Safelink Wireless Free Smartphone | How to Qualify and Get One

If you are someone who can’t afford the luxury of buying a smartphone, then the Safelink wireless free smartphone program can be life-saving for you. Free smartphone program Safelink Wireless is a US government-funded program that allows eligible candidates to receive free phones, SIM cards, and lifetime free service. 

The purpose of the Safelink program is to provide telecommunication services to people who live below the poverty line. Within this offer, you can receive a free smartphone from Safelink wireless with various plan options. But the candidate must fulfill some requirements to get a free phone.

Safelink Wireless Free Smartphone

Application for the Safelink program is a simple process. In this article, we will guide you through all the details regarding the Safelink program and help you to apply for it.

What Is Safelink Wireless Free Smartphone Program?

Safelink Wireless is a program funded by the U.S. government. It provides free cellular service to the residents who have very low incomes to afford a phone. This program applies to residents of around thirty-three states.

The customers of Safelink wireless are issued free cellular service through Tracfone wireless prepaid cell phone company. Tracfone has wide coverage throughout the country. The number of states within the Safelink Program is to increase in the future. 

Within this program, chosen applicants receive a free cell phone with talk time, nationwide text messages, and other features. The applicant cannot choose the type of phone he wants. Free phones and other plans are fixed by the distributors according to the status of the applicant.

Safelink provides several types of plans like monthly 250 free minutes, text messages, 100 international calls, or other plans. There is also a ” Keep your own phone” program that allows the user to operate Safelink plans on his existing phone.

Who Are Eligible For Safelink Wireless Free Smartphone Program? 

Safelink wireless free smartphone program is targeted to serve the low-income residents of the U.S. The applicant must submit all the required documentation. 

Also, he or she should be enlisted under any state or federally assisted programs for low-income residents like food stamps, Medicaid, living below the poverty line, etc. 

If someone is physically disabled, he can also apply for the Safelink program. The applicant also needs to live in an area where mail can be received as phones cannot be sent via the post office. 

Again the program offers one phone per household. If any other member of your family has received a Safelink phone, you cannot get one.

5 Free Smartphones By Safelink Wireless

The Safelink distributors receive phones from various retailers. They cover a wide range of models from different companies. Detailed specifications of some of the common free smartphones provided by Safelink are given below:

1. Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung Galaxy A21


  • 6.5-inch display
  • Runs on Android 10
  • Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 processor
  • 3 GB RAM 
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • 4 back cameras: 16 MP, 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP

Samsung A21 is best suited for those who watch videos frequently because it has a 6.5-inch display to boast of. The four back cameras combined work to provide excellent shots. It even has an LED flash to take pictures at night. 

Galaxy A21 also offers a dedicated microSD slot option to increase the storage capacity which makes it highly appealing to users who store tons of photos and videos on their phones.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy A21:

  • Powerful 4000 mAH battery
  • Additional microSD card slot
  • Quad-camera setup captures magnificent HD shots
  • Super AMOLED display for better resolution

Cons of Samsung Galaxy A21:

  • No wireless charger
  • No gorilla glass protection

2. Samsung Galaxy A01

Samsung Galaxy A01


  • 5.7″ Display
  • Android 10.0 supported
  • Qualcomm SDM439 Snapdragon 439 processor
  • 13+2 MP Dual rear camera(with LED flashlight)
  • 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage

Galaxy A01 is a good choice for those who love a medium-length display. The dual rear camera with LED flashlight enables you to take clear pictures even at night. 

Although it runs on Android 10, it can be easily upgraded to Android 11. With Samsung’s smooth UI and powerful Snapdragon processor, A01 will inevitably give you a good user experience.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy A01:

  • Dedicated slot for external memory
  • Dual SIM card slot
  • Default Android 10 option

Cons of Samsung Galaxy A01:

  • Less RAM doesn’t support multitasking
  • Can’t watch a full HD movie (only 720×1520 pixels support) 

3. LG G5



  • 5.3-inch Display
  • Android 6.0.1(Marshmallow) supported
  • Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 processor
  • Dual rear camera: 16 MP and 8 MP respectively
  • 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, Infra-red port

LG G5 phone comes with a moderate display that allows one to watch movies, play games, and browse websites seamlessly. Although it can be upgraded to Android Oreo, it currently runs Android Marshmallow. 

Its unique feature is Always On Display (AoD) which shows time and date constantly without requiring you to turn on the screen. The dual rear camera lets you take remarkably good pictures and a [email protected] Fps video shot.

Pros of LG G5:

  • Removable Battery 
  • Infra-red port
  • Always On Display

Cons of LG G5:

  • Less battery capacity
  • AOD battery consumption
  • No App drawer

4. Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8


  • 4.7 Inches Display 
  • Runs on Ios 11
  • Apple A11 Bionic processor
  • 2 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage
  • 13 MP back camera
  • 7 MP front camera

Apple iPhone 8 is a compact phone that operates on iOS. The iOS 11 can be upgraded to iOS 15.  iPhone 8 comes with huge storage of 64 GB that allows you to store photos, and videos and run multiple apps.

Pros of Apple iPhone 8:

  • Wireless charging
  • Default 64GB storage 
  • Powerful processor

Cons of Apple iPhone 8:

  • The latest features are unavailable
  • No headphone jack

5. Kyocera Duraforce Pro

Kyocera Duraforce Pro


  • 5 inches display
  • Runs on Android 6.0
  • 13+2 MP Dual Camera
  • 5 MP front camera
  • 32 GB internal storage

Kyocera Duraforce Pro is a handy, compact phone with relatively good features. The display is large enough to watch videos and play games. 32 GB of internal memory is enough to store multiple apps. The dual camera captures sharp images. This phone is truly waterproof and made to use in wet and harsh environments.

Pros of Kyocera Duraforce Pro:

  • Waterproof Body
  • Ultra-loud speaker
  • Very wide-angle camera
  • Super Bright screen

Cons of Kyocera Duraforce Pro:

  • Heavy body
  • Less battery life
  • Backdated software 

Documentation required for Safelink Wireless Free Smartphone Program

To apply for the Safelink wireless free smartphone program, you will need to submit some documents to prove your eligibility. The following documents are required:

Document of Program Participation:

  • Benefit card of Food stamp or Medicaid with issued or expired date mentioned
  • A letter issued by Social Security Administration (SSA) that states you are enrolled in the selected government program
  • Approval letter by federal or state give that has your legal first & last name
  • Statement of benefits

Documentation of Income:

  • A copy of federal, state, or tribal tax return of that year
  • Current Income Statement
  • Benefits statement by SSA
  • Retirement/Pension statement 
  • Statement of benefits by Veterans Administration
  • A federal or tribal letter stating your participation in general assistance
  • Unemployment/worker’s compensation statement 
  • Divorce decree/child support statement or other paper that contains income information 

How To Apply For Safelink Wireless Free Smartphone Program? 

Safelink provides a form where you will need to give all the correct information. The step-by-step process of applying for the Safelink program is described below:

  • Go to and choose to apply 
  • Provide your name and current address in the personal information section of the form given by Safelink.
  • Then choose a planned feature. Safelink has three monthly minutes plans: 68, 125 & 250 monthly minutes. You can choose any of them.
  • Mark the checkbox that contains the name of the government program you are enrolled in.
  • You must submit the applicable documents with the form
  • There is a terms and conditions section. Mark all the boxes and then sign your name.

After you submit the form with proper documents, the authority will verify and let you know if you are qualified for the program or not. If you get qualified, you will receive a free smartphone with monthly free minutes and other features.

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for the Safelink wireless free smartphone program, it is better to have detailed knowledge to avoid any complications. Here, you will get answers to the most common questions that candidates often worry about.

Can Everyone Apply For A Safelink Free Phone?

Safelink’s free phone program aims to provide phone service to low-income residents of the country. Not everyone can apply for this program. Only people who are enrolled in some government programs for low-income people are eligible to apply for a Safelink free phone.

Can I Replace My Safelink Wireless Phone?

Yes, Safelink allows you to replace a lost or broken phone once a year. You will have to take your phone to the customer service center and apply for a replacement. You can call 800-378-1684 for more information. The new phone will be issued with your Safelink plan and the old one will be deactivated.

How often can you get a new SafeLink phone?

You can get a new phone once a year. The new phone is a refurbished phone which is given if you report that your earlier phone has been lost or broken. Otherwise, Safelink plans are applicable for only one phone per household.

How long does it take for a SafeLink phone to be delivered?

After you are selected for the Safelink program, it can take five to ten business days to receive your phone. The phone is shipped via US-registered mail.

Can I use my SafeLink SIM card on another phone?

Yes, you can use a Safelink SIM card on another phone. There is a program by Safelink named ” Keep Your Own Phone”. Under this program, you can activate Safelink SIM and Safelink programs in your existing phone if your model is suited for Safelink plans. But you will have to apply for it to the authorities first.


The Safelink wireless program authority cross-checks every piece of information before giving away a free phone. Make sure all your documents are authorized and correct.

Safelink program gives you a phone based on your preferred plans, personal income statement, family conditions, etc. Be considerate while choosing the plan. If you are extremely in need of two phones per house, then you can submit a special application stating your urgency.

Lastly, keep your phone safe. As Safelink will replace damaged phones only once a year, it will be impossible to get a new phone if you damage or lose your phone again.

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