How To Add Thumbnails to Google Chrome Homepage?

Are you want to know that how to add thumbnails to google chrome homepage? There has a lot of ways to enable thumbnail options on chrome homepage.

Here I’ll share a simple way by this way you can able to add a thumbnail to chrome.

How Do I Add A Thumbnail On Chrome Homepage Manually:

Step – 1:

At first open Chrome browser. Then follow the below screenshot.

Step – 2: Click corner edit button.

How To Add Thumbnails to Google Chrome Homepage 2020
Click on the corner edit button

Step – 3:

Now click on the Shortcuts and select My Shortcuts and click Done.

how do i add a thumbnail on chrome manually?

Step – 4:

Now you can see Add Shortcuts option on chrome homepage like the below screenshot.

how do i add thumbnails to google homepage

Step – 5:

Now click the Add shortcuts option and then you can see a new window like the below screenshot.

how to add shortcut to google chrome homepage

Now Type your targeted website name on Name form then type website address on URL form. Now click Done.


How do I Manage Chrome Shortcuts?

Now if you want to manage or customize the shortcuts/thumbnail then just select your targeted site and swipe it by right/left/up/down.

How To Edit Shortcuts On Chrome Homepage?

If you want to edit shortcuts then just take (don’t click) your mouse icon to the shortcuts that shortcuts you want to edit. Then you can see a Menu icon (follow 1st screenshot), then you can see editing form just edit site name and website URL and click Done.

How To Add Thumbnails To Google Chrome Homepage Android Phone?

I am honestly saying that now present there haven’t any way to add a thumbnail on the chrome homepage on the android phone. The chrome algorithm is designed to add most used sites on the home page.
You can follow one step that is: browser your desire site frequently, then chrome can add it on your chrome homepage.

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