How To Get A Free Laptop With Food Stamps?

Laptops are gradually becoming indispensable to digital development. This gadget was once considered a luxury, but now it is a necessity. Everyone needs a laptop to execute basic tasks like applying for jobs, communication, education, etc. Today, some people badly need a personal computer but cannot afford one. Luckily, several guaranteed government programs and non-profit organisations give free laptops with food stamps.

free laptop with food stamps

One of these programs is the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program, formerly known as Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). Another is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. These programs help low-income people to get free laptops and internet services. Therefore, this comprehensive piece gives in-depth information on how to get a free laptop with food stamps.

Who Qualifies For A Free Laptop?

People need to be connected for various reasons. Currently, the federal government is aware of the country’s technological gap, so they arranged a free laptop program. These programs offer a laptop to those who cannot afford one.

However, it is not everyone that qualifies to receive a free laptop. According to the federal government guidelines, only those from low-income families qualify for a free laptop. This implies that only those who can prove they are economically disadvantaged qualify for a free laptop. Also, students from low-income families qualify for a free laptop. Participants of income-based government assistance programs like the Food Stamps Program also qualify for a free laptop.

How To Get A Free Laptop With Food Stamps?

Food stamp is now called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It is one of the various government programs that aid low-income people to receive a free laptop and was established to assist the poor with purchasing nutritious food. Now, these individuals are eligible to get a free laptop in addition to nutritional food gains.

Hence, before an applicant can be accepted by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the person’s income must be below the federal poverty level. This shows that such individuals cannot afford food items and nutritious meals. The applicants must submit vital documents and explain their monthly income to ascertain these claims.

Free Laptop With Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) evaluates the submitted documents. When the applicants pass this review process, they are selected as payees of SNAP and get an allowance to buy groceries and food items monthly. Also, the payees of SNAP are automatically eligible to access other government assistance programs like the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program.

Furthermore, to receive a free laptop, the individual must first meet the eligibility criteria for the Food Stamp Program. Next, the person should apply for SNAP. This implies that the person must first participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to be eligible. Then, the individual can apply for the laptop through the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program.

So, as a Food Stamp participant, such an individual can apply for a free laptop. This can be done via the Affordable Connectivity Program. Although some of these programs only offer the laptop at a discounted price. At the same time, other assistance programs provide the laptop for free.

What Are Other Basic Qualifications For Free Government Laptops?

A low-income individual can receive a free laptop. Although, such a person must fulfil some eligibility criteria. So, for an applicant to be eligible to get a free laptop, the person must follow these criteria. Here are the basic qualifications for free government laptops.


Individuals may be SNAP-eligible if they have a gross monthly income below the federal poverty level. Or the net income amounts to 130%. According to this guideline, the recipient must have a net monthly income of 130 per cent or below the federal poverty line.


Another eligibility criteria to meet is that the individual must work an average of at least 30 to 80 hours a week. However, If the recipient is a student or a caregiver, such person must work an average of 30 hours a week. But, if the person is an adult from 18 to 49, they must work 80 hours a month. However, the adult must be non-pregnant and should not have dependent children.


The standard resource requirement is that the household must have up to $2,250 in a bank account. If the family has anyone that is disabled or elderly, the average resource requirement becomes $3,500 in a bank account. However, this requirement may differ from state to state.

Immigration Status:

If the recipient is a legal immigrant, such an individual must have lived in the United States for five years or more. And the person must be receiving disability-related assistance or any other benefits to be SNAP-eligible.

Housing Expenditure:

Housing is another eligibility criterion for getting a free government laptop. The individual’s housing occupies 30 per cent or less of the total monthly income, implying that the household is suitable to receive a free government laptop. 

Student Requirements:

Students from poor homes are eligible for a free government laptop with food stamps. This implies that low-income students are considered SNAP-eligible.

Benefits Of Food Stamps With A Free Laptop

A laptop is a technological gadget that makes it easy to access information. It is not only the recipient who benefits from these assisting programs. The government and non-profit organisations also have a lot to gain.

Hence, the government and non-profit organisations empower these low-income families to strengthen the economy. The government and non-profit organisations arrange these aiding programs to attain the economic goal. And the benefits of food stamps with a free laptop cannot be overemphasised. Highlighted below are some of the benefits. 

  • It helps low-income individuals to stay connected to the digital world.
  • It helps the jobless to search and apply for new jobs easily.
  • It helps these individuals to earn money online legitimately.
  • It makes people stay and remain connected with one another.
  • A free laptop allows students to attend virtual classes and online interviews worldwide.
  • Using these laptops enable quick access for students to search and apply for scholarships.
  • These laptops enable students to read digital books and articles.
  • It makes it easy for individuals to get healthcare consultations online.

How To Get A Free Laptop With Food Stamps

Individuals can receive a free laptop with food stamps through several programs. One popular government program is the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program. This program was formerly called Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). This program assists the government in bridging the gap in accessibility to laptops and other internet benefits. Here are some other free laptop providers with food stamps.

1. Computer with Causes

Computer with causes is an amazing non-profit organisation that provides refurbished devices like computers and laptops. Whether the individual is a teacher, student, or from a family with a low income, such a person can contact this initiative to know more about the program.

The person needs to apply online and submit the required documents. The application form must pinpoint that the applicant is currently receiving assistance from the Food Stamp Program, Welfare, TANF and SSI. This will influence their selection, and the person will be contacted if he meets the needs assessment.

To apply, visit Applicants must supply authentic information because it will be thoroughly evaluated. Fortunately, the applicant can reapply if not contacted within 30 days.

2. PCs for People

PCs for People is another wonderful non-profit organisation that offers free laptops compatible with working remote. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this organisation aims to educate the digital age on internet services and educational sources. This assistance program is intended for people below 200 per cent of the federal poverty level. Participants of income-based government assistance programs such as Food Stamps can also apply. 

PCs for People offers the Affordable Connectivity Program as well. Through this program, they offer refurbished desktops and laptops at discounted prices. Applicants for this assistance program must strictly meet the eligibility requirements. The requirements are based on the federal government guidelines to get a free laptop.

To apply, the individual should visit Fill out the application form and supply the necessary documents and information.

3. On it Foundation

The On it foundation is an excellent non-profit organisation offering free computers and laptops to low-income households. Also, the family must have a student registered in K-12 school grade to be eligible. In addition, when the applicant participates in income-based government assistance programs such as Food Stamps, this gives an upper hand for offering the foundation’s support.

However, students are the top priority and have a greater chance. So parents can apply for their children. Parents should mention that they are economically disadvantaged and receive food stamps benefits.

To apply, applicants or guardians should visit  to learn more about this assistance program.

4. Alliance for Technology

In this digital age, disconnection at one time or the other should be expected. Alliance for Technology is a non-profit organisation that thrives in the technology refurbishment industry. This organisation works tirelessly to provide access to laptops and internet access. Fortunately, this organisation is in partnership with Virginia Star, Computer Reach, and Electronic Access Foundation. This collaboration aims to meet the technological needs of families, charitable organisations and humanitarian organisations.

So, for individuals that need a free laptop, visit Alliance for Technology website, For more information, applicants can contact them.

5. EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is another organisation that offers aid to low-income households and individuals. They provide low-cost internet service and affordable technological gadgets to people. EveryoneOn offers the Affordable Connectivity Program as well. Through the ACP, they give low-income individuals refurbished desktops and laptops at discounted prices. This implies that at EveryoneOn, individuals can get free laptops with food stamps. The best part is that this organisation works with a long list of internet service providers.

So, EveryoneOn is a free laptop provider with a food stamp. To apply, individuals should visit their official website and read more about their requirements.

Final Verdict

A laptop is undoubtedly an essential gadget in this digital century. While some people can afford to purchase one, some low-income earners and students do not have the privilege. Fortunately, these individuals could apply to organisations offering free laptops with food stamps. Furthermore, initiatives like the Computer with causes, On its foundation, Alliance for Technology, and more offer affordable gadgets to low-income people struggling to afford one.

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