[MUST SEE] How to Enable MX Player Equalizer Settings

Are you know that mx player equalizer is now available? I hope you heard it. But if you can’t enable mx video player equalizer and use equalizer settings then this post can be helpful for you.

You know MX music player is the superb app for play videos even audio on android phones. If you don’t know that then read these two articles why MX player is the best media player for android and why you need to use MX player apk for play videos and audios.

I hope that you read these two articles. Unfortunately, if you don’t read these posts. Then I tell you about mx player some important features:

  • You can play online video via MX player without store it via the MX player network streams feature.
  • If you want to use MX Player as an audio player. It’s possible (Know details from here: MX player use as Audio player).
  • You can hide your specific files from MX player library.
  • Mx player supports HW+ and SW codec. That’s awesome.
  • MX player has default KIDS LOCK that’s very helpful for parents.
  • Now you can use MX player equalizer on audio and also videos.

SO, I hope you can understand why you need to use mx player.

Let’s go to the main point:

How to Enable MX Player Equalizer Settings:

At first, you need to MX player latest version. Without the latest version, you can’t use this feature. So, at first install mx player latest version from google playstore.

Now install the mx music player 2019 and open it. And click Menu (or follow the below screenshot):

mx player menu

Now click: Equalizer (follow screenshot)

mx player equalizer settings
mx player equalizer settings

Now you can see mx player equalizer. So, you need to enable it. How to enable it? DON’T worry. Follow the below screenshot.

mx player equalizer
mx player equalizer

Now you can see like the below screenshot:

mx equalizer is enable

Hurray! your mx music player equalizer is active now. Now you can customize equalizer your own opinion.

If you want to play music and practice your dance then Enable Dance. Or what’s your need you change it for your choice.

How To Control Mx Player Equalizer Settings While Playing:

Are you want to customize equalizer while you are playing a video? This is very simple. At first, click your video screen any place. Then follow the below screenshot:

mx equazlier control

Now you can see a screen like the below screenshot:

Now you can choose any Equalizer from here. You can see 11 types of equalizer mode:

  1. Custom
  2. Normal
  3. Classical
  4. Dance
  5. Flat
  6. Folk
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Hip hop
  9. Jazz
  10. Pop
  11. Rock

So, choose any type of equalize mode and enjoy it.

OR, if you want to increase/decrease BASS BOOST and VIRTUALIZER you can do this here.

SO guyes Enjoy this video player even music player Equalizer.


Which is The Best Video Player For Android With The Equalizer?

If you had read this post I hope you can understand it MX player is the best video player for android with equalizer.

How Can I Improve Sound Quality Android?

Are you want to improve and increase android phone sound quality? Then I suggest you install MX player on your android phone. MX player can boost sound quality by 200 percent!!

So, it can help improve your phone’s sound quality. Then enable MX equalizer following this post. I hope now you can improve your android phone sound quality.

I hope this post can help you to enable an MX player equalizer. If you got any help from this post then please share this post with your friends. And comment here you can’t understand from this post. We’ll try to help you 😍.

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