How to Play MPG Files on Android (2022 Best Way)

I think you come in this post by searching via Google this ” how to play .mpg files on android ” or something like this. Am I right?

Anyway… At first, we need to know that what is mpg file? MPG is a common extension. This extension is used for a video file. Here has a lot of extension files for the video like mp4, Mkv, Avi, 3gp, VOB, Flv, WMV, vid, vdo, skm, skm and many more.

Generally, we are known about the mp4 file. MP4 extension is the most popular extension.

How to Play MPG Files on Android

But many times we see the MPG and other extensions and we need to play this extension our android phone. But unfortunately, we can’t able to play the mpg file on our phone.

I hope this post can help you to play mpg on an android phone.

This post not only for the mpg file but also you can play any extension on your phone!

Note: Read the full post to getting pro tricks!

How to play .mpg files/video in android mobile (New version phone) :

➔ Method – 1st:

Generally, new version phones support the mpg files! Just go to your device default file manager like Files, File GO.

And see your mpg file like this:

mpg to mp4 android

Now tap your mpg file and select your player:

mpg player

Now enjoy your mpg videos.

If your phone default file manager doesn’t support mpg files or any other types of format videos DON’T Worry!

Just follow the Old Version phone methods up to the post.

How to Open .mpg Files on Android Phone (Old Version) :

There have many ways to view an mpg file on your android phone. I’ll give you the best way to play an mpg file extension on your mobile phone.

Old Version phone method:

If you use an old android phone and your android version is old ex: Jelley bean, KitKat and Lolipop.

Then your phone default file manager like this screenshot:

how to play mpg files on android
Jellybean file manager

➔ Method 1:-

If you can’t open/play your mpg files then simply edit your file extension via your phone default file manager like this:

mpg to mp4 play
Mpg to mp4 via default file manager

Change your extension MPG to mp4. Now you can play this video without any problem.

➔ Method 2:

If you can’t edit your file extension via default file manager. Then you can install any other file manager from the playstore.

I recommended you to install ES File Explorer from the playstore.  Because Es file Explorer is the most powerful file manager for android.

I hope you install Es file explorer or any other file manager. Now you can edit the file extension without any problem.

mpg to mp4 via es file explorer
Mpg to Mp4 via Es file explorer

➔ Method 3:

1st Install mx player from the playstore. Because the mx player is the best android mpg player.

  • Goto your phone default file manager and click the mpg video file. I hope you got a video playing option.

If you face the same problem then install es file explorer and tap your mpg video file then get player selection option like this:

mpg file player

Now select mx player / your favorite player and watch your video.

➔ Method 4:

How to play an mpg video on android mx player:

This is a really simple way to play mpg files on the android phone. Just install the MX player. Mx player is the mpg player for android. So, install it and then open the MX player. 

Then go to your video location after going video location you can see your mpg video files.

Now just tap on your video and play mpg file in mx player.

File Extension Pro Tricks:

➔ Method 1:- Video to Audio:

Are you want to play your video file via an audio player? Or are you need to play a video just audio without converting?

Or, If you want to hide your video from your friends then you can follow this trick:

  • Just go to your phone default file manager (if your phone default file manager support extension editing) or install Es File Explorer and edit your video file extension to mp3. Now you can play your video just audio!
  • Are you want to unsupported any file? Just remove the file extension. Now you/anyone can’t access this file. If you want to again access this file, just input your extension type on your file and you can again use these files!


Which player can play MPG files?

MX Player can play mpg files on android. So, you can use this app to play .mpg files on your android phone.

What app plays MPEG files?

If you can’t play MPEG files from your phone default file manager. Then install ES File Explorer or Amaze file manager and rename it .mpeg to .mp4 then you can play MPEG files from any apps.

How to play mpg files in VLC?

You can play mpg files in VLC player. At first, go to your VLC player and enter the video location. If you can’t see your .mpg files on there. Then go to your file manager and rename it .mpg to .mp4. Now again go to the VLC player and enter video location. I hope now you can play mpg files in VLC player.

What are MPG files?

MPG files are a common video extension. MPG refers to MPEG, and MPEG full meaning is: Moving Picture Experts Group

Is mpg the same as mp4?

MPG and mp4 are not the same. Because, mpg – MPEG 1 – MPEG 2 is just a codec. But mp4 is a container format. MP4 isn’t a codec.

Which app is the best for an android mpg player?

  1. MX player
  2. VLC player
  3. HD Video Player
  4.  BSPlayer Free
  5. ALLPlayer Video Player
  6. Media Player & Video Player All Format HD
  7. video player for android
  8. Video Player HD All formats & codecs – KMPlayer
  9. Video Player All Format – Full HD Video Player
  10. Video Player Perfect

How To Convert Mpg File To Mp4 On Android:

Are you want to convert mpg video to mp4? If you follow the above tips and trick you don’t need to convert it. But if you really want to convert mpg to mp4 then install Media Converter from playstore.

If you use the Media converter app then you can convert the most popular types of video and audio format like .mp4, .mpeg, Ogg (Theora, FLAC), avi (mpeg4, mp3). So, install the Media player app and convert mpg to mp4 from your android phone.

I think this mpg player for android collection all app can help you to play mpg files on your android phone/tablet. You can choose any app from the list.

Which app are you like and want to use and why please tell us via comment. And if you have any questions then tell us without hesitation we are waiting for your comment. Thanks

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