[FIXED] My Phone Won’t Connect To Wifi Authentication Problem

To these days, life without WiFi is unimaginable. It has become an important part of everyone’s day to day lives. Be it to browse about something you are looking for, or carrying out some important tasks, WiFi is inevitable. So knowing about What to do when your phone Won’t connect to wifi?

Phone Won't Connect To Wifi

This article highlights a few important fixes that come handy when you may face a connection issue between your phone and your WiFi network.

1. Check Router Name and Password:

One reason that may cause a connectivity issue could be due to the connection with a wrong network. You might be trying to accidentally connect to a neighbor’s network who could be having the same ISP as yours. So just make sure about your network’s name. This you can find at the bottom or back of your router. A small sticker placed on the router’s back or bottom will give you the details of the network as well as the the password.

Check Router Name and Password

Talking about passwords, this will be the next step that will allow your phone to enter into your WiFi network. Note the password given on the sticker carefully and type the same as such. The password will be case-sensitive, so you should be typing just like how it’s mentioned in the sticker. Typing upper case letters to a lower case will throw a warning message as the wrong password.

2. Restart Router and Smartphone:

Sometimes, the router may have to be rebooted or restarted to regain the WiFi connection. This you can do by just unplugging the router from the power and then wait for a few seconds before plugging it back.

Experts suggest that the router needs an interval of at least 30 seconds between unplugging and plugging and restart successfully. Once plugged in, you will have to wait for a few minutes (1 or 2) before the connection is established. Now, you can try to connect your phone to your WiFi network.

Restart Router and Smartphone:
Restart Router and Smartphone

If you are not able to connect, try to restart your phone now. Restarting your phone helps it to initialize all its settings and make things work better. You should be knowing how to restart your phone, just do it and try to see if you are able to connect with your network.

3. Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect:

This is another option you can try if the above two fixes don’t work. You can do this in the settings menu. In settings, go to WiFi tab, then select your WiFi network name. Then a window will open, and you will find the “Forget” option there. Just tap on it and your network will be forgotten.

That means, you can connect back to your network only after you enter the password. So next, click on your network’s name again, and you will be prompted to enter the password. Enter it and check if you are able to connect.

4. Factory Reset:

This is the final try, if none of the above fixes worked. But be careful before doing a factory reset because you will lose data from your phone including pictures, apps, documents, etc. So the first thing you should be doing is to back up your phone’s data. So once you back up everything, you can go ahead with the factory reset.

Factory Reset

Go to settings, and find this menu – “Backup and reset”. This might be named a bit different based on your device’s brand. Tap it and you will find the factory reset option. Once you tap it, all your phone data will be wiped off.

After this, you should be setting up your phone again, like how you did for the first time when you bought the phone. Once the setup is done, turn the WiFi on, select your network name, enter the password and that’s it. You should be able to connect with your network now.

If you are still unable to get your WiFi connection on your phone, the next thing you should be doing is to identify if there is a problem with your router or your phone. You can do this by trying to connect other gadgets at home to your WiFi. If other devices connect, but not your phone, you can be assured that your WiFi is working good. The issue is with your phone and you may have to dig further in your phone’s settings to check what’s going wrong.


So these are few fixes with which you can self diagnose any connectivity problems in your WiFi. They turn out to be life-saving techniques, especially when you desperately need your WiFi connectivity back.

In spite of all these fixes, if you are still facing connectivity issues, don’t worry. Just call your ISP and they will replace the broken router with a new one if needed.

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