How To Keep Media Player Classic Same Size

If you want to know that how to keep media player classic at the same size I mean your playing last size then you can follow the below method.

Generally I like it to play my all the videos/audio in same size that I used in last time. So, if you also want to use the same size then follow me:

MPC Hc Open Maximized Problem Solve:

To stop the auto maximized or keep the same size on media player classic follow the below instruction:

  • Go to Options by command O or right-click.
  • Go Playback
  • Click Output
  • Uncheck Auto-Zoom
  • Now click Apply
  • Done

Now again go to Options. Then follow it:

  • Go to Player
  • Check it: Remember last window size
  • ClickApply
  • Then click Done

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