Does T-Mobile Phone Have Deals For Existing Customers?

Does T–Mobile phone have deals for existing customers? T-Mobile Phone has deals for existing customers, although the number of deals has reduced over time. It is not a new trend of offering new customers better deals than current customers. It is seen in the mobile communication industry and all industries in general.

Does T-Mobile Phone Have Deals For Existing Customers?

As much as T-Mobile desires new customers, the company also values loyalty. It needs existing customers’ loyalty, and referral for survival in the market and deals for current customers would give various options to select from within each price point. This article aims to provide detailed answers to possible questions about T-Mobile deals.

Does T-Mobile Phone have Deals For Existing Customers?

T-Mobile is proactive in communicating with its customers. As a company, reaching out to establish or re-establish loyal relationships is a priority. This communication schedule has helped receive feedback and is one of the reasons why Tmobile phone has deals for existing customers. 

Below are some T-Mobile phone deals for existing customers.

  • Existing customers with at least one eligible voice line can add a new one and get one for free. It is for a limited period.
  • Existing customers are given a $250 discount on an Apple Watch only when a second Apple Watch is bought under a 24-month bill credit plan, in addition to a watch-line. 
  • A customer that buys a new Apple Watch enjoys about six months of free Apple Fitness.
  • A customer with a Magenta Max Plan and a family member working in T-Mobile qualify for a 20 per cent cut off the monthly bill for life. This does not require any special conditions or many processes. There will be no need for trade-in, port-in, device purchase or new line.

Others include:

Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21

$800 off any Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a Magenta Max plan and a trade-in. Credits are spread over 24 months, but for Z Fold 3, credits are extended over 36 months.

Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro

It will depend on the trade-in. $200 off either of Pixel 6 models. The trade-in value determines the credit value extended over 24 months. The Magenta Max price plan has to be activated.

iPhone 12 or iPhone 13

iPhone 12 or iPhone 13

The key to getting this is the Magenta Max plan. $800 off for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Trade-in should be an iPhone X, a better condition Galaxy S20, or phones like Google, Motorola, OnePlus or LG. Credits will be spread over 24 months.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Models

Samsung Galaxy S22 Models

With a qualifying trade-in and Magenta Max plan, customers are entitled to $1000 off an S22 Ultra. With no Magenta Max plan, $500 off awaits customers’ trade-in value for eligible devices. Credits are spread over 24 months.

Older phones and low-performance entry-level models in T-Mobile include; Motorola Razr 5G for $199, $375 off the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G and T – Mobile Revvl and 5G for free.

Does T-Mobile Have Upgrades?

T-Mobile operates an upgrade system which is called Forever Upgrade. As the name implies, its functions forever upgrade iPhone to the latest iPhone every two years. Below is the explicit statement of Jon Freier, EVP of Consumer Group at T-Mobile.
“T-Mobile is America’s leading 5G network with a fast 5G speed and coverage. With Forever Upgrade, we’re setting a new bar for value, too. Customers can get the powerful new iPhone 13 today, lock in its value, and upgrade to the latest iPhone every two years. With the new 5G iPhone on Us, Forever Upgrade, the leading 5G network, a plan built for 5G Magenta plans, T-Mobile is the destination for Apple users”.

How Does Forever Upgrade Works?

With Forever Upgrade, a customer can lock in about $800 off in trade-in value or every two years, forever. Every two years, an upgrade to the latest iPhone is made. There will be no added cost for Forever Upgrade but must have an active premium rate plan such as Magenta Max.

Purchasing a 5G iPhone at a supermarket like Walmart won’t be a problem if you select a Max or equal plan. Then visit https:/ Enter the code ‘appleforeverupgrade2021’ in capital letter and upload the receipt.

Suppose a customer trades in iPhone for a non-eligible device. In that case, that will cause the loss of the benefits of Forever Upgrade and will not be able to enrol again. Also, do not trade in any device for an iPhone through the non-eligible channel. You will lose the Forever Upgrade benefit.

So long as a customer is on one of T-Mobile Max or equivalent, Forever Upgrade benefits remain. But if a customer switches to a non-premium Max plan, the customer will lose the benefits of Forever Upgrade.

Can Current T-Mobile Customers Get A Free Phone?

T-Mobile as a company does not offer free phones. Usually, it works at T-Mobile because a customer comes with a trade-in regularly. The Metro by T-Mobile provides free phones to existing customers and new customers. A customer that wants a free phone from T-Mobile may try to use the Buy One Get One (BOGO) option, the trade-in option or the Magenta Max plan.

Can Current T-Mobile Customers Get A Free Phone?

Another free phone option is through the government’s lifeline program, which is eligible for low-income people. For new customers, Metro by T-Mobile offers free phones like Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung Galaxy A02S, OnePlus Nord N200 5G and Samsung Galaxy A12.

Does T-Mobile Have Good Service?

In the United States, T-Mobile ranks third in its 4G LTE coverage. AT&T and Verizon take second and first place, respectively. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network covers about 62 per cent of the country, and its 5G network covers over 41 per cent.

T-Mobile is known for its incredible 4G LTE in urban areas. It also has the broadest 5G network in the United States. T-Mobile claims to cover 99% of the American landscape with its 4G and 3G networks. The company provides excellent service, focusing on more populated areas.

T-Mobile also maintains a partnership with international carriers to ensure customers have global connections, including extended coverage to over 210 countries. For example, in Mexico and Canada, all T-Mobile plans offer unlimited talk, SMS and data.

Bottom Line

T–Mobile phone has deals for existing customers, with multiple available options to choose from. The various plans and benefits the phone company provides have been carefully outlined and discussed in this article.

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