How To Rotate Video On Media Player Classic

Are you using Media player classic on your PC / Laptop? And want to know that how to rotate video on media player classic?

MPC support various types of rotation. Here I’ll show you the all methods. You can follow any of these.

Now let’s go to the main section.

At first, make sure it, your MPC has a green tickmark for rotation. To make sure it go to Options by pressing O from keyboard or Right-click on media player classic and then click Options.

Now click Playback and then click Output and check it. To better understand follow the below screenshot.

How To Rotate Video On Media Player Classic
check there have a green tick-mark on mpc

How To Rotate Video in left/right/upper/lower On Media Player Classic

Now if you want to rotate your video into left to right, right to left, upper to lower or lower to upper then follow the below method:

Note: Type the Number from Numpad. Otherwise, it won’t work.

  • Press Alt and 3 at the same to rotate your video.
  • To return the default position press Altand 3 in four times.

How To Rotate A Video In Media Player Classic 90 Degrees:

You can simply rotate a video in 90 degress by below command:

  • Press Alt and 2 from numpad at same time.

How To Flip A Video In Windows Media Player Classic:

If you want to flip a video on media player classic then follow it:

  • Press  Alt and num  8 at the same time.
  • If you want to return the default position then follow it:
  • Press Alt and num 2 at the same time.

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