Mx Player vs Vlc Player: Which Is Better?

A beginner android user can’t understand which media player is best for his/her android phone. As a result they can’t select the best app for their smartphone.

So today we are going to compare the android top 2 media player app: Mx player Vs VLC Player.

Mx Player vs Vlc Player

We will try to cover all the features of these apps. So, you can understand which app is needed for you and why you need to select this app.

No more talk, now let’s start to compare the two apps.

Pros of the MX Player and VLC Player:

  • You can customize both app’s features and settings.
  • MX Player and VLC player both support hardware acceleration.
  • You can run multiple language subtitles in both apps.
  • You can play most of the video formats on both of these apps.
  • Both are support network streaming.

Cons of the MX Player and VLC Player:

MX Player and VLC Player both have free versions. But the MX player has a premium version. If you install the free version of mx player then it can contain the display ADS. Which is disgusting.
But if you install the VLC player player you can run it without any ads. That’s cool!

MX player Network streaming many times can disturb you. That’s the bad side.

Now let’s see the MX player and VLC player features list. That list contains the both apps features.

FeaturesVLC PlayerMX Player
Adjust forward/backward speed✔️
Android TV support✔️✔️
Audio boost✔️✔️
Audio delay✔️✔️
Audio play✔️✔️
Audio support✔️✔️
Brightness adjustment✔️✔️
Change app colours✔️
Choose audio✔️✔️
Choose subtitle✔️✔️
Continue video✔️✔️
Crop video✔️✔️
Double-tap forward and backward✔️
Download subtitles✔️✔️
Forward and backward✔️✔️
Hardware acceleration✔️✔️
Highlight new videos✔️
Local network✔️✔️
Night mode✔️✔️
Playback speed✔️✔️
Remember subtitle timing✔️
Repeat options✔️✔️
Save brightness/audio settings✔️✔️
Screen settings✔️✔️
Sleep timer✔️✔️
Subtitle colour✔️✔️
Subtitle delay✔️✔️
Subtitle size✔️✔️
Video shuffle✔️✔️
Volume +/-✔️✔️
Zoom / change ratio✔️✔️

Now let’s dive into the features:

Adjust forward/backward speed:

Most of the media players support forward and backward. It has a default value for the speed. But if you use the MX player then you can adjust the forward and backward speed. Unfortunately that you can’t do on the VLC Player.

Android TV support:

MX Player and VLC Player both support Android TV. If you have a smart TV then you can run these apps on your smart tv and you can enjoy the entertainment smoothly.

Audio boost:

You can boost the audio that means it supports extra sound for you. Most of the apps support 100% sound. But when you enable this app then you can boost it 200%. Fortunately, boots apps support the Audio boost!

Audio delay/Synchronization:

Audio play:

I think all the media players support the audio play. So, here isn’t anything special to support the audio play. It’s normal 😊.

Audio support:

You know there are a lot of audio formats. Most of the apps don’t support the all audio format. And also you can’t play the custom audio for any video. But if you use the MX Player / VLC Player then you can use the custom audio for your video and it supports most of the audio formats/extensions.

Brightness adjustment:

Brightness adjustment is another best feature for these media players. Because, many times we go away then if we need to play a video then we need high brightness, but if we play the video at night then we need low brightness. So, we need the brightness adjustment features. MX and VLC players both contain the features.

Change app colors:

You can change the app color. I mean MX player has a default theme and there are a lot of colors where you can choose the best color which you like. That’s really amazing because all the time if we see the same color then we can feel bored. That’s why we need to custom colors. MX Player that can give you. But unfortunately, the VLC Player doesn’t support the app colour.

Choose audio:

Audio choosing is another best feature to these apps. Many times we download the video without audio I mean just video. But if you want to add audio when you play the video without any video editing app then you can simply do that by these apps default feature. If you want to fool your friend to play the different audio on the song background then you can use the feature.

You can also use the feature to suppose your mother language is Hindi. And you are watching the China movie. Then you can’t  understand the chinese language. Then you can search the Hindi dubbing of these movies and if you got it then download the audio and choose the audio for your chinese movie and enjoy it in your mother tongue.

Choose subtitle:

Custom subtitles are the best facility. Most of the time we see another country’s language movie like we live in India and we are watching a Chinese movie. Simply, we can’t understand the movie language. Then we need to custom audio. But most of the time we can’t find it. 

Many times we find it but can’t download the audio for a regular Data user because of the audio’s big size. So, we need to custom subtitles for these movies. Custom subtitles are 2/3/4/5 kb! After downloading the custom subtitles you can set it for on your video in a few seconds.

Continue video:

Continuing video playing is another best feature. Many times we watch movies but we can’t watch the full movie at one time. That’s why we need to watch the movie in the same place where we left last time. If you use the mX player or VLC player then you can get the feature by default. But if you want to forget your last time playing position then you can able to disable the feature from settings.

Crop video:

You can crop the videos sizes. I mean if you want to play the videos one side then you can do it by zooming with your finger. 

Double-tap forward and backward:

If you want to play the next or previous video by tapping then you can do it on VLC player. But, unfortunately you can’t do it by MX player.

If you want to play the next video then tap on the right side and if you want to play the previous video then tap on the left side on your phone screen.

Download subtitles:

Both apps support downloading the subtitles from online by its default search option. It will take the videos/ movies name from the file name, but you can change the search terms from its search option.


Equalizer is the other best creation of these apps. You can customize the media sound by this awesome feature.

Mx player supports these types of Equalizer:

  1. Custom
  2. Normal
  3. Classical
  4. Dance
  5. Flat
  6. Folk
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Hip hop
  9. Jazz
  10. Pop
  11. Rock

VLC Player support these types of Equalizer:

  1. Flat
  2. Classical
  3. Club
  4. Dance
  5. Full Bass
  6. Full Bass and treble
  7. Full treble
  8. Headphones
  9. Large hall
  10. Live
  11. Party

Forward and backward:

MX Player and VLC both have the forward and backward button to change the video/audios.

Hardware acceleration:

VLC and MX Player are famous for their this feature that is it will perform by your phone hardware. So, if your phone is high configuration then you can get more benefits. But if your phone is low configure that’s isn’t problem. Because, you can also use the app.

Highlight new videos:

MX Player can highlight the new added videos and audios. That’s why it can attract your eyes to new media. But VLC Player can’t highlight the new added media.


Both apps can remember your playing history. So, if you play the multiple videos, audios then it can remember your playing positions!

Local network:

You can play the videos from other devices by using this Local Network feature. Because these apps support the LAN. So, if you want to play the local network videos then you can choose any of these apps.


Many times we need to lock the audio, videos played screen. Suppose you want to give you the phone by playing a cartoon on your baby’s hand. So, your child can tap the screen and change/stop the videos so you need to lock the playing screen. MX player also has a child lock feature.

Night mode:

MX player has a default Dark theme so you can choose the theme at night and rest your eyes. VLC player has a night mode option. If you follow the article then you can easily enable the night mode on it. Follow it: How to enable the night mode on VLC Player


Another awesome feature it is. If you want to play the video and watch it and also work on the other apps at the same time then you can do it by these apps. It will allow you to play the video in the background and work on the other app. Picture-in-Picture is called PiP in the short term.

Playback speed:

Playback speed feature can help us in various ways. Suppose you are watching a movie / tutorial that’s slow. But you think you need to fast it then you can fast it by the playback speed.

On the other hand suppose you are watching a Football highlight, and you want to see the goal in slowly then you can use the playback speed decreasing feature.

Remember subtitle timing:

MX Player can remember the time you played video subtitles where you have left. But VLC Player can’t remember it.

Repeat options:

These two apps support repeat options. They have ‘Loop one’ and ‘Loop all’ features.

Save brightness/audio settings:

These two apps support the save brightness and also audio setting. So, you can easily customize the audio settings.

Screen settings:

MX Player supports screen settings that means you can customize the playing screen for all time. You can customise the settings on MX Player.

mx player vs vlc player

VLC Player has screen settings.

Sleep timer:

Sleeping timer is a wonderful feature. Suppose you are watching a movie at night and you have a chance to get sleep. So, what can you do if after sleeping your video will still run?

To get rid of this problem these media players have a sleep timer. If you set time for your sleep then after these minutes your phone will also auto go to sleep mode!


Do you want to stream the video from online by link without download? Yes, you can do it by MX Player and also VLC Player.

Just copy the video link and go to mx player or VLC Player and paste the link on Network Streaming option and play the video.

Subtitle color:

Many times we need to change the subtitle color. Suppose you are watching an old movie that is Black and white and also subtitles are black or white then it can be difficult to watch the subtitle so you need to customize the subtitle color.

Or, if you feel bored all time in the same color then you can change the subtitle color and attract your eyes. Happily you can change the subtitle color on both apps.

Subtitle delay:

If your videos subtitle run in delay or fastly then you can fix it by mx player / vlc player subtitle synchronization feature.

Subtitle size:

If you see that by default your downloaded subtitle text is big or small then you can customize the subtitle size for your own. Happily these two apps support subtitle size customization.

Video shuffle:

If you need to play the first video after completing your current media playing then video shuffle can help you. MX and also VLC both support it.

Volume +/-:

Support to touch gesture volume increasing and decreasing. And also you can double volume on MX Player.

Zoom / change ratio:

Video ratio is another good option. By this setting you can resize your played videos length.

Without these features VLC Player also support:

  • Support Chromebooks
  • Supports 360 video and 3D audio
  • Supports MIPS and x86, ARMv7, and also ARMv8 / AArch64
  • Can play all files in all formats.

MX Player Extra Features:
MX player has a default MX Share. By this feature you can easily transfer videos. So, if you need to send or receive the videos files then you can do it by mx player where you don’t need to other share apps like shareIT.

I hope this detailed post can help you to choose the best android media player app for you. Now you know most of the features of these apps.

So, which app are you selected for you and which features attract you more, tell me via the comment section.

But if you feel any problem then comment here your problem in detail we will try to help you. Thanks

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