How Can You Turn A Verizon Contract Phone Into Prepaid in 2022

Excluding expenses, as much as possible is what people want now in life. And this query on how can you turn a Verizon contract phone into prepaid can be your first step.

How Can You Turn A Verizon Contract Phone Into Prepaid

How Can You Turn A Verizon Contract phone Into Prepaid

There aren’t many options for converting a contract phone to prepaid one. You may simply convert from postpaid to prepaid by following the easy steps outlined below.

Step 1: Contact The Customer Service

The first step in converting your phone to prepaid mode is to call Verizon customer service. Their contact information may be found on their official website. Simply contact them and inquire about the terms and conditions of your existing contract. and see whether there are any outstanding debts.

Step 2: Pay The Dues

After getting all the details you have to pay all the dues of your current cell phone plan. However, there you have to be a bit tricky otherwise you have to pay money for the whole plan in vain. So, it is wise you wait for some time to expire the plan. Then don’t just renew it. Accordingly, you are all set to forward to the next step.

Note: If you do not want to wait for long in the case of long-term contracts then customer support will help you to manage the dues.

Step 3: Get a New Phone 

Now get a new prepaid device for using a new prepaid plan. You can activate the prepaid plan online from a Verizon prepaid account. Keep in mind the one you are using must have to be an unlocked phone.

Step 4: Activate The Phone

Next, you have to activate the account. Firstly, go to the Verizon account and click on the resources menu. Then, enter your Zip code and phone serial number there. Finally, your prepaid number will appear to use. And then apply for the Verizon prepaid sim card.

Step 5: Choose Your Plan And Finalize

At the final stage after getting your sim card, choose the prepaid plan you want to use. There are plenty of Verizon Prepaid plans available. Choose the plan wisely and make sure you are saving money.

Pros And Cons Of Using Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans are money savers but the providers pay attention to their contractual customers most. So there are several cons of using prepaid plans besides pros. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Prepaid plans save a lot of money. Also, you do not have to pay hidden charges and buy them as you like.
  • You can manage the plans for employees if are running a small business as you have to pay a lot in postpaid plans.
  • No hassle of credits and you remain out of any worry at the end of the month.
  • Mentionable amount of flexibility you will get in prepaid plans. As well, you can get rid of compatibility problems and use any phone you like.


  • You will not get any discount when buying phones.
  • Less priority in customer support for prepaid customers.
  • You will get less data speed comparing the contract phones.

Some Popular Prepaid Plans Of Verizon

Verizon offers a lot of prepaid plans. Not all of them are good for all. So, here are some of the best prepaid plans from Verizon we have chosen that might help you to get yours.

Family Plan At $120/Month

It is a  family prepaid plan proposed by Verizon with a customizable data service. This plan is best for family use. Moreover, it is a plan designed for mixing and matching. Also, you will get 2+ lines in this package.

Smartphone Plan At $60/Month

This one is an unlimited data plan designed for business persons. It is a one-line plan with unlimited data, Talktime, and texting.

Smartphone Plan At $35/Month

It is one of the cheapest plans offered by Verizon. This plan comes with 5GB of data and unlimited texting and talking. Likely, you will get only one line in this plan.


Verizon is the finest prepaid and postpaid cellphone service provider in the United States. However, their contract plans are a little too expensive to be affordable. Furthermore, contract plans offer less flexibility than prepaid plans.

And this tutorial on how to convert a Verizon contract phone to a prepaid phone has been written to help you resolve your contract plan difficulties. If you don’t think the prepaid plans are right for you, you may always go back to the contract plan.

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