How To Remove Google Search Bar From Home Screen in Nova Launcher

Everybody knows that Nova Launcher is the Number One #1 launcher for android phones.  Nova Launcher has a  lot of features. The quick google search bar is one of them. 

By default Nova Launcher has a feature that’s the search option bar. 

But if you want to disable this search bar from the home screen and also from the app drawer you can simply do that just following the below steps.

How To Hide Google Search Bar From Home Screen in Nova Launcher:

Step – 1: Open Nova launcher setting by long tap on home screen. 

Select: Settings

Step – 2: Now tap on the Home Screen

Step – 3: Now tap on the Search bar placement Drop-down menu

how to remove recent apps in nova launcher
Select: None

Step – 4: Now select None.

Step – 5: Return home screen. You have done. 

Enable Nova Launcher Search Bar Settings For Home Screen:

If you want to again get back your search bar then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Nova setting.

Step 2: Tap Home Screen option.

Step 3: Tap on Search bar placement and and select any one withoutNone‘. 

Step 4: Return home screen and see your search bar. 

Disable Nova Launcher App Drawer Search Bar:

Nova Launcher app drawer also has a search bar.  You can remove it from the setting panel. 

How To Disable Search Option For App Drawer:

Step-1: Open Nova launcher setting.

Step-2: Go to App Drawer 

Step-3: Tap on Top bar drop-down menu.

select: None

Step-4: Select None.

Now visit the app drawer and see that your app drawer search bar is gone.

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