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Since as far back as 2015, BandLab has been tested and trusted by millions of music lovers and enthusiasts who are seeking to get the studio-like feel. But for those looking for a more real-time experience, a good option is BandLab App For PC. 

BandLab For PC

Most people who are into music know about BandLab. Talented artists have used the app for many years in creating music with free and unlimited access to about ten thousand royalty samples. However, you don’t need to be a “Beethoven” or an “Alicia Keys” to use this app. Despite having no skill or knowledge of music whatsoever, you can quickly become a Rising Star on BandLab as the app has many features and many people that can put you through.

What Is Bandlab For Pc Anyway?

If you have a laptop, an audio interface and a microphone, you already have a potential working studio. What is left to set up your small studio entirely is the app: BandLab.

BandLab for PC is an app to live out your dreams of being a Music Star. With this app on your PC, you can connect to and collaborate with hundreds of other lovers of melody while sitting behind your computer. Whether you identify as a guitarist, bassist, pianist or vocalist, BandLab has all the features you need to add thrill and excitement to your career.

Can We Use Bandlab On Pc Or Mac?

Well, “yes” and “No”. No, because BandLAb is an app made solely for Androids; you cannot download or install the app using Windows PC or Mac. And yes, because you can maneuver that roadblock using Android emulators. 

As the name implies, Android emulators enable you to enjoy Android apps and games using your Windows PC or Mac. They achieve this by emulating an Android OS.

This article will show you how you can use BandLab on your PC or Mac by following an array of simple steps.

Key Features Of The Bandlab

Knowing the features of BandLab will help understand why thirty-seven million people choose this app to create and share music despite having a ton of other apps they could choose. Could it be as a result of the user-friendly interface? Or could it be because it is free to use?

Some features of the BandLab app are;

  • Sampler: This tool gets your creative juices flowing as it enables you to make your unique sound using everyday sounds that you hear. You also can choose a sample from a list of fifteen thousand free pieces provided on the app.
  • The Loop: You don’t need to be a DJ to create beats anymore. With this Loop feature, you can easily create your jam using a variety of loop ideas on the app. 
  • Video Mix: Wherever you are in the world, feel free to record a video of you doing freestyles or singing the remix of your favorite song. Bandlab allows you to be able to mix the videos you create.
  • Create Connections: Apart from using this app to make breathtaking music, this app is a community that brings like-minded people together. If you’re a rapper seeking a beatmaker or producer, then count on BandLab to get you connected.
  • Remix Tracks: With an activity called “forking” on the app, you can remix any song already created by another musician on the app
  • Mastering: BandLab built-in mastering app helps you put your music together as a piece ready for the world to hear. It supports a variety of formats, including MP3. 
  • 16Track Mixing Editor: The mixing editor is where you record your audio or edit them. This feature also enables you to add various exciting effects and beats. You can use this feature to make music anytime and anywhere.
  • Tuner And Metronome: As a singer, you want to stay on the beat when singing. As a producer or beatmaker, you also need this feature on the app as it will help you stay on beat and tune when creating a new piece
  • Explore: After thinking for hours about lyrics you intend to use in your new songs and ideas aren’t coming, you need to take a break. As counter-productive as that may sound, it isn’t. With this unique feature, when the creative ideas are not coming the way they should, you can explore the community and get hope and inspiration from the works of others.
  • Virtual MIDI: This feature helps you record an instrument. The cool part is that it does more than record the audio; it can also control the notes you play; how they sound. After playing and recording, you can easily make corrections without having to re-play the piece; you can edit, remove or add in other notes with this feature

Bandlab For Pc – Technical Specifications

Before going off to use The BandLab For PC, you need to make sure your computer has all the requirements to run an Emulator and, by extension, run the app itself. 

Make sure that your PC or Mac has;

  • At least 4GB RAM
  • A port that allows it to connect to an audio interface
  • For Windows, it should be a Windows 10 64 bit.
  • Screen resolution of 1280×800
  • An updated graphic driver

There is an upside and a downside to everything, including using BandLab for your desktop computers.

Therefore you must know them.

Pros Of Bandlab For Pc

  • It gives you the ability to record your audios and share music on a bigger screen
  • You can comfortably manage your BandLab profile and enjoy its features to the fullest.

Cons Of Bandlab For Pc

  • It offers only a basic sound set
  • You may experience lags while running the app using an emulator.

How To Download And Install Bandlab For Pc

Although there are some other notable Android emulators you can use to install BandLab on your desktop, we’ll be reviewing only two.

Install BandLab App For PC Using Bluestacks Player   

With one billion users and a team of four hundred people, Bluestacks Player is a good option for your Android Emulator.

Bluestacks Player 

If you intend to use Bluestacks Player as your Android emulator, then follow these easy steps:

  • Download and install Bluestacks player from their website
  • After installing the app, it will automatically launch
  • Add a shortcut to Bluestacks player on your Home Screen
  • Next, go to your Google Play Store 
  • Download and install BandLab
  • After installation, the app will appear in Blue Stack’s Home Screen
  • You can start using the app from there

Congratulations! You can now use Bandlab on your PC.

Install BandLab For PC Using Nox Player

This App emulator boasts of being the smoothest and fastest app for emulating Android on Windows and Mac. If you have chosen Nox player as your choice Android emulator, you have made a good choice. 

Install BandLab For PC Using Nox Player

Follow these steps to run BandLab on PC using Nox player

  • Download and install Nox Player 
  • Go to Google Play Store, download and install BandLab
  • Open the app in the Nox Player’s Home Screen
  • You can now launch BandLab on your PC

Simple as that!

Frequently Asked Question (Faq)

This section of this article intends to address questions you may have on how to use BandLab for a personal computer

Is BandLab Free To Use?

Yes. You can use BandLab for free. Free means no subscriptions, no premium charges and ultimately, no limitations.

Can You Use BandLab Offline?

You can use BandLab offline if you want to edit a pre-recorded project. However, you will not be able to save or publish your work Offline because your work is saved on servers online.

Is Cake Walk Better Than BandLab?

Cake Walk is a digital audio workstation(DAW) made by the producers of BandLab. The device has won many awards for its user interface and ingenuity.

It is important to note that Cake Walk is a stand-alone device, while BandLab is an app made for Androids. Unlike BandLab, Cake Walk is available on Windows and downloaded for free using the BandLab Assistant.

With increased song length And track count, you can easily export your work into Cake Walk, which provides advanced tools you can use all for free.

Can I Install Cake Walk Without Band Lab Assistant?

The answer is No. The BandLab assistant remains the only way to install Cake Walk.

Is BandLab Good For Beginners?

Yes! BandLab is suitable for beginners. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Not to mention there’s a whole community of fellow musicians who are ever ready to assist you.

Final Thoughts

It seems unlikely at first that you could download BandLab App For PC, but with these few tools and tricks, you can finally enjoy making music on the big screen.

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