How to Download KAKAOTALK App on PC and mac.

An easy no-cost messenger that transcends the usual chat apps is no other than KAKAOTALK APP. While this chat app is a great way to communicate daily, it is vital to know how to download Kakaotalk app on PC and MAC. 


With Kakaotalk, you can access and make voice calls easily, create statuses, make video calls with filter, create group chat rooms, send messages via an array of emoticons and sticker collections, navigate through different bars and click on any icon of interest with tags like home, bookmark, video, games, conversation, and custom settings.

With all that this app represents, downloading the Kakaotalk app on PC and Mac can be strenuous if you do not know the necessary steps to follow, especially as a first-time user. This informative guide aims to provide clear insights on how to download Kakaotalk app on PC and MAC. Read on.

Specifications Of Kakaotalk For Pc.

This great app was launched on March 18, 2010. Kakaotalk for PC is the name of the software which was developed by Kakao Corp. It accommodates multiple languages ranging from English, Korea, Chinese, Spanish, and so on.

It is categorized under the communication/messaging app. Its storage requirement is at least 200MB while it has a memory requirement of at least 1GB. 

Its license is freeware, hence, intending users do not pay cash to install or connect up the app.

Features Of Kakaotalk For Pc.

The Kakaotalk for PC is structured with striking features that give users satisfaction and some of its unique features include:

Velocity: Kakaotalk for PC is a reliable messaging app that works rapidly compared to other apps. If speed is required for anything, then the app can always be counted on for perfect delivery.

Network friendly: Kakaotalk for PC allows connection through any network. It is not centered on a particular network provider. What is important is that the PC must be connected to a 3G (upward) or Wi-Fi.

File-Sharing: With Kakaotalk for PC, various file formats such as images, videos, voice files, documents and zip files can be shared and received. These files are allowed to save on the user’s PC.

Microsoft Excel Look: Users can convert the chat room to look like an Excel spreadsheet. To achieve this, the user has to customize the font and size used on the sheet.

Voice/Video Call: With Kakaotalk for PC, hearty voice/video calls can be made from any part of the world. More interestingly, users can have fun free calls with amusing Tom and Ben voice filters.

Privacy protection: Users can leverage the lock or log-out mode to secure one’s data. A little distraction is not enough for anyone to poke nose into your chats. Kakaotalk for PC gives users the option to set up a lock mode that would require a password that is only known by him/her.

Group chats: Group chats do not have a limited number. As many persons as desired can belong to and enjoy a chatroom. Also, this feature rewards users with exclusive coupons and deals from brands.

Kakaotalk for PC can be synced with the user’s phone to make it the default SMS app; making messaging interchangeable and less stressful with just one app.

Some Useful Kakaotalk Tips:

We have outlined some tips that will help one to easily navigate around the app better. They include:

  1. Chatroom album: users can access shared photos from group chats on the upper right-hand corner of the group.
  2. KakaoTalk for PC saves shared documents and zip files for up to two weeks in the file box.
  3. Opacity: users can adjust the opacity dial to make the chatroom window transparent.
  4. Users can store emojis and stickers for subsequent use by simply clicking and dragging the emoticon menu bar to arrange them according to their choice.
  5. When users encounter problems, KakaoTalk for PC has a FAQ page to offer solutions. Users can tap the question mark at the bottom of the screen to access this service.

How To Download Kakaotalk App On Pc And Mac?

The KakaoTalk app with all its exciting features is now available on the Windows platform, as we mentioned previously. Unfortunately, the developers have not yet created the official desktop version. People are eagerly awaiting the download of the app on their personal computers.ries, but I have good news for you.  An Android emulator would be of great help for this purpose. Emulators connect the Android OS with Windows or Mac OS to allow you to run mobile apps efficiently on your PC or laptop.

If you look over the internet for Android emulators, you will find a variety of them. Nevertheless, we have listed below two of the best Android emulators for you after extensive research. Scroll down and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your PC using the two safe and secure Android emulators.

Method 1: Install KakaoTalk on PC using Bluestacks Emulator

Method 2: Install KakaoTalk for PC using MEmu Player Emulator



Wondering how you can get this interesting app? See below for guidance: 

• To install KakaoTalk for PC, prospects should first of all download the latest version of Bluestacks emulator which is a good choice for Windows PC and MAC.

• The next thing to do is to double click to install on PC.

• 5-15 minutes should be spared for the emulator to launch before making a login to one’s Google account to be able to access Bluestacks. 

• After BlueStacks open, search Google Play Store on the search bar, on Google play store, search for KakaoTalk: Free Calls and Text and then tap on download.

Just  Like every other app when downloaded, all you have to do is to install it and begin to enjoy all of its amazing features.



There is another way to download Kakaotalk, which is via MEmu player. To install KakaoTalk for PC using MEmu follow the steps below:

  • Individuals can either go to the MEmu official website to download the emulator or have the option of searching on the Google play store. 
  • The next step is to search for KakaoTalk free Calls and chat app on MEmu
  • After searching and finding, hit the download icon.

Please note, for the download to be possible, prospects would have to log into the Google play store with their username and password.

  •  The next and final step would be to install the KakaoTalk: Free Calls app, launch and begin to use it immediately.

Kakaotalk Review Of A Few Users.

Any good app should be open for reviews whether negative or positive because reviews give a better perspective to any product and Kakaotalk is no exception. Read below to find out what people around the globe are saying about it.

Hellikittyrocks: I like Kakao. I enjoy that I can change backgrounds and text fonts. This is something one cannot see in iMessage. I also love the stickers. It has a nice interface and you can personalize it. It also works nicely without texting friends, especially when traveling and living in different countries. It is more fun and more innovative than WhatsApp as well.

Kingkungi: A problem like no backup or being unable to bus old account is because you only linked number without linking your email. I have been using this app since it came out and never disliked it. The only downside is that the US version is not up to date with the Korean version, and only very few Americans use this. This could replace all commodity apps when it adds gif searches. Lol!

Hyungjune: I know this app is crucial when you live in Kakao. Most people use this app rather than anything else. However, the size of this app is getting too big. I hope there is a lite version of this app so that people who don’t like to use the channel tab can take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Some persons have raised some concerns about the app, we have answered the most frequently raised questions.

Can I install KakaoTalk on my PC?

Prospects can download the software on Windows PC or MAC by either visiting the Mac store or Microsoft app store and searching for the app. Other options would be to use any of the download links provided in the “Download and Install” section.

Is KakaoTalk safe?

Yes! The download links for KakaoTalk are from safe sources and viruses are scanned frequently to protect users.

Is there an English version of KakaoTalk?

KakaoTalk has similarities with WhatsApp although the former has more features than the latter. The app has both a voice and video chat feature. Its instant messaging app has animated emoticons. It works with a KaTalk Id, unlike WhatsApp which is restricted to just a phone number.


At this point, there is no doubt that KakaoTalk App for PC and MAC is the social space for anyone seeking a free and stress-free messaging app available on all Android and Apple devices, also on Windows and MAC PC.

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