How to Write/Add Text on Image in Android 2021

Are you unknown about how to write text on image/pictures in android or want to know that what is the best android text editor for android? I see much text on photo apps for android and I use those apps. Then I decided that the PixelLab app is the best text on photo app for android.

PixelLab has everything that you need for your text editing. When I use it then I don’t need Photoshop to add text to photos.

Are you can’t believe me?

Believe me, PixelLab is really the best text on the photo app for android. PixelLab app has stylish text, text color, color gradient, text effects, text font, text background, text opacity, texture, mask, curve, stroke, shadow, emboss, inner shadow, perspective, 3D rotate, 3D shadow, 3D text, reflection, align, line spacing, spacing, padding, styles, size.

pixellab photo editing
Made by PixelLab

This app all tools are for text editing! You can use an image on your text instead of color via texture features.

PixelLab app has some awesome stock fonts. But, if you need to custom font you can use custom fonts on this app!

So, let’s start to……

How to write text on pictures/images in android:

At first install pixellab text on pictures app from playstore.

Now open PixelLab app.

Now you can see a + button at the top of the screen. Here to you can add:

  • text
  • current date
  • sticker
  • shapes
  • from gallery (for image)
  • draw

Now we need a top text option. So, click on the text option.

Now you can see a text on your screen. We need this to write on pictures.

how to write text on image in android
pixel lab text

Now double click on “New Text” text. Then you will find a box where you can edit the default text. Now add your text here and then press the OK button.

Now your text is ready.

I know you want to write on pictures and this post is written for how to write text on image in android.

So, our next step is how to write on pictures.

Pixellab text on pictures:

Now it’s high time to add an image. How to add an image? Follow the below screenshot.

how to add text on image in android
Click the marked place

Click the marked place and you will now a new screen like the below screenshot.

how to add watermark text on image in android

Now click the marked option: from the gallery. And select your image where you want to write.

Hurry your image is ready. Now you can use it anywhere.

Are you want to style your text? If you want then click big A icon from the below line. Now you can see a lot of options for text decoration. Which option you need now use it.

How to make Pixel lab 3d text:

Are you want to make write 3d text on image in android via the pixel lab? Then follow the below instruction.

If you now stay on the “A” icon then swipe the toolbar right to left now you can see an option, name: 3d text. Click this option and then click the Enabled option.

Now design your text to your desire. Then press tick mark.

How to use Pixellab fonts?

Again swipe your toolbar from right to left and press on font option. Now you can see the font list here. So, choose your favorite font and use it for your design.

How to add fonts in pixellab?

Are you need to use a custom font in pixellab? IF you want to add fonts in pixel lab app then first download any fonts from the web. Then go to your default storage.

If you can’t understand firstly go to your phone storage via file manager and check the folder that name: pixelLab. If you can see this folder then create a new folder in this storage via this name: fonts

Now move your all downloaded fonts in this folder.

Now open your pixellab app and click the font option. Now you can see 3 tabs: FONTS, MY FONTS, RECENT

Click MY FONTS option and you can see your downloaded fonts list. So choose your downloaded font and use it for your design.

OMG! We are missing the main thing how can we save it. If you can do it then congratulation. But you can’t save your image don’t worry man.

How to save my image?

Now we need to save this image on our phone storage. So follow the below screenshot to save your image.

pixellab images
save button

Now click the above screenshot marked place. Now you can see 2 options save as project and save as image.

Save as a project allow you to modify this project like Photoshop .psd file!! If you think next time you need this project then click save as project.

But now we need just image so, click save as image. Then click SAVE TO GALLERY. Now go to your gallery and see your image.

I hope this post can help you to write text on image in android. And the pixel lab app could be your favourite app to write on pictures app for android.

If you have any question then tell us via comment section. We will reply to you. Thanks.

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