the 5G network. Thanks for reading, we hope to see you in the next insightful article.

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