(ALL) PotPlayer 241 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a PotPlayer user then these keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys can be very helpful for you to work quickly.

 “Playback->Skip->Enable skip feature
 ‘Playback->Skip->Skip Setup…
 ,Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->0.5 Sec. Slower 
 Alt+,Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->50 Sec. Slower 
 .Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->0.5 Sec. Faster 
 Alt+.Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->50 Sec. Faster 
 /Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->Default Subtitle Sync
 <Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->0.5 Sec. Slower 
 >Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->0.5 Sec. Faster 
 [Playback->A-B Repeat->Set Starting Point (A)
 Alt+[Playback->A-B Repeat->Move Point A 0.1 Sec. Forward
 \Playback->A-B Repeat->Start/Stop A-B Section Repeat
 Alt+\Playback->A-B Repeat->Auto repeat current marker section
 ]Playback->A-B Repeat->Set Ending Point (B)
 Alt+]Playback->A-B Repeat->Move Point B 0.1 Sec. Forward
 `Window Size->Minimum size
 {Playback->A-B Repeat->Reset Point A
 }Playback->A-B Repeat->Reset Point B
 BackspacePlayback->Jump (to)->Starting point 
 Shift+BackspacePlayback->Jump (to)->30 Sec. before ending
 Ctrl+BackspacePlayback->Jump (to)->Middle point
 Alt+BackspaceDVD Control->Title Menu
 TabMisc->Display Full Playback/Audio Tag Info on Screen
 Shift+TabMisc->Show Short Playback Info on Screen
 EnterWindow Size->Fullscreen (Keep AR)
 Ctrl+EnterWindow Size->Fullscreen (Stretch)
 Ctrl+Shift+EnterWindow Size->Fullscreen (on Another Display)
 Alt+EnterWindow Size->Fullscreen (Keep AR)
 Ctrl+Alt+EnterWindow Size->Fullscreen (Stretch by Keeping AR)
 SpacePlayback->Play/Pause Playback
 PgUpTV (WDM/BDA)->Next Channel
 Shift+PgUpPrev Bookmark/Chapter
 Ctrl+PgUpTV (WDM/BDA)->Force Previous Channel
 Alt+PgUpSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Increase Font Size
 PgDnTV (WDM/BDA)->Previous Channel
 Shift+PgDnNext Bookmark/Chapter
 Ctrl+PgDnTV (WDM/BDA)->Force Next Channel
 Alt+PgDnSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Decrease Font Size
 EndPlayback->Jump (to)->Next subtitle position
 HomePlayback->Jump (to)->Previous subtitle position
 Ctrl+HomePlayback->Jump (to)->Current subtitle position
 Alt+HomeSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Default Position
 LeftPlayback->Jump (to)->5 Sec. Backward
 Shift+LeftPlayback->Jump (to)->1 Min. Backward
 Ctrl+LeftPlayback->Jump (to)->30 Sec. Backward
 Ctrl+Shift+LeftPlayback->Jump (to)->Previous keyframe
 Alt+LeftSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Move Left
 Ctrl+Alt+LeftPlayback->Jump (to)->5 Min. Backward
 UpAudio->Increase Volume
 Shift+UpAudio->Playback Volume->Increase master volume
 Alt+UpSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Move Up 
 Ctrl+Alt+UpAudio->System Volume->Increase Wave Volume
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+UpAudio->System Volume->Increase Master Volume
 RightPlayback->Jump (to)->5 Sec. Forward
 Shift+RightPlayback->Jump (to)->1 Min. Forward
 Ctrl+RightPlayback->Jump (to)->30 Sec. Forward
 Ctrl+Shift+RightPlayback->Jump (to)->Next keyframe
 Alt+RightSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Move Right
 Ctrl+Alt+RightPlayback->Jump (to)->5 Min. Forward
 DownAudio->Decrease Volume
 Shift+DownAudio->Playback Volume->Decrease master volume
 Alt+DownSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Move Down
 Ctrl+Alt+DownAudio->System Volume->Decrease Wave Volume
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+DownAudio->System Volume->Decrease Master Volume
 InsertTV (WDM/BDA)->Recall Channel 
 Ctrl+InsertAlbum/Favorites->Add Current Folder to Favorites
 Alt+InsertAlbum/Favorites->Add Current Item to Favorites
 DeleteTV (WDM/BDA)->Enter a channel…
 Shift+DeletePlayback->Playlist->Remove->Send selected file(s) to Recycle Bin
 Ctrl+Shift+DeletePlayback->Playlist->Remove->Send selected and related files to Recycle Bin
0Window Size->Set Custom Window Size…
1Window Size->0.5x video output size
 Alt+1Window Size->30% of desktop size
2Window Size->1.0x video output size
 Alt+2Window Size->45% of desktop size
3Window Size->1.5x video output size
 Alt+3Window Size->60% of desktop size
4Window Size->2.0x video output size
 Alt+4Window Size->75% of desktop size
5Window Size->Maximum size
6Window Size->Maximize (to Desktop) / Restore
7Window Size->Maximize (to Screen) / Restore
8Window Size->Fit to video aspect ratio
9Window Size->Custom size
 AAudio->Select Audio Stream 
 Shift+AAudio->Audio Effects->Voice Emphasis
 Alt+AAudio->Select Audio Stream ->Cycle Audio Stream
 Ctrl+Alt+AMisc->When Playback Finished->Cycle Playback Finished Action
 BPlayback->A-B Repeat
 Ctrl+BVideo->Video Effects->Soften
 Alt+BSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Use Bold Font
 Ctrl+Alt+BVideo->Bottom Margin->Cycle Bottom Margin
 Shift+CAudio->Audio Effects->Crystality
 Ctrl+CVideo->Video Capture ->Copy Current Source Frame to Clipboard
 Alt+CVideo->Video Recording->Record Video…
 Ctrl+Alt+CVideo->Video Capture ->Copy Current Screen Frame to Clipboard
 DPlayback->Jump (to)->Previous frame
 Shift+DAudio->Audio Effects->Noise Reduction
 Ctrl+DOpen->Open DVD 
 Alt+DOpen->Device Settings…
 Ctrl+Alt+DOpen->Open Blu-ray
 EVideo->Increase Brightness by 1% 
 Shift+EAudio->Use Equalizer
 Ctrl+EVideo->Video Capture ->Save Current Source Frame
 Alt+ESubtitles->Browse/Edit/Sync Subtitles…
 Ctrl+Alt+EVideo->Video Capture ->Save Current Screen Frame
 FPlayback->Jump (to)->Next frame
 Ctrl+FFilters->Manage Filters…
 Alt+FSubtitles->Subtitle Style->Font Settings…
 GPlayback->Jump (to)->Jump to Specified Time/Frame…
 Shift+GAudio->Audio Recording->Record Audio…
 Ctrl+GVideo->Video Capture ->Capture Consecutive Images…
 Alt+GTV (WDM/BDA)->Channel Control->Channel Management… 
 Shift+HAudio->Audio Stretching->Slower
 Ctrl+HVideo->Video Effects->Deblock
 Alt+HSubtitles->Show/Hide Subtitles
 IVideo->Decrease Hue by 1% 
 Ctrl+IVideo->Deinterlacing->Cycle Deinterlacing Mode
 JVideo->3D Video Mode
 Shift+JAudio->Audio Stretching->Faster
 Ctrl+JOpen->Open Webcam/Other Device
 KVideo->Video Capture 
 Shift+KAudio->Audio Stretching->Normal
 Ctrl+KOpen->Open Digital TV (BDA device) 
 Alt+KVideo->Screen Rotation->Cycle Screen Rotation
 LSubtitles->Add/Select Subtitles
 Shift+LMisc->Interface Language
 Ctrl+LVideo->Video Effects->Level Control 
 Alt+LSubtitles->Add/Select Subtitles->Cycle Subtitle
 Ctrl+MVideo->Video Effects->Temporary Denoise 
 Ctrl+Alt+MAudio->System Volume->Mute (Wave)
 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+MAudio->System Volume->Mute (Master)
 NTV (WDM/BDA)->Channel Control
 Shift+NAudio->Audio Effects->Normalizer
 Ctrl+NVideo->Video Effects->Denoise 3D
 Alt+NVideo->Video Capture ->Create Thumbnail Image…
 OVideo->Increase Hue by 1% 
 Ctrl+OOpen->Open File(s)…
 Alt+OOpen->Load Subtitle… 
 PPlayback->Chapter/Bookmark->Add Bookmark
 Shift+PVideo->Pixel Shader->Use Pre-Resize Pixel Shaders
 Ctrl+PVideo->Video Effects->Flip Vertical
 Alt+PSubtitles->Input Subtitles…
 Ctrl+Alt+PVideo->Pixel Shader->Use Post-Resize Pixel Shaders
 QVideo->Disable/Last used Color Controls
 Ctrl+QVideo->Extend/Crop->Extend/Crop Video…
 RVideo->Decrease Contrast by 1% 
 Shift+RAudio->Audio Effects->Freeverb
 Ctrl+RVideo->Video Effects->Sharpen 
 SVideo->Pixel Shader
 Ctrl+SOpen->Open Screen Capture 
 Ctrl+Shift+SSubtitles->Subtitle Saving->Save subtitle as video filename
 Alt+SSubtitles->Subtitle Saving->Save SMI subtitle/Save subtitle as…
 Ctrl+Alt+SSubtitles->Subtitle Saving->Save subtitle as…
 TVideo->Increase Contrast by 1% 
 Shift+TAudio->Audio Effects->Swap Stereo Channels
 Ctrl+TMisc->Stay on Top->Cycle Stay on Top
 UVideo->Increase Saturation by 1% 
 Ctrl+UOpen->Open URL…
 VVideo->Select Video Stream
 Shift+VAudio->Audio Effects->Voice Removal
 Ctrl+VOpen->Open File/URL(s) from Clipboard
 Alt+VVideo->Select Video Stream->Cycle Video Stream
 WVideo->Decrease Brightness by 1% 
 Ctrl+WOpen->Open Analog TV 
 Shift+XAudio->Use Built-in Audio Transform Filter
 Ctrl+XVideo->Video Transform Filter->Cycle Built-in Video Transform Filter Usage
 YVideo->Decrease Saturation by 1% 
 Ctrl+YOpen->Reopen Current/Last Item
 Ctrl+Alt+YOpen->Reload Subtitle
 ZPlayback->Speed->Normal/Last used
 Shift+ZPlayback->Jump (to)->Browse Scenes by Time Intervals…
 Ctrl+ZVideo->Video Effects->Flip Horizontal
 Alt+ZPlayback->Jump (to)->Browse Scenes by Marker Positions…
 Numpad 0Frame Size->Presets->Cycle Frame Size Presets
 Numpad 1Frame Size->Zoom Out
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 1Window Size->Move Window->Place on Bottom Left Corner
 Numpad 2Frame Size->Compress Vertically
 Ctrl+Numpad 2Frame Size->Move Down
 Alt+Numpad 2Subtitles->Subtitle Style->Decrease Vertical Spacing
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 2Window Size->Move Window->Move Down
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 3Window Size->Move Window->Place on Bottom Right Corner
 Numpad 4Frame Size->Compress Horizontally
 Ctrl+Numpad 4Frame Size->Move Left
 Alt+Numpad 4Subtitles->Subtitle Style->Decrease Horizontal Spacing
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 4Window Size->Move Window->Move Left 
 Numpad 5Frame Size->Actual/Last used size
 Ctrl+Numpad 5Frame Size->Actual Position
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 5Window Size->Move Window->Place on Screen Center
 Numpad 6Frame Size->Stretch Horizontally
 Ctrl+Numpad 6Frame Size->Move Right
 Alt+Numpad 6Subtitles->Subtitle Style->Increase Horizontal Spacing
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 6Window Size->Move Window->Move Right 
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 7Window Size->Move Window->Place on Top Left Corner
 Numpad 8Frame Size->Stretch Vertically
 Ctrl+Numpad 8Frame Size->Move Up
 Alt+Numpad 8Subtitles->Subtitle Style->Increase Vertical Spacing
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 8Window Size->Move Window->Move Up
 Numpad 9Frame Size->Zoom In
 Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 9Window Size->Move Window->Place on Top Right Corner
 AddFrame Size->Zoom In
 Ctrl+Alt+AddWindow Size->Increase Window Size
 SubtractFrame Size->Zoom Out
 Ctrl+Alt+SubtractWindow Size->Decrease Window Size
 Ctrl+F1Playback/System Info…
 Ctrl+Alt+F1Broadcast->Show/Hide Capture1 Area 
 F2Open->Open Folder…
 Ctrl+Alt+F2Broadcast->Show/Hide Capture2 Area 
 F3Open File(s)…
 Ctrl+Alt+F3Broadcast->PIP Primary Screen:  Capture1 Area
 F4Close Playback
 Ctrl+Alt+F4Broadcast->PIP Primary Screen:  Capture2 Area
 Ctrl+F5Aspect Ratio->Cycle Aspect Ratio Mode
 Ctrl+Alt+F5Broadcast->Screen Capture Settings… 
 Ctrl+F6Aspect Ratio->Cycle Aspect Ratio
 F7Control Panel… 
 F9Broadcast->Chat Window…
 Alt+F12Open->Open FTP/WebDAV/HTTP…
 ScrollMisc->Display Misc Info on Screen
 Shift+,Audio->Audio Sync->0.05 Sec. Slower
 Ctrl+,Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->5 Sec. Slower 
 Ctrl+Alt+,Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->Reset previous subtitle sync to current position
 Shift+.Audio->Audio Sync->0.05 Sec. Faster
 Ctrl+.Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->5 Sec. Faster 
 Ctrl+Alt+.Subtitles->Subtitle Sync->Reset next subtitle sync to current position
 Shift+/Audio->Audio Sync->Default Audio Sync
 Ctrl+[Playback->A-B Repeat->Move Point A 0.1 Sec. Backward
 Ctrl+Alt+[Playback->A-B Repeat->Move A-B Points 0.1 Sec. Backward
 Shift+\Playback->A-B Repeat->A-B Repeat Setup…
 Ctrl+\Playback->A-B Repeat->Auto repeat current subtitle section
 Ctrl+]Playback->A-B Repeat->Move Point B 0.1 Sec. Backward
 Ctrl+Alt+]Playback->A-B Repeat->Move A-B Points 0.1 Sec. Forward

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