How to Use Snaptube App in 2022

Nowadays Snaptube is most popular video downloader. If you want to download youtube video and want to know that how to use snaptube then follow the below instructions:

  • At first, install the snaptube from their official website:
  • Now install and open the app.

If you want to download youtube video then go to youtube app and then follow the below rules:

  • At first play the video which video you want to download
  • Now click Share button
  • Now you can see the snaptube button like the below screenshot. Then select the to use snaptube 2020
  • Now you can see many download options and choose the option that you need.
  • Then click download and wait until finish the download.

Note: If snaptube want to Gmail for verification process then simply login your unnecessary Gmail and give permission. Personally I didn’t give my Gmail permission in any third-party app/tools.

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