How To Get TruConnect Free Tablet? Everything You Should Know

TruConnect is committed to helping low-income Americans connect to the internet. Under the Affordable Connectivity Program, they provide free or discounted tablets to qualifying customers. Thus you may wonder what is the qualification criteria or how to get TruConnect free tablet.

The answer is pretty simple: To get the free tablet, you must be eligible, apply online, and have all the updated documents as proof for providing the authority. You can post an application for getting a free tablet through the TruConnect official and Lifeline verifier websites.

Since this is a US government-approved program, you must follow certain guidelines to obtain the TruConnect Free Tablet.

What Is TruConnect Free Tablet Program?

TruConnect is very familiar with its lower rate of operation and effective MVNO in the USA. This company also provides services under the Affordable Connectivity Program, also known as ACP.

how to get TruConnect Free Tablet

ACP is a short-term initiative that delivers discounted or free-of-cost broadband connectivity devices such as tablets. It enables anyone who qualifies for the chance to get a free tablet from the Affordable Connectivity Program approved by the government and TruConnect.

Under this program, differently categorized citizens of the USA can get the latest Google Android-based tablets almost free of cost. It is obvious you must meet some important pre-verifying credentials to get the advantage of this offer.

Many of you may wonder if the tablets are given away for free. In reality, the term “free” is misjudged. For low-income consumers, the organization offers up to a $100 discount approved by ACP to lower the cost of tablets that are accessible.

However, you must perform a transaction of $10 to $50 to be eligible for this discount. This amount is taken as a co-pay for the procedures and registry of the consumer.

Eligibility Criteria For TruConnect Free Tablet

The free tablet program from TruConnect through ACP is a mouth-watering offer. But not everyone on the threshold can avail of this program.

This offer is specifically for deserving citizens who possess minimal wages and are deprived of the latest broadband and mobile connectivity due to unaffordability. For qualifying to claim the free tablet, you have to be eligible in the following stated ways.

Qualify By Showing Minimal Annual or Monthly Income

Having a very limited income that deprives you of a standard living expense is the first criterion to qualify for this program. These requirements differ depending on the size of your home and property.

Moreover, the amount for your annual or monthly income to be shown, property, and house vary between the states or residing location. That is why it is important to consult with the FCC to confirm your income eligibility for the program, depending on your total asset.

Eligibility By Recent Loss Of Business or Income-Source

The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus caused many people to lose their job, business, or primary source of income. Hence, people financially affected by Covid-19 are also eligible for the free tablet program from TruConnect.

But, it’s mandatory to prove the loss for qualifying preliminary selection. Individuals who lost their jobs since February 28, 2020, can be officially entitled to this program. 

Anyone who earns less than $99,000 can participate in the program owing to a government initiative. To prove that someone qualifies to benefit from this program, they must provide proof of these requirements.

Qualifying Through Federal Government Assistance Program

In the USA, a number of government aid programs make it easier for underprivileged families to meet their basic necessities for living.

Participation in these initiatives qualifies you for a free tablet from TruConnect. Check the following list if you are enrolled in such programs to avail the free tablet program.

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP
  • Medical and Nursing Assistance Program
  • Veteran Pension Program
  • Supplemental Security Program or SSL
  • Authorized for Federal Pell Grant (for deserving undergraduate students who have completed their course)
  • The LIHEAP program, otherwise known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Qualifying By Associating With Tribal Assistance Program

If you or any individual of your family should participate in any of the government-run tribal aid programs can qualify for the TruConnect Free Tablet offer.

These include the Department of Indian Affairs general aid, Tribal TANF or Tribal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, food supply program or Indian reserve, head start (only families fulfilling the income qualifying standard), etc.

Lastly, if you find yourself suited to any of the above-stated conditions, you can qualify for the TruConnect Free Tablet offer.

Documentation Required For TruConnect Free Tablet 

Since this program is authorized only for deserving, low-income, or poverty-stricken people, you must show some paperwork for proper verification.

It is crucial to verify the documents so that the tablets do not fall into the hand of scammers than the deserving people.

Document For Identity/Citizenship Verification

The free tablet from TruConnect applies only to US-born citizens by naturalization process. Hence, immigrants with no proof of citizenship cannot avail of the offer.

To prove identity, you need to submit a copy of your national ID, state ID, driving license, passport, US military ID, Tax identity, or other government-issued ID.

Document For Verifying Age

TruConnect not only distributes free tablets via the Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP) but also to EBB program or Lifeline qualified program participants.

For age verification, the state ID, Passport, Driving License, or any government-issued ID would get the job done. Any EBB participant who wants the free tablet from TruConnect must be older than 18 or emancipated.

If emancipated, it is crucial to present the court order or certification proving the status of the emancipated juvenile.

Document For Showing Current Financial Status

The main objective of this program is to provide the needy with affordable connectivity to the digital world. It is mandatory for you to submit documents such as income cards, asset values proof, and other property details to avail of the advantage of this program.

If you have lost your employment, you must provide documents showing your income loss. It is to be done considering any factors, including insolvency or business closure.

To prove your significant loss of income, you’ll need proof of bankruptcy or the shutdown of your company, for instance.

Documents As Proof Of Address or Residence

For shipping purposes, you must provide documents that prove your current residence address. It also serves the purpose of clarifying the household value to show that you are a genuine and deserving candidate for the free tablet program.

How To Get TruConnect Free Tablet?

Getting a free tablet via TruConnect is simple, provided you have fulfilled all the criteria. Unless you do not meet the requirements, it is a wasted effort to enroll for a free tablet from TruConnect. It is because the authority in power will immediately deny your request. 

Therefore, ensure you fulfill at least one of the requirements before starting the process of enrollment. Additionally, prepare any supporting documentation you need to affix to your application. Once you confirm that all the prerequisite things are prepared, initiate the application procedure.

There are two methods through which you can apply to get the offer. It is allowed to choose any one of the methods based on your convenience.

Method 1: Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

For using this method, you need not be associated with any EBB program. You can directly enroll in the TruConnect free tablet facility from the website by submitting simple information.

Step 1: Browse for the official TruConnect website on your laptop/desktop or mobile device.

Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

Step 2: Fill out the form with the required information and tap on the enroll button. Initially, the zip code of your residing area and a working email address would do.

Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

Step 3: in the new page, you would need to fill up some basic information such as full name, address, and a few questionnaires. There would be a series of pages you need to fill up very carefully.

Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

Step 4: On the next page, you will get options that define your eligibility for the free tablet. It depends upon the state you are residing in. Once you have selected the preferred qualifying option, you will proceed to the next step.

Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

Step 5: you will get all the available options for the TruConnect data,  internet plans, and handset/tablets associated with those. You can select the preferable one.

Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

Step 6: Lastly, you must tick all the disclosures and acknowledgments. Along with that, attach all the certifications required to verify your eligibility.

Apply Through Official TruConnect Website

Method 2: Apply Through the National Verifier Website

This method is comparatively more complex than the previous one. You must be enrolled in any of the EBB programs as a prerequisite requirement.

Step 1: First of all, you have to sign up and log in to the official national verifier’s website providing all the documents for qualification for the Lifeline program.

Apply Through the National Verifier Website

Step 2: Go to the US Affordable Connectivity Program and press the “Apply Now” button once you have logged in using the NV user name and pin.

Apply Through the National Verifier Website

Step 3: Fill up the application form carefully, providing all the legal information about yourself. Double-check the acknowledgments before proceeding to the next step.

Apply Through the National Verifier Website

Step 4: Lastly, to select the package that best meets your needs and receive TruConnect free tablet discounts, get in touch with the ACP  service provider or TruConnect.

Which Tablet Models Does TruConnect Offer?

As an almost free product, TruConnect gives away tablets with impressive features. All the tablets are based upon the open platform Google Android operating system and decent RAM and ROM allotment.

The enlisted tablets from TruConnect are as follows:

  • Sunshine Elite Tablet 8”
  • Sky Elite T8
  • Apple iPad 10.2
  • The Amazon Fire 7”
  • Lenovo Smart M10
  • Huawei MediaPad T5
  • Lenovo 8” Tab
  • Huawei MediaPad T3

How Do You Activate A TruConnect tablet?

Activating the tablet you get from TruConnect is straightforward. The following steps will walk you through activating the TruConnect package on your tablet successfully.

Step 1: Insert the provided sim card into your device and turn it on. Most of the time, the sim card is found already inserted inside the device. Keep your account number, pin, and billing zip code ready for application. Once your device is On, it will ask for the state/billing zip code.

How Do You Activate A TruConnect tablet

Step 2: After putting in the zip code, scan the QR code given on the sim card holder or visit Fill up with the necessary information, and you will receive a call to complete the activation. You can also call 611 for manual activation.

How Do You Activate A TruConnect tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

These questionnaires are from the users interested in enrolling with the EBB and ACP under the Lifeline programs. Hence, if you are planning to join the same, it will be beneficial for you.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For TruConnect?

It depends on the method you have selected for enrolling to get the free tablet. If you use the official TruConnet website for the application, it may take 3-8 days to complete the enrollment and ship the device. Your billing address and residing state also add time to the approval.

Is TruConnect The Same As Assurance Wireless?

TruConnect and Assurance wireless is not the same. Although both TruConnect and Assurance wireless use the T-mobile network connection and are associated with Lifeline programs and ACP. 

The internet connectivity, speed, and packages are more impressive and better in TruConnect than in Assurance wireless service.

Can You Replace TruConnect Free Tablet?

You are suitable for a free replacement tablet with a new one if you experience any technical problems with the gadget that is not your fault. Besides, you will receive a complete replacement if it is still covered by warranty. On the other hand, you will be accountable for the new device if you damage it, lose it, or get stolen.


The government is doing great to keep people of all levels connected to the internet and to each other. This program for people with minimal income helps by minimizing the monthly cost of internet and mobile connectivity.

But still, many worthy and deserving people do not know the correct way to get enrolled in this program. As a result, they are deprived of the free tablets given away by TruConnect.

We hope this article has informed you and instructed you on the easiest ways to enroll in the free tablet program. Follow the steps stated above to claim your free tablet from TruConnect.

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