How To Get Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit?

Straight Talk is one of the few companies that offer free internet under the EBB program. It’s a great way to save at least $50 per month on internet bills. Sounds like a sweet deal. But, How To Get Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit

You have to fill up an application form for the EBB program through their official website. Here, they will ask for your legal full name, date of birth, home address, and other relevant information. You also need to attach documents like your ID card, lifeline assistance certificate, etc.

Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit

Before you send an application, there are certain eligibility rules. Don’t worry. We have included all the information here. So that you don’t have to go anywhere else. 

What is the Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit Program?

EBB is the short form for the emergency broadband benefit program. It is an initiative of the Federal Government to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our daily life. 

It is simply a monthly allowance from the Government on internet bills for lower-income households. The grant is typical $50 and can go up to $75. 

Major Goals Of The EBB Program

The goal of this program is to bring everyone under the umbrella of virtual education, healthcare, and jobs. Because going online was the only way to continue with our lives during the lockdown. Unfortunately, not every household is capable of using smart devices. 

Since these families have no source of income, paying for monthly internet is a luxury. To prevent these households from falling behind, the Federal state started providing internet aid through the EBB program. It promotes inclusivity in society along with better healthcare or education.

Why You Should Choose the Straight Talk EBB program?

There are so many ISPs that you can use to join the EBB program. Straight Talk is one of those wireless service providers. Besides, straight talk, we have Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon, Centex, and so on. But, why should you choose Straight Talk over the others?

  • First of all, Straight Talk allows you to enjoy unlimited text, call, and data. 
  • Not just that, the internet speed along with call quality is consistent. You don’t have to face hiccups while using.
  • Apart from the monthly allowance of $50, you have the chance of winning a one-time $100 discount on any device purchase. Here is a condition though. You must spend from your pocket first to be eligible for the grant.
  • Straight Talk doesn’t bind you to any contract. That means you are free to leave the provider and choose another one if you wish.

Straight Talk EBB VS ACP Program – What Is The Difference?

Once you try to apply for the Straight Talk EBB program, it will automatically redirect you to its new version. ACP or the Affordable Connectivity program has replaced the EBB program since December 31, 2021. The goal is to ensure easier access to the internet for low-income households. 

Also, the new ACP program is more restricted than the EBB. It strictly filters the applications to provide aid only to deserving candidates.

So, take a look at their core differences below.

Points Of ComparisonPoints Of ComparisonStraight Talk ACP Program
Poverty Line135% below poverty line200% below poverty line
Annual IncomeNot more than $99,000 for a single family.Not more than $46,000 for a single family.
Monthly AllowanceI. $50 for low-income households.
II. $75 for Tribal households.
I. $30 for low -income families.
II. $75 for tribal households.
EligibilityIf you are under lifeline assistance, you qualify automatically.Even if you qualify for lifeline assistance, you need to requalify.

As you can notice, the ACP program has significantly lowered its grant limit from $50 to $35. And, you have to pass through more steps to be eligible for the new program. 

Previously, if you were a participant in the Federal government’s lifeline program, you would be qualified for the EBB. Lifeline assistance is a temporary allowance for unemployed citizens. 

It includes $9 to $34 off the monthly internet bill payment. But now you have to prove your credentials again even if you have lifeline assistance.

Straight Talk Ebb Program: How To Qualify?

Before you apply for the program, you must check your eligibility. Don’t worry, if you are not 100% eligible. As long as you meet most of the requirements, you should apply.

Straight Talk Ebb Program

Poverty guideline 

Your annual income level should be below the poverty line by 200%. It might be a bit tough to calculate. For example, if you have a family of 3, your income level must be within $46,000. And, if there are 5 members, the number would be $64,940. For each person, you can stretch the income level by $9440. 

The limit is slightly higher for Alaska and Hawaii.

Tribal Benefits

Living in tribal areas will get you some extra points. People in these areas are detached from the facilities of the cities. Internet access is also costly and difficult. That’s why the grant is higher for such lands. If you have participated in Tribal TNAF, you would be eligible.

Other Government Assistance

You must participate in other government assistance programs like a lifeline, Medicaid, SNAP, etc. SNAP refers to a supplement & nutrition assistance program. 

It helps women and children who are deprived of nutritious food and supplements. If you have taken such assistance in the past, you would be eligible for the EBB program.

Documents You Need For The Straight Talk EBB Program

Now that you know how to be eligible, check out the documents you would need. It will make the application process easier.

Job Termination Letter

Many people lost their job after COVID-19 hit. If you are one of them, you should collect your termination letter and submit it. It shows that you are a real victim of the economic crisis.

Tax Refund Certificate

You can’t apply for the ACP program without ensuring that you are a regular tax-paying citizen. If you don’t have enough income sources, you would get a tax refund certificate. This document is necessary to show your limited source of income.

National ID Card

Since the EBB or ACP program is only available for U.S citizens, you need to show your ID card. It can be any identification number that the state has issued to you. you can also use the driver’s license or TIN for verification.

Other Government Assistance Certificates

If you have taken part in other assistance programs, those documents or certificates are important. For example, your child might be eligible for free lunch/breakfast at school. Or, you might support dependent children from your monthly income. All of these documents can help you qualify for the program.

How To Apply and Get Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit?

You have to go through 5 easy steps to successfully send your application. We have kept the process very straightforward. So that it’s easier for you to understand. Take a look.

Step 1: Fill Out Your Personal Information

The first step involves finding the official website for the ACP program and filling in your personal data on a form. The whole application process is very simple and the instructions are easy-to-understand for anyone.

First of all, you have to open your web browser and search for the “ACP program.” Among all the results you will get, click on an official website ( 

  • Inside the webpage, you can see all the documents you would need. Plus, you can check whether you match their eligibility criterion or not. 
Inside the webpage
  • After that, click on “how to apply.” It is right on the top. A new interface will pop up asking you to fill up a form. You can choose “online” or “mail.” For this tutorial, we will stick with the “online” option.
  • Next, you have to fill out your personal information in a form including your legal name, date of birth, etc. make sure the spelling of your name matches your other documents.
click on “how to apply.” It is right on the top
  • Now, click on “next” and provide your social security number. Don’t worry, social security number isn’t the only way to verify your identity. You can also choose “try another method.” Then, provide your driving license number or TIN.
Click on “next” and provide your social security number
  • Again, open another window in your computer and select the photos of your license or any other ID card. Add them to your form and move on.

Step 2: Create An Account

After you finish the first step, you will have two options. You have to specify whether you qualify by yourself or your children. If the answer is your children, you have to pass another step. 

Create An Account

In this new form, you have to provide basic personal information about your children like their age, name, etc. Once you submit the form, you will have to create an account. Here’s how you do that.

  • To create an account, you have to give a username. Then, select a strong password. Finally, you have to confirm the password. We suggest you note down the password and username somewhere safe.
Create An Account
  • Next, you have to fill in an email address or contact information. If you don’t have an email yet, you can use someone else’s instead. Providing a contact number is optional. Then, Click “next.”
you have to fill in an email address or contact information
  • Finally, you have successfully created your ACP account. It’s time to sign in to that account for the application. All you have to do is, enter your username and password.
you have successfully created your ACP account
  • If you notice a welcome message with your first name, you have completed this second step.

Step 3: Apply For the EBB/ACP Program

Scroll down the welcome message. You will see two application links below. one is for lifeline assistance and another one is for EBB. Make sure you are selecting the right link. 

  • Click on the blue application link.
the blue application link
  • Then, put a tick next to each assistance program that you enjoy already. The list will include lifeline, Medicaid, SNAP, supplemental security income, Federal Pell grant, etc. More assistance programs will get you a better chance of qualifying for the EBB/ACP program.
tick next to each assistance program
  • Then, click “next.” In this stage, you get to review all the information you provided. If you want to edit anything, this is your opportunity. Just tap on the “edit” button.
  • Finally, tap on “submit” to move forward.

Step 4: Confirm Your Household

In this step, you have to describe your household condition in detail. keep in mind that, the authority will verify all your information. If your documents don’t match with the data you provided in the form, you can’t qualify.

  • You have to confirm your exact home address, the condition of the building you reside in, etc.
You have to confirm your exact home address
  • Next, you have to specify how many adults live with you. And, whether any of them participate in the ACP program or not.
  • You might need to attach documents of government grants that you received throughout the years.
  • The final step is to provide your initial signature. Leave the first box blank if you live in a household with other adults receiving this allowance.
you have to specify how many adults live with you
  • Check the boxes that match your situation and leave others blank.
  • Lastly, type your full legal name and agree with the terms and policies. Click on “submit.”
Check the boxes that match your situation

And, that’s all. Now, you just need to wait for the approval. Once you get the approval, you are eligible to receive a monthly allowance.

Step 5: Contact With Straight Talk

We have already gone through the online application process. Now it’s time to contact the straight talk service provider. All you have to do is, purchase their services. 

Then, ask for unlimited data through the ACP program. They would want to see your approval message from the ACP official website. Along with that, you will need to fill out a new form with the straight talk carrier. Don’t worry. Since you already have all the documents and ID cards, that would be enough.

Finally, you are ready to receive a monthly allowance for your internet bills.


The pandemic has greatly affected the school and healthcare system. It’s even worse for people who don’t have access to the internet. That’s why the Federal government built a $14.2 billion fund to make internet usage more affordable for lower-income families.

EBB or ACP program has benefitted more than 9 million households across the United States. The eligibility criteria have evolved to make sure the real needy are getting the benefits. If you think you will be eligible, follow our guide and enroll in this program right now.

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