๐Ÿš€ KiWi Browser Review + Tutorial 2021 [Fast & Quiet]

Android KiWi Browser is a very fast and quiet browser that created based on Chromium. We are highlighting Kiwi‘s all the best features of our review.

Here we will highlight the kiwi browser most of the features and their works in step-by-steps. So let’s read the full post.

Learn why KiWi is one of the best browser for android and why you need to use the fast browser:

Kiwi Browser Features:

Read all the cool features of kiwi browser.

Kiwi Browser Extensions:

The extension is the most powerful and popular feature of the kiwi browser. If you want to use google chrome all extensions that you use on your PC, today’s to you can use these extensions on your Android phone!

How to Install Chrome Extensions in Kiwi Browser:

At first tap on the: options โ‹ฎ then tap on Extensions now tap left corner menu and then tap on Open Kiwi Web Store.

Now type your extension name on search box and then install and active it.

You can also directly go to the kiwi web store via the link: Kiwi web store without following the upper process.

Kiwi Bottom ADDRESS BAR:

If you want to simply control your kiwi browser then kiwi bottom address bar can help you to browse smoothly. Personally bottom address bar I like more๐Ÿ˜.

How to Move The Kiwi Browser Address Bar to The Bottom:

At first go to the options โ‹ฎ > Settings -> Accessibility now give tick mark on Bottom toolbar.

Now enjoy the bottom bar.


This browser has super powerful ad and popup ad blocker by default. You can get rid from AD by using this fast and quiet browser.

How to Manage kiwi AD and Popup Blocker:

By following the instruction you can manage the ad and pop up setting: from options โ‹ฎ> Settings -> Ads. Now you can disable and enable the settings.

โœ‹ Swipe Support:

By swipe feature you can swipe down on the address bar to open the tab switcher.


If you won’t like the AMP version of any website then you can disable the amp version of any website by this feature.

How to Disable AMP version in Kiwi:

Follow the instructions: options โ‹ฎ < Settings < Privacy < Remove AMP. Now give tick mark on Remove AMP and get rid from AMP feature.

Customizable Homepage:

Kiwi allow you to customize the kiwi home page by your own choice. You can add, remove, edit any website link on kiwi home page. You can enable and disable google news from homepage and also you can change the news location.

Block invasive tracker:

There have many website they track your many important history from your phone. If you use kiwi browser then it can give solution to block the invasive tracker by it default program.

Block Annoying Notifications:

If you want to get rid from annoying ad from website then kiwi browser can be your first choice.

How to block annoying notifications by Kiwi browser:

Follow it: options โ‹ฎ < Settings < Site settings < Notifications. Now manage all your notifications.

Import and Export Bookmarks:

If you want to import your kiwi browser customized bookmarks then you can do that and again you can export it on any kiwi browser on any android device.

How to import and export kiwi bookmarks:

If you want to import/export the bookmarks then follow the below instructions:

options โ‹ฎ < Bookmarks < options โ‹ฎ < now tap import and export.

Default Desktop Mode:

If you are looking for browser that browser support default desktop mode then the kiwi browser can solve it. To know that how to set desktop mode by default for any website then follow the below instructions:

options โ‹ฎ < Settings < Site Settings < Desktop mode by default < Now enable Desktop mode by default.

Kiwi Themes:

Kiwi browser support theme feature. It has three types of themes: Default, Ultra white, Diamond Black.

You can manage it from: options โ‹ฎ < Settings < Themes

100% Free Browser:

You can use this browser full features by free and it doesn’t show any ADS! So, you can happily browse any website by this browser.

Custom Download Folder:

IF you are looking for a browser that support the custom download folder. THen you can choose the kiwi browser because you can easily setup a custom download folder by it setting.

How to set custom download folder on Kiwi:

Follow the process to set a custom folder for download: Go to option โ‹ฎ < Settings < Downloads < Download location.

Allow External Download Manager:

If you are download manager lover to download any files then you can connect your download manager with kiwi browser and download any file from kiwi browser via your favorite download manager.

How to connect External download manager on Kiwi browser:

To follow the below process you can connect any download manager app with kiwi browser.

Tap options โ‹ฎ < Settings < Downloads < External download manager. Now select your download manager. Even you can select another browser for downloading.

Kiwi Browser Dark / Night Mode:

kiwi browser review

Kiwi browser has a night mdoe feature. That’s really cool. You can easily browse via kiwi browser on night.

If you want to get this night mode then follow me: option โ‹ฎ < Turn on Night Mode. Now enjoy the night mode.

Incognito Mode:

If you want to browse privately and you won’t to store your browsing history then kiwi borwser incognito mode can help you.

If you want to get back this then follow the step: optionsโ‹ฎ < New incognito tab. Now browse safely.

Super speed:

Kiwi programmed for super speed. You can smoothly ans speedy browse any website.

External App:

If you want to open youtube, playstore, map, vimeo link on those app then you can simply do that by setting.

Follow the below rules to enable it:

optionsโ‹ฎ < Accessibility < Enable external applications

Without these features you can also get these benefit from kiwi browser:

  • Export kiwi password
  • Over 60 language
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unparalleled speed
  • Cryptojacking protection
  • You can chat with your friend without messenger
  • You can change default homepage location
  • Simplified web view
  • Keep toolbar always screen on when you scrolling any site
  • You can set custom search engine

You can learn more about this browser from kiwi browser official website

You can also watch the comparison video chrome vs kiwi browser:

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