How To Get Absolutely Free Cellphones Without A Contract In 2022

Getting absolutely free cell phones without a contract is possible through partaking in free government programs, swapping old phones for new ones, and finding one on Craigslist. Various carriers and lifeline programs mainly offer free cellphones to low-income earners and citizens living under the poverty line through deals and offers without contracts.

Absolutely Free Cellphones Without A Contract

These are often the alternatives to signing a contract for a year or more. This way, it is extremely convenient for mobile phone users to get a new device without going into any contract. It is worth mentioning that free cell phones without a contract do not prioritize individual choice. However, it is a safe option for citizens who cannot afford new phones.

How To Get Absolutely Free Cell phones Without Contracts?

Getting Free Cellphones From Carriers:

Carriers constantly offer deals that offer free cellphones to low-income citizens. These offers mostly take effect when switching from one carrier to another or upgrading a cellphone plan.

Carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc., offer free cellphones when switching or changing plans. Looking out for their best deals and offers provided people with the best alternative to getting a free phone. However, before switching, make sure to ask about contract cancellation, as some carriers charge fees.

Getting Free Cellphones From The Government:

The U.S government often give out free cellphones, laptops and computers to low-income earners and families. An added advantage of the Lifeline Assistance Government Program is getting a cheaper phone plan.

Getting Free Cellphones From The Government:

The following carriers have affiliated with the lifeline government program

  • Assist Wireless
  • Centex Wireless
  • Copper Valley Wireless
  • Easy Wireless
  • enTouch Wireless
  • Assurance Wireless

To get the benefits of the government assistance program, it is necessary to enrol to make things easier. Before enrollment, income should be at 135% or below the federal poverty line.

Trading Old Devices For Newer Ones:

Gadgets like old laptops, phones, and computers that are no longer used can be exchanged for new cellphones. In this case, keeping unusable devices isn’t entirely smart, mainly when they can be used to fetch a new cellphone.

Websites like Gazelle, Buyback Boss, etc., readily buy old devices. By visiting the website and getting a quote, devices are shipped for free, and gadgets are purchased.

Some websites even buy broken devices. Therefore, the money from selling old gadgets can be used to purchase a new cell phone.

Free Cellphones on Craigslist:

Free products on Craigslist are common. Ranging from TVs, radios, and phones are also not an exception. A quick check through Craigslist can help you find a free cellphone.

To achieve this, simply head to the ‘For Sale’ section and click on the ‘Free section’ link. Many free items are always available, which might include a free cellphone.

7 Best Carriers Who Offer Entirely Free Cellphones Without Contracts:

1. Verizon Wireless:

Verizon carries cell phones from varieties of brands. Most of their offers are made available online. It’s essential to search carefully to select one’s choice. The freephone plan includes options from Motorola and LG. Their deals and offers should be carefully considered to select the most suitable among them.

2. AT&T:

New and existing customers can get great phone offers from AT&T with different brands like Samsung and LG. Most of their deals involve trading in an old and eligible device, and this is done by going to any local AT&T store to check out the list of old phones.


3. T-Mobile:

The fast-expanding network of T-Mobile gives out free cell phones. Unlike most of its competitors, T-Mobile doesn’t offer costly phones. However, they offer other monthly plan benefits. Getting a free cell phone from T-Mobile is pretty straightforward. The first step is to select the desired phone model on a qualifying monthly payment plan. Then a new line and a service line will be required. Trading of old phones and contract signing is not required.


4. Metro by T-Mobile:

Metro gives free cell phones when one switches old phones and devices. Metro offers cheap prepaid wireless plans for a wide range of no-contract phones and devices. Their offers are limited, so it is essential to check their website and get offers while it lasts.

Metro by T-Mobile

5. Cricket Wireless:

Cricket offers excellent discounts on data plans with varieties of free phones. Their offer varies from switching networks to trading devices. Cricket Wireless can be looked over their site and carefully selected on their various deals. Cricket Wireless is an easy way to get absolutely free cell phones without a contract.

6. Sprint:

Sprint offers excellent deals to their customers (both new and existing). This offer ranges from monthly plans to trading devices. Their offers are limited, so potential beneficiaries should go to their site and find the available offers.

7. Boost Mobile:

By switching networks, boost mobile offers are friendly to both new and existing customers. You can get a desirable cell phone by going through their site or getting their in-store order. Also, switching networks can attract a free phone.

Boost Mobile

The Type Of Special Deals And Offers That Gives You Free Cell Phones Without A Contract

Switching to other networks:

Switching to other networks attracts a new cell phone without contracts. Varieties of carriers offer great deals, which can be discovered by browsing through the site of desirable carriers.

Trading old phones/devices:

Some carriers accept old phones and devices for new cell phones. Browsing through their sites, you can select the preferable deal for a particular phone brand.

Monthly plans:

Monthly plans are also great deals to get a free cell phone. Most of them are pocket-friendly and affordable and can be looked over at the appropriate websites.

Final Verdict

With several options available, getting a new phone is much easier today. More interestingly, there are absolutely free cell phones without a contract. To be a beneficiary, people can trade their old phones for new ones or get them from government programs and carriers.

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