Free Government Landline Phone Service (Easy Guide In 2022)

There is a Lifeline program under the US government that offers free landline phone service. You can avail of one by registering online with valid information. This free government landline phone service is planned for low-income families and individuals. Thus, you need to first prove your eligibility for this service.

Free Government Landline Phone Service

The service requires a basic application. All you have to do is fill out an enrollment form available on the government’s website. Choose your state from the list and follow the on-screen instructions. Apart from the government, there are private companies that provide free landline phone service.

What is the government’s policy on free landline phone service?

Though it’s pretty easy to get free landline phone service there are some policies and requirements that you need to follow. The government doesn’t have any strict policies. They just mentioned two criteria that you need to follow to get the free service. In short, to get the service you should be enrolled in at least 1 Baseline Eligibility Program and you need to match the financial stage mentioned by the government site.

How To Qualify For Free Landline Phone Service?

To qualify for the free landline phone service, you need to submit two different types of documentation. Once is income proof and the other one is Documentation for Program Participation.

First, let’s talk about the Documentation for Proof of Income Eligibility. This is required to verify your low-income situation. The documents should be from every earning member of your family. To complete the verification, you may include any one or two from the list below :

How To Qualify For Free Landline Phone Service
  • A decree of divorce, award of child support, or another financial statement that contains information regarding income. Must cover a minimum of 3 months consecutively.
  • Federal tax return or state, or Tribal
  • Paycheck stubs for the current year from an employer
  • Income statements covering a min. of 3 consecutive months
  • Retirement / Pension statement of benefits
  • VA statement of benefits
  • Social Security statement of benefits
  • Unemployment statement of benefits
  • Workman’s Comp benefits statement
  • Federal notice letter or Tribal notice letter of participation General Assistance

Now, let’s talk about the Program Participation proof. Here you just need to show proof of participating in any government assistance program. You may take a picture of your SNAP(Food Stamp) program and upload it one the application form. Have a look at some of the other acceptable types of proof below :

  • Program participation documents (like Supl Nutrition Ass’t Pgm (SNAP), Medicaid card, EBT – electronic benefit t-fer card. Just send us a picture of the card!
  • Capture the screen display from your EBT online account. (Capture picture should display your name and last 4 digits of your account number along with your account status.)
  • A participation notice letter from a state program, federal program, or Tribal ass’t program
  • A statement showing benefits from the federal, state, or Tribal assistance program.
  • Some other documentation officially demonstrating that a person in your household is getting benefits from a state, federal, or Tribal qualifying program

How To Apply For Free Government Landline Phones?

If you think you are eligible and in need of a landline phone, you may apply without any waste of time. Just go to the website and find your state. Enter the zip code and follow the instructions. Once you have entered the zip code on the website, it will take you to the next step. In this step, you need to submit your personal information and address. Fill the inputs correctly and move to the next step. Be careful while filling in the billing/service address as this will be used to contact you.

You can easily place your order by submitting proper documents. The authority will validate your information and inform you about the further stages. If you are eligible and there is no problem with the submitted documents, it may take 5-7 days to get the service delivered.

Alternatives Way To Get Free Landline Phone Service

As we mentioned before, there are some alternative ways to get free landline phone service. Landline companies offer free phones to get their service if you don’t have a phone that will support their network. For example, TruConnect offers free phones if you don’t have a compatible phone. The enrollment process is quite the same. You need to visit their website and apply with the ZIP code of your state. There are some other companies that offer the same service such as AT&T, SafeLink, Cox, etc.

Benefits of Landline Phone Service:

Despite the availability of modern phones, landline phone service still remains popular due to its numerous advantages. So what are the benefits of landline phone service? Have a glance at some of the major benefits below –

  • No hassle of changing batteries or charge
  • Unlimited local calling for the states
  • Flexible monthly and yearly data plan
  • Provides superior sound quality and clarity
  • Emergency 911 communication
  • Secured as it can’t be hacked

The Best Landline Service of 2022

1.  AT&T BL102-2 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Cordless Phone

AT&T BL102-2 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Cordless Phone

If you are planning to get a landline phone for your space, AT&T BL102-2 will be a great pick for sure. The cordless phone comes with an unsurpassed range and answering system. You will get long-range coverage and clarity because of the advanced noise-filtering technology.

Smart Call Blocker:

The phone from AT&T includes a smart call blocker feature that will automatically block unwanted robocalls. You can even blacklist any number you want with just one single touch. The phone can store up to 1000 names and numbers in its directory. For a better experience, the phone also announces the name of the caller, so that you can ignore the call without even pressing it.

Large Screen:

The phone is crafted with a large 2-inch screen. There will be no difficulties while using this landline service. The big text with the lighted keypad is designed to provide you with the best experience. You will get plenty of advantages in low-light because of the easy dialing design of this phone.

Headset Speakerphone:

AT&T’s cordless phone contains a built-in duplex speakerphone, allowing the user to speak and listen to a call at the same time. This will bring a more true conversation to life. You will also have beneficial features such as audio assist, handset intercom, and others.

Expandable to 5 Handset:

The landline phone can be expandable to 5 headsets.  You won’t need any additional accessories as the feature can be enabled with the single phone jack.

Key Features:

  • Smart call block list
  • Easy volume control
  • Large screen with text
  • Eco and Quiet mode
  • Voicemail waiting indicator
  • Any key answer
  • Intercom between headsets
  • Easy and quick setup of the directory
  • No more robocalls because of the call blocking
  • Large range with a cordless feature
  • Large screen for visually impaired persons
  • Can be expandable to 5 additional headsets
  • The sound quality is not top-notch

2. PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System

PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System

Panasonic is known for producing high-quality gadgets, and the landline phone is no exception.  The phone system is designed to make your call management quick and easy. Panasonic phone system is available in both corded and cordless features.

Easy to Use:

Panasonic’s Phone is intended to make you more familiar with the landline system. It includes a 3.4-inch high-contrast LCD that provides maximum readability to the users. The keypad and the function buttons are also designed for any light condition.

One-Touch Call Block:

The phone system comes with dedicated call block buttons on the base unit and handsets. This makes it easier to block telemarketers and robocalls. You can even block any number while the phone is ringing or during a call as well.

Powerful Battery:

As the phone has both corded and cordless features, you should ensure a good battery backup. This will bring you some advantages when the power goes out. The phone will back you up for more than 7 hours. It has a powerful battery that will help you to keep talking with no pause.

Clear Voice:

For a more comfortable conversation, the device comes with a noise reduction feature. This automatically suppresses the background interference and enhances the voice tone for a clearer and more comfortable conversation.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use base unit
  • Talking caller ID
  • Powerful battery backup
  • Optional detector device
  • Noise reduction audio
  • Built-in baby monitor
  • Enhanced voice tone for clearer conversation
  • A baby monitor with immediate alert
  • Dedicated call button for easy block
  • 7 hours of talk-time to keep connected
  • Two-way speakerphone on base unit and handsets
  • The voice quality is not satisfying

3. VTech VS113-3 Extended Range 3 Handset Cordless Phone

VTech VS113-3 Extended Range 3 Handset Cordless Phone

The landline phone from VTech includes exciting features to make your experience better than usual. VTech VS113-3 comes with a supreme range and reliable connection. It will be a breeze to maintain business needs or work as there is a dedicated line available on this phone. 

Extended Range:

VTech VS113-3 comes with an unsurpassed range. The DECT 6.0 technology of this device ensures long-range coverage with excellent voice clarity. You will be able to receive calls from the cellular plan while enjoying the comfort of a home phone.

Smart Call Blocker with  Digital Answering:

The landline phone includes a smart call blocker that lets you block nuisance callers in just one touch. You can even customize the settings with some simple steps. 

VTech landline phone comes with a digital answering system feature. It can record up to 22 minutes of incoming messages, outgoing announcements, and others. In addition, there is a led message indicator that lets you know the number of messages you received.

Duplex Speakerphone:

To make you enjoy the audio, there is a full-duplex speakerphone on the handset and base. This allows both ends to speak and listen at the same time. You can even use the push-to-talk button as a walkie-talkie for instant communication.

Large Screen:

VTech landline phone comes with a large screen with big text and a lighted keypad. You will have the same experience in any light condition. It will be easy to read the incoming caller id or the call history as well.

Key Features:

  • Expandable up to 5 handsets
  • Caller ID announcement
  • Directory for 100 names and number
  • Push-to-talk feature
  • High-contrast backlit LCD
  • Smart call blocker
  • Can be used as a walkie-talkie
  • Works with or without a landline
  • Long-range coverage with excellent voice clarity
  • Can be used as both base or handset operation
  • A digital answering system with a voice guide
  • Inadequate instructions

4.  VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone

VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone

Here comes the final phone on this list. This one is also from VTech but a different model. The landline from VTech is going to provide you with all the features you may require. There are no limitations to this device. The device is equipped with advanced features with an impressive coverage range.

Unsurpassed Range:

The landline phone from VTech comes with an unsurpassed range. This will provide you with a more flexible use while using the device. To make and receive calls, the device includes a unique antenna design with advanced noise-filtering technology.

Dual Keypads and Displays:

You will undoubtedly get the best landline experience by using this device. The landline phone from VTech is designed for ease and convenience of use. It includes dual keypads, displays and speakerphones.

Digital Answering System:

The cordless phone comes with a digital answering system and voice guide. You will be able to record up to 22 minutes of incoming messages and outgoing announcements. There is a LED message indicator to let you know the number of messages you received. The device also includes a built-in voice guide that will help you to set up the system easily.

Smart Call Blocker:

Don’t worry about the robocalls and spam. The phone comes with a smart call blocker that will help you to block unwanted calls on the spot. There is a dedicated key included to complete this task.

Key Features:

  • Digital answering system
  • Smart call blocker
  • A large screen on the handset and base
  • Caller ID announcement
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Unsurpassed range
  • Includes 1000 name and number directory
  • High-contrast backlit LCD for low-light
  • Can be used as walkie-talkie
  • Wall-mounted for a more flexible use
  • Extended range with easy connect to cell feature
  • Speakerphone sound is not good

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are landlines free?

No, landlines are not usually free but the government and some companies offer free phones with services for low-income individuals and families. The offer can be availed by providing the required documents.

  • Does SafeLink offer landline phones?

Yes, SafeLink is a wireless service that offers free android cell phones with unlimited free voice minutes. The SafeLink LifeLine includes a government benefit program that allows consumers to get free landline phones to eligible customers.

  • Are landline phones still available?

Sure. There are a couple of landline service providers who are providing landline service. Some users prefer landline phones because of the superior sound quality and clarity.

  • What is the Cheapest Landline Phone Service?

Well, the classification depends on so many factors. CenturyLink, SafeLink, Cox, Verizon Fios are among the cheapest landline phone service without internet. The service plan is available on the provider’s site. You may have a look at the rates to find the suitable one for yours.

Final verdict:

Landline phone service is still popular among users. They provide a better audio quality and don’t have any major limitations. You should try for the free government landline phone service if you think you are eligible. They are available as both corded and cordless systems. If you are not eligible for the free offers, you may get one from the list. They include so many features and don’t have any expensive plans. You will surely enjoy landline phone services because of the advantages.

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