[Top 3] Best Ring Light For Makeup Artists Review 2021

Hey, Guys are you looking the best ring light for makeup artists? Here I will show you the 3 best ring light that can be helpful for you. Makeup artists need that ring light that can give good light and also portable. So let’s go dive.

Neewer Ring Light Kit 18 Inch – Makeup:

You may know that Neewer is a professional distributor of photography-related products like camera and phone lens, lenses and filters, camera speed-lite flash, tripods, lighting controls, and modifiers, and lots of photography and videography related equipment.

Ring light is most popular product of Neewer.

Best Ring Light For Makeup Artists Review

Which Neewer Ring Light is Best For Makeup Artist:

Neewer ring light kit 18 is one of the best ring light for makeup artists. If you are a starter, then I’ll highly suggest you take this ring light because this is a complete package. So, if you take this, then you can use it without any restrictions.


  • Hot Shoe Adapter: Neewer 18 inch ring light has a super adapter that is compatible with most of the smartphone (android and also iPhone) and DSLR cameras.
  • Two Color: Neewer comes with 2 colors. The two colors are Orange and White. So, you can easily switch the temperature from 3200K to 5600K.
  • Stepless Dimmable: Many ringlight brightness is started from 10-100% that means they have only 10 steps. But the Neewer brightness level is 0-100%. So you can easily handle it.

Neewer 18 Inch Pros and Cons

  • Stepless Dimmable
  • Two Color Filter
  • Has Carring Bag
  • Included Light Stand
  • Portable
  • Compatiable with most of the DSLR camera and Smartphone
  • Support Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Cheap skate tripod
  • Phone holder isn’t comfortable for iPhone max
  • No more cons found

Final View:

Neewer Ring Light 18 is a full bundle and flexible, lightweight, portable, and it takes low electricity so you can choose it for yourself or anyone who is a makeup artist.

Inkeltech Ring Light – 18 Inch – Makeup:

Wherever you live in the world that isn’t a problem if you want to take a dynamic and professional photo then Inkeltech ring light can help you.

Inkeltech Ring Light Review

Inkeltech Ring Light Review:


  • Rotating Phone Holder: Inkeltech has 360 degrees rotating light stand and phone holder. So, you can easily handle it and take cool photo/videography.
  • Wireless Selfie Controller: Inkeltech has builtin wireless selfie controller and IR Remote. By this selfie controller, you can change ring light color and temperature. You can control the ring light from 5 meters away by this wireless IR remote controller.
  • Support Battery: You can use this ring light in outdoor. Because Inkeltech ring light support External battery. So you can easily use it anywhere.

Inkeltech Ring Light Pros and Cons

  • 360 degree phone holder
  • Support external battery
  • Support wireless remote
  • Included Light Stand
  • Included wireless IR remote
  • Expensive
  • No more cons found

Final View:

Most of the users of Inkeltech ring light they are satisfied with this product. If you follow the amazon review section then you can understand it. So, you choose it undoubtedly.

Aw Professional 14″ Dimmable Ring Light:

AW Professional 14″ is a middle budget best Ring Light For Makeup Artists. If you have a middle budget then you can check it.

Aw Professional 14″ Review:


  • Mount: AW Professional has a 180 degrees mobile mount for a light stand.
  • Dimmable Ring Light: Has two pieces of white color filters and 550k dimmable light intensity.
  • Carrying bag: It comes with a carrying bag.

Aw Professional 14″ Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for makeup artists
  • Has mobile mount
  • Long lasting
  • Haven’t default Stand
  • No more cons found

Final View:

This ring light is only for the middle and cheap budget buyers. If you have a good budget then try to take Neewer ring light or Inkeltech ring light. It’s also good but it has some products missing like Stand so you need to but it separately. Otherwise, you can use another option.

I hope you liked the review and now you can choose the best ring light if you are a makeup artist. If you have any question then comment here I will help you to solve that problem.

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