How Do I Search An Image from My Gallery?

Are you want to search image from your gallery? Now it’s possible to search any image from android or iPhone by upload the image.

Here I will show you the process from android phone. You can follow this same process on any other operating system.

How To Search By Image From Gallery in Google in Android Mobile:

To follow this process you need to a browser that browser supports Desktop mode. You can use Chrome Browser, Via Browser, Firefox Browser, or any other browser that browser supports Desktop mode.

Then follow the below instruction:

  • Open desktop mode supported browser (like Via browser).
  • Now enable Desktop Site from the menu.
  • Now go to thin link:
  • Now tap the Camera icon
  • Then tap Upload an image tab
  • Now tap Choose File
  • Now select your desired image
  • Then tap Visually similar images
  • And see all the images look like this.

You can also follow the below images:

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