How To Get DIRECTV With No Credit Check

It’s a bit hard to activate TV services with poor credit. But DIRECTV allows their service with bad credit. All you have to know is how to get DIRECTV with no credit check.

How to Get DIRECTV with no credit check

To activate the DIRECTV TV packages you have to follow certain steps. And, here we have organized the steps for you. Follow them to get the activation perfectly.

Step 1: Sign in and Choose Your Package

First, sign in to the DIRECTV online and hop into the TV packages menu. Then, select the language in which you want your channel lineup. However, there will be an international option in case you want channels around the world.  

Note: The bundle is the top-tier TV package that will allow you to get phone and internet service alongside TV.

Step 2: Set Your Area And Choose Your Channels

Next, confirm if the area you are living in is under the coverage of DIRECTV or not by entering your ZIP code and country. Once you confirm that, proceed with the selection of channels and receivers as per your need. 

Step 3: Confirm Your Address and Credit Status

Now, there you see a section asking for your address. Enter your exact address information there. 

Step 4: Ensure Your Credit Status

After that, an option to submit your credit check or not will appear. Choose if you want them to see your credit status or not. Anyway, choosing the no option will charge you an additional fee. 

And, if you allow them to check the status then you will be charged an amount as per your credit status.

Step 5: End the Process

Finally, finish the process by setting up a username and strong password. Also, fix a date to fix the line and provide your payment credentials.

What’s The Minimum Score Required

There is no exact mention of credit score by DIRECTV. However, a minimum credit score of 570 may help you to activate the connection with ease and a less amount of deposit. 

Moreover, a deposit to the company is not a fee you have to keep in mind. They just want the credit report to ensure that you can afford the bills every month. Depending on your credit condition the amount of deposit can vary from $50 to $250.

How Often Is The Deposit Required To Pay By Me

As you already know that the deposit is not any kind of fee but assurance. So, you only have to pay it once when establishing the connection. Anyway, if you discontinue the connection without knowing them and later want to establish it again then they might ask you for a little amount of deposit.


So, the quest to how to get DIRECTV with no credit check ends here. Every related information that you will need to establish a connection without credit check you’ve got. In addition, DIRECTV may offer connections without any credit check but you have to keep the payment clear. Otherwise, they will disconnect the line because of late payments.

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