How To Inspect Element On Android Without Computer

You may know that inspect element tool is a very powerful tool in the world wide web. That can give you the many super permission to see the your entired webpage source code.

You can see the css code, html code, color code, images link, font link, and many more. That you can’t see directly on webpages.

There have many way to inspect element on android device browser without PC. Here I will share the 3 easy way for how to inspect element on your android phone.

Before showing that how to you can aceess the tool, you should need to know that-

What is The Inspect Element Tool:

The inspect element tool is a tool that gives you permission to see the webpage source codes. That has to every webpage. This element can be an image, link, font, javascript code (JS), CSS, HTML, etc.

Easy Way To Inspect Element On Android Without Computer:

The below methods can provide you the way to access the Inpect Element on android devices.

Method 1: Inspect Element On Android Phone by Inspect and Edit HTML Live Without Computer:

Inspect and Edit HTML Live App Features:

  • You can see source code
  • Edit source code
  • You can inject javascript code on any webpage
  • Change the CSS style code and other elements

Step 1: At first download and install the Inspect and Edit HTML Live from google playstore: Inspect and Edit HTML Live

Step 2: After install the app then open the app.

Step 3: Now tap on the addressbar and type your desired webpage link.

Step 4: Now tap on the hand icon. (see the below screenshot)

How To Inspect Element On Android Without Computer

Step 5: Now select the element which part you want to inspect.

Inspect Element On Android Without Computer

Step 6: Now you can see the new screen that can show you the source codes. Now you can modify the codes. Here I have modified the Changed instead of Weather.

Step 7: Now click the upload button and see the change.

How to Inspect Element by Via Browser:

You can inspect the element by via browser default tool. See the below instruction to how to inspect element by via browser on android phone.

  • At first download and install the via browser from playstore: Via Browser – Fast & Light – Geek Best Choice
  • Now open the Via browser.
  • Then enter the your desired webpage
  • Click menu icon
  • Now click tools then click view-source code.
  • Now you can inspect the source code of your entired webpage.

How to Inspect The Webpage Element by Any Android Browser:

There have a another simple way that can allow you to inspect the webpage elements. You can see the source codes via this simple way on any browsers.

Here I will show you by the android chrome browser.

How Do I Open Inspect Element In Chrome Mobile?:

  • I think the Chrome browser has installed on your android phone. But if you can’t find the chrome browser on your phone then download and install Chrome from this link: Google Chrome: Fast & Secure.
  • Now open the chrome browser and enter your desired webpage that pages source code you want to see.
  • Now add the simple code before your desired link: view-source: (if you can’t understand then follow the below screenshot)
  • Then hit the enter button/ok button from your android keyboard.
  • Now you can inspect the source codes.
How do I open inspect element in chrome mobile
follow this system for any webpage link.
source code

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